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Is she a good investment?

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What goes through a person's head when they create stuff like this?

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>I need money and I've already whored myself out for attention so why not try actual money

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He's talking about your shitty post, dingus

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Have you seen like this kind of girls are picked up? They are constantly told how beautiful, special, and amazing they are. After a while girls actually start genuinely believing all this crap guys says to just fuck them. Women are narcissists by nature

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>My post
Sure showed me. Whats a knuckehead like you doing here? Oh why I ought a.

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Could probably pimp this bitch out for $30 per trick, if she can suck 20 dicks a night that's $600 per night so I say yes

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Some poor kid is gonna be born into this shit...another poor wojack-in-the-making who never had a damn chance...

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pump and dump

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shes not asian, so noooo

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Imagine getting to pump this bitch full of semen 10 times a week with no worries of her having your child. STDs are another story.

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There is a nigger in there

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I'd fuck a pregnant slut, I wouldn't pay for it though.

Shouldn't have to either, a lot of them have men that stopped paying attention to them.

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how much link to (((invest)))

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OP, these girls serve a very specific purpose in society. They are the "Instant Family Starter Kit" that the eternal boomers have waited their whole lives to get their grubby hands on. In due time, a good amount of these women will reluctantly succumb to the eternal boomer.
Story time:
>There's this qt Christian girl I knew in high school. She was always dating this mexican guy who was a fag and into plays. I was always perplexed as to why she wanted to even stay with him. I suspect it was because he was very affectionate. She's a year older than me and married this guy right out of high school. And she immediately got pregnant.
>She's a year older than me.
>huge milkers
>wide hips, yet a tight body.
>pale skin
>eyes blue
>blonde hair
The relationship ended abruptly after four years. She scrubbed the mexican guy from her facebook. I never see pictures of him with the kids. I figure that something went bad. He wanted to be in the theater so that enough is emasculating to end it I suppose.
So this girl is now stuck with not one, not two, but THREE mexican children who look absolutely nothing like her.
She could've been in her mid twenties, meme degree in hand, a stung independent woman who could've had options for a marriage, but she went against the advice of others, and used her feelings.
Last I checked she was getting involved with this single father of two children, the guy's like late forties or early fifties with grey hair and everything. Because of her poor decisions, she now is left with kissing up to a literal boomer to take care of her with all the riches he's pillaged over the decades.

So in closing, women, like this, are the perfect investment for boomers who've lived their whole life for themselves but now want to acquire a family instantly. They are just another 'hobby kit' that the boomer can have.

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Side note, so many of these single mom types must be a ESF(J/P). Because, if I'm not mistaken, those combinations usually lack the foresight necessary to know what actions are best for their own future.

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Mbti is a meme

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5000 link it's a nigger

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Ahh an ESTJ

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shes not 19

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Oh makes a lot of sense now

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Fucking kek'd

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>not believing in memes
Never gonna make it, kid. Lurk more.

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unironically score as INTP. Wish I was more extroverted though. The only valid model for measuring personality is the 5 factor model.

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You just know how that kid is going to turn out. He's gonna be one of those buzzcut kids with sunken eyes who eats a handful of pills for breakfast and steals from walmart.

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I LOVE pregnant sluts. I would unironically dump 500 loads in her then bounce before she has the kid.

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memes were a thing 5 years ago, you absolute newfag

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Love it when summerfags come here and larp

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19... dud GTFO
They are from those women that when they get everything they can from you, will come back with the ex that hits her

1 week later complain that her life sucks in a public facebook post

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We need moar wojacks to take over the world anyway.

Praise the actual boomers who bred our ranks into legions and also the white trash roasties that will give us the next generation of 20 year old boomers ready to take on the world.

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Man, if I knew how to draw. I'd draw the picture if this poor mongrel Wojack about to be born to this hag, swimming in strange mens cum. What a life start.

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everyone knows this board is disproportionately INTJ übermensch

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Theres a good chance this bitch is shacked up with a nigger or white trailer trash and has some plan to fuck u badly out of your money.

Shes not even attractive. No way.

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You can blast your jizz in her for a few months, and be guaranteed she doesn't get pregnant.

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This. People here are either INTJ or INTP.
INTP master race checking in.

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INFP or ENTJ depending on the week here. I m right on the border except with the N part.

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wtf she's 19?!?!
looks like a fucking 45 year old goat
what's wrong with white women?

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>women having foresight.

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fuuuk these bitches mang. just drop some coin into a decent ICO like https://www.theaccountingblockchain.io/?aId=7543845-2892534 if you want to live on the bismuth. with her, at best you'll get aids, with accounting blockchain at best is a really huge deal.

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I taught English in mainland China for a year and they have this system there called "hukou", it's like this little booklet that everyone has and when you are born you get one with your parents info.

You absolutely need one of these hukou booklets to function in society, and if you are a single mother you can't even get one for your kid, which means your kid is screwed from birth because he can't even register to go to school. It's probably one of the reasons why abortion is so frequent there and single mothers are almost unheard of.

I don't know how true this is, it's just something I heard from chinese people while I was there.

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Literally used goods

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>need money to pay bills
>better suck some dick with my unborn child in my womb

Women lol

>What goes through a person's head when they create stuff like this?

Since it's a woman obviously nothing

>shes not 19

Wow, wow hold up...are you calling this strong independent feminist a liar?!