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/biz/ was never meant to discover this coin.

Have you heard the prophecy?
"The meek shall inherit the earth"

Who is better described as meek than aspie incel losers confined to their bedroom?

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So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

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I'm unironically going to get evaluated for Asperger's if/when I make it with LINK.

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You misheard the prophecy - it was actually “the neet shall inherit the earth”

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Dubs confirmed. You should get it checked. Use your gift Anon. We will all make it together fren.

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it all makes sense now

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B..b..but the price is falling down again

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>expects millions immediately

good things take time. you really probably cant even grasp the magnitude of this project.

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checked as well

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>...but not it's mineral rights....

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Meek is used in this context with the meaning of "submissive [before God]" so no it doesn't really apply to any of you as far as I know.

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They had a fucking public ICO sale.

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maybe something to do with this?

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There are loads of christfags on biz

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Odds are they are just submissive in general. If they can't look most people in the eye and can be brow beaten into doing what others tell them I have no doubt they would be submissive before an actual god.

Betas are by default submissive.

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What is so good about Link?

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>implying /biz/ actually reads whitepapers
Nobody on this board knows what it is other than le ebin cube logo may-may

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Trustless, decentralized solution to the oracle problem.

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>aspie incel losers
eat a dick OP only i get to disparage myself like that. link 1k eoy.

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and a solution to the shift of wealth

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Literally me, idgaf. Going to make it. 1k eoy

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Yes. Shifting any wealth from Stinky Linkies to Sergey and crew.

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"the meek will inherit the earth" am code for
"all poorfags will die"

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The memes

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Oh, look - yet another thread shilling this shit!

What is this, the 5th of the hour? Jesus Christ.

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Oh, look - yet another post fudding this shit!

What is this, the 51st of the hour? Jesus Christ.

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You don't think it's a bit odd?

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Are you new?
I gues you came here in January.

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doesn't fit the narrative

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-but not stacy's light

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Buy in goyim, you werent supposed to find out and these daily threads wont let you forget! You are special! YOU!

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The translation of meek from original scripture actually doesn't mean "just weak or submissive" infact its more in line with with knowing when a situation truly calls for violence; having strength but also the discipline to keep your sword sheathed until righteous indignation calls for its use.

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tfw i have 200k link and wanted to buy another 50k but I put off doing so and now I'll only get to 240k

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Mean but correct

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Sounds like humble desu

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My god.

I feel enlightened.