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Who here is unironically all-in on LINK? How much do you have?

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only 1300 stinkies, all in though

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20k was gonna get more but then this sudden pump happened.

Will be enough for a new car, but not enough to make it. Sorry fren.

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Can you tell me how you've been feeling lately?

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Is 20K enough to make it next bullrun?

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I was tripping on acid and God told me to go all-in on Link. Not even kidding, I didn't even know what it was back then. But I have full trust in him.

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35k but need more :(

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Just shy of 5k but I am all in it's nice being 50% up but I'd really like to get more. Poor mans wagecucking sucks

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Bunch of 4channers tried to force it as /ourcoin/, during the presale ico phase of chainlink there was a minimum requirement of 300eth to enter the presale. Bunch of anons pooled up together and shared presale links to fill them with their eth.

Coin continued to get shilled and pumped up and hyped for the sibios event that link was attended, whole event turned out to be a flop chainlink had a presentation in a room of like 18 people next to the public toilets, literally no news or partnership came from the event and the coin dumped back to below ico prices and created 1000's of bagholder anons.

Now during this alt bull run lots of anons and took advantage of this and shilling this coin to all the new money and newfags that joined in december and don't know this story.

The coin is HEAVILY manipulated and the supply is dried up from huge whales who accumulated below ICO price to create a artificially lower supply (a lot like REQ) and these people have so much room to dump on all of you faggots to still be in profit when the time comes.

In regards to actual project that chainlink aiming to achieve it's nothing more than a basic json parser for smart contracts, would take like a day to add to ethereum by itself.. literally making links whole concept pointless and definitely no need for a token. Would take a lot longer to get it working with bitcoin but the bitcoin core devs would be able to work out the solution a lot quicker than chainlink will, think that's something worth noting that literally nothing is completed and you're literally just buying a whitepaper, they have only 2 developers and they don't communicate at all with no proven background on either, in fact sergey was involved in a project before chainlink called NxT that he since been abandoned until it was took over by a new developer team

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All in for 13K stinkies. Sadly bought half at around a dollar, since then I finished DCA at around 50 cents

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47k. I want to sell and buy back lower for even more, but news just keeps rolling in. It's great and sickening all at once, because I'm not ready for the singularly

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230K is a lot Anon.


Good job that's a lot.

When will LINK have mainnet?

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I’m split 50/50 VET and LINK. I’ve stopped fudding LINK since I’m done accumulating but I still fud the shit out of VET.

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Tomorrow is main net 0.3 sans reputation

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I took acid and posted here once about Sunny Lu fucking my mom.

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Fellow Captain here. We are unironically going to make it.

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how is 1.3m not enough to make it, it'll be 13m in a few years and 130m in another few

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main net 0.3? what does the 0.3 mean

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I am!
>55k linky

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>1k link


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Wow is this real?

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15k poorfag, all in.

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We’re Majors Marine, tighten up.

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They copy pasted a source. People make to big of a deal about this but it's literally nothing.

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(Well I’m slightly over 35k...solely just so I could rank up haha)

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the fudders and swing traders must be punished. so it shall be buy in or suffer
link rule 1
never sell

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Lol nice. I have 30k, got a promotion from First Lt around $0.18 on the way down. I'm not going to consider selling any of my stack until $50 to $100

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What price range do you fully expect link to hit?

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Pivotal tracker has main net 0.3 on their tasks

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>They gave an exact company that will serve as the defacto decentralized oracle processor this is nothing
You're fucking retarded

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not worried about sharing it here anymore

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Nice, you’ve done better than I. Still trying to push up these ranks though.

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what is pivotal tracker my dude?

>> No.10476900

Their check list of tasks they are working on. Its broken down by weeks and has different identification for tasks which are completed, being worked on, and have yet to be started.


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So all that shit in the green and yellow is basically done by today????


>> No.10477003

Accepted pieces have been review and implemented into the code yes. The yellow is stuff that is being worked on, some of which can be review and accepted, others still have work to be done, but essentially yes, 0.3 is on the horizon. They said they would hire a marketing director close to the release of main net.

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14.5k link
poor fag all in

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9k in cryofreeze and 1k to swing trade.

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What if the fuders are right
It's open source shit
It will become obsolete before 1000
All the typos on the website
They're gonna miss the September conference
The IBM connection isn't as strong as shills imply
Mommy hasn't updated her resume
She has no experience in the crypto field
Security issues not fixed yet, the sibyl issue
No words on the Swift thing

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Fucking reddit normie, get the fuck out of here.

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oh god. pls anon. pls

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wow why did you explain all that, it was a nice thing to do. maybe ill do that sometime

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sybil attacks won't do anything when contract owners specifically choose their data providers (it won't be TRULY decentralized)

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I swear you can judge how poor an anon is based on how highly they overestimate the price of chainlink. People who say it'll hit $1000 EOY are delusional, those who say $40 are probably right, but most likely hold 25k LINK and hope to be millionaires.

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We can all make it fren, there is room for everyone on this rocket

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Thank you friend :)

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but I already told you how poor I am in my reply, if it's not 1k eoy it'll be 1k eventually

>> No.10477477


currently tracking some butthurt anons

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Youre welcome fren! Hold strong marine!

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I'm all in. I had a dream last week that I ended up selling my links at $1860 per token. Maximum comfy.

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Id have 25 mil at that price, fuck

>> No.10477712

I'd have 190 million dollars. Not going to happen.

>> No.10477747

Could happen but youll sell at 10 dollars max anyways.

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I think you ate confusing the price for the year 2860 is the year you finally sold for 1 cent.

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Congrats on your future 100 mil tho

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I've got 2k Links but no way in hell i'll ever go all in on the LINK. There are other projects that are still under the radar, priced at .05 - .02 cents or less, and have the potential to make me a multi-millionaire by the end of the year, and a billionaire within 2 yrs(depending on how much traditional markets go down the drain). I like Link but its not the only one that'll moon big and entry price on it is high compared with other cheaper, lesser known crypts.

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like what fren?

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I love this pepe

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Or maybe it is u who's retarded? Mayb?

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Sharder, DEB, BABB(80% of the tokens will get burned over the next several yrs),

DGB( not under the radar anymore & high supply but it does what BTC should have done, plus they are pushing harder for international adoption in ways other cryptos are not.)

PundiX(high supply but tokens will get burned)not under the radar but i will hit $10-$30 in the next 3-4 yrs)

I do like others like but they are above the 5 cent price:

Zilliqa, Cardano, Stellar, Ontology, Theta(think this has the potential to hit $100-$500+ within 2 yrs). I like LTC, ETH, BTC, but would rather sell the others for them when they pluto.

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only 21k. It doesn't feel like it's enough

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