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Holochain GO Alpha "Scout" - Mini Release out Now

Holochain Rust Refactor Pre-Alpha - Now

Holochain Rust Alpha - August Q3

Holochain Rust Refactor Beta with stable API - September Q3

Holochain Dev Camps - October Q4

HoloPorts Ship - Early Q4
- Likely October, finalized factory shipping dates soon

Holo Pre-Alpha - Indiegogo alpha-beta testers ONLY to test in Q3

Holo Alpha - Q4 (After HoloPorts ship)

- Agricultural Tech Partners -- JustOne Organics, Producers Token -- launching ICOs for Holochain dApps dates TBD

- Security Partner -- Promether -- Releasing Private Alpha of Contact at DEFCON26 Aug 9-12th

- Binance -- To list Holo fuel when it is released

Rumoured: binance DEX hosted on holochain

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Yeah good luck with that

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no worries, surpression until no one will continue to sell. One day all these walls will be down in seconds

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many ICO whales sent their billions of tokens to binance as soon as deposits were enabled. you think it's because they want to "supress" the price, i think it's to take profits. they made millions out of thousand, it yould be stupid not to take some profits at this point. i sold most of my stack and will buy back in 2 months. watching the bigges HOT wallets move their funds to binance scared me off. good luck to you, fellow holomarine

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yep I believe in holo longterm. binance cements its gonna be a billion or more. but these ico whales got to gtfo or we're sideways for months

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that's what you get when you "invest" in a project where the dev team holds 25% of the token supply. prepare for the mainnet dump.


be happy if it doesn't dump down further. all the new holocucks lost almost 50% after binance.

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Once volume picks up that wall will be shattered in minutes. I garantee you this thing one 10x in a single day

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>t. Doesn't know about sell walls & what price suppression implies.
>thinks price is any indicator at all of utility.

I bought at 30. Sold at 200. Bought again. Sold again. Now accumulating for the run up to launch. This little former /biz/ pump is the future and that's no exaggeration. This isn't just making Blockchains obsolete, it's making AWS, BitTorrent, Cloudflare, frigging regular Linux VPS Web hosts, everything obsolete. Oh, and you can download and run an alpha node right now to verify this - no Chink vaporware here. Literally just being refactored before mainnet launch (which is just providing a list of peers, kek, you can actually get it going now by manually providing IPs). You no-Holo faggots have no idea of the tears you're going to shed when this launches. Oh, and no Oracle problem, so this kills the Linkies MWAHAHAHAHHA!

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Yeah, because the Boomer hippies that spent 10 years building this (yep, they started before Satoshi!) are totally in this for a quick buck. Topkek, stay poor retard.

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I believe it but those walls will have no chance in hell of coming down on that volume. We're in for a slow bleed down to 120 gwei or 7 sat.

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if dont own at least 100k hots u are going to be wishing u did sirs

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Day trader scum need to get the fuck out of my holotoken. Stay far away if you are only in this for a quick buck you cancerous leech.

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>Oh, and no Oracle problem
it's insane how so many brainlets here don't realize this, the agent centric aproach solves the oracle problem right off the bat.

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so you dont care if you buy at 10 vs buying at 7?

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No because I already went all in before it was even on a (((BTC))) pairing retard. I'm prepared to wait patiently, unlike you ADHD candle trading fucks

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