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Don't visit biz too often, mostly pol and b, but when people say they will hodl through...what's that mean? asking because brainlet, obviously.

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>mostly pol and b
>”what’s hodl??”

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A hodler won't sell no matter what

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it basicly means that some investment is running bad or is going down and instead of cutting the losses they "hodl" aka holding and are hoping that the chart will go up again in the future.

it has become some kind of a meme because crypto is going down all the time and it is really really unrealistic for most of the coins to recover nowhere near their all time highs

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it means you're going to hold even when the price dips... you could have googled this

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Hodling is a normie reddit meme that people who bought in december/january use to confirm with others who bought at that time that things will get better. It stands for “hold on for dear life”

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>/pol/ & /b/

Please stay in your containment boards, thanks

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>It stands for “hold on for dear life”

top kek. This is my favorite Reddit meme.

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>normie reddit meme
wew folks, you really are new to crypto

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>just hodl

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>posting on /b/ after 2007
>posting on /pol/ after 2016

Absolutely disgusting

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some of you are lower than redditards I swear

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Jesus you fucking brainlet, I’m referring to thinking “hodl” stands for “hold on for dear life” — some dipshit said that in a congressional hearing so Redditors think that’s accurate. Hodl comes from a forum post on the Bitcoin message board in like 2013, some guy misspelled it and it became a meme from there. It doesn’t stand for anything, back to /r/crypto with you.

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thank you. this makes sense. no one answered my question yet until now because I wanted to know why people said HODL instead of hold. not if it were a meme from leddit.

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>mostly pol and b
Go back, we don't need more absolute brainlets.

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nobody says hodl unless they want to sound autistic

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but i like it here. you guys are smart.

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wow what a fucking faggot. please get the fuck off of this board and go back to jerking off to trannies and cross dressers

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you're a cool pepe anon

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you'll fit right in fren

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Found the cuck.

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Found the faggot

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welcome, this board is important to you from ages 23-32, considering the autist life path of course

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i can understand pol but /b/?

you have to be single digit iq anon. you will lose all your money.

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go back to your containment board stormfag

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biz is the worst board for brainlets, because you are way more likely to lose your money.

stay in pol or tv