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What kind of attire should a black 20 yr crypto investor have in his wardrobe?

Also, how does the rest of /biz/ dress?

t. daily casual outfit

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buy a "SATOSHI IS FEMALE" shirt

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we don't like you're kind around here, jiggaboo

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>even that shoe is laughing at my losses

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get the fuck off this board nigger. your kind isn't wanted here.

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kys inbred

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>the only nig on /biz/ posts a materialistic/superficial thread for trading crypto of all things

The memes write themselves

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Why even mention you're black?

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an orange jumpsuit.

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crypto hasn't been around for 20 years retard

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But your wives and daughters do.

cuuuuuucckkks !

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quick somebody post a noose

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White oxford shirt (or really whatever color you want).

Dark jeans.


Tag Heuer Formula 1.

Been my uniform for years senpai.

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I’m 20 years old retard

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I unironically have one already

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As daily casual outfit, you should know what black people wear.

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Pic related is fine. I personally would switch the shoes to New Balances. Maybe some meme raw denim a tier or two higher than. Other than that UNIQLO is my go to because of it's simplicity and absent logo usage in their clothing.

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guys, i think i know why they can't swim now

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TOP pick LOL

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>plug me into the matrix bruh

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like pic related
go all out on japanese workwear

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>those deck shoes
Protip, when white people wear them, people might wonder if he has a small 18 foot sailboat he takes out on the weekend. When you wear them, they are thinking, "Shit, I know that mutherfucker aint going to his boat."

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Laugh now, but you’ll be non existent in 20-30 years . kekekekek !

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holy shit I want those glasses

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a nigger on biz looking for advice rly you must be one of million blaks that has brain ok or you just troll

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I’m sitting comfier than most whites with “small” sailboats thanks to my eth holdings.

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Basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Get comfy

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>a nigger on 4chan blatantly announcing hes a nigger

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Kek. I seriously hate those shoes. They’re not even more expensive than what I wear so wtf is even the point

>muh we don’t have to wear socks

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can’t. other loser blacks wear that combination on the regular.

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>thinks people are scared of the opinions of incels

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Nigga reporting here.

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Why are you acting like it matters what you do

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They are fruity shoes, unless you are going for that. If your pants are a half inch too short it looks like you are wearing capris.

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If you are not acting like a nigga, it's okay, you can't choose how you are born.

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because i’m your superior

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>I’m black
Fucking nigger literally stating he’s black for sympathy. No one on this entire 4ch wants niggers here. Fucking stupid nigger fuck off we don’t want you here or even in our nation at all you bottom feeder

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I'm at a higher status than you though, peasant.

Kneel before me

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Being black makes you the lowest on the totem pole, amongst any other race

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In regards too.....?

You're such a dumb cracker. I expected more from your primitive race

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that one shoe looks like it got justed hard

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jncos and white tees and fubus

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Someone photoshop so.y glasses onto the laces of the shoes

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You guys are literally being genocide by Latinos in the USA right now, and in Africa by the Chinese, what people are literally the only thing standing between you and being mass genocides. POC is a voting block, not an identity, IRL everyone hates you guys but only whites tolerate you.

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what can a gang member do to an intellectual?
physical violence can't affect those with high IQ and we know boundaries unlike the rest of the flock

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It's always the same article.

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Like this

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Don't talk like this where I can hear you, /biz/.

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