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Your days are numbered no linkers.

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>ctrl F
>0 results found

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God i feel so comfy it all comes slowly together

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Means nothing. People post this like it’ll change anything. Chainlink will never pass $1 again

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>Posted in 2015

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How much would it cost right now to have this contract held accountable?

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Ok, how else are they going to feed those contracts?

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It's a meme, lurk most faggot

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>he thinks its the same two people in every thread

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Not THAT meme

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ETH is building it's own oracle. gg linkies

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K brah.

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You are a retard.

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i will miss the fud once it all unwraps and every-fucking-one will know that link is the real deal. when people stop trying to keep it under the radar and just straight up fomo into the 4th industrial revolution and normies mindlessly buy into the thousands of % gains. when even the last retard on plebbit understands the magnitude of this project and sergey is on tv in interviews and talk shows explaining people how he made this shit happen. i will truly miss it guys it has been fun and it still is but you have to enjoy it while it lasts, some day we’re just going to be some „lucky“ neets that gambled on a random token which happened to be the one to change the world economy.
never forget, link marines, never forget.

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Good luck getting it to work.

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what is this ... bliss pouring down my body ... was I drugged ...

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fuck no ... frens ... no

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I know this is bait, but for the uninformed, ethereum will not develop their own oracles. The design principles of ethereum mean they leave others to develop the higher level protocols necessary for actual dapps and contracts to function. They're focused on developing the infrastructure, not building oracles or other things.

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You are a MANIAC!

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>tfw only 350k LINK

I haven't accumulated enough

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>look at page source
><meta name="dcterms.date" content="2018-06-19T11:44-07:00" />
Is this shit that fresh?

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The page isn't accessible through the regular docusign product dropdown on the website
>op is an insider

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I screencapped your post and I am going to spam you with this the rest of your life after chainlink is 500$.

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spare us the crap and KYS now faggot

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You are a MANIAC

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They're building an oracle adapter. Or, a way to communicate with oracles.

$1k eoy my linkies stay super stinky! Get rekt salty no linkers

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dude it’s so obvious this can’t be serious fud

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the fud will always remain, it'll just be people who bought at $50 mocking those who fomo'd in at 100. and on ad infinitum up to $1000eoy and beyong probably.

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docusign has always been moving towards what LINK and sir gay is doing. they're a perfect partnership. why do you think tom gosner hosted sir gay's forum at sxsw?

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this is like saying the bible doesn't have the word religion in the title so its not religious.

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First official partnership announcement?

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Man, these are indeed beautiful times we live in. Thank you.

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with iota patented decentralized oracles

or with thomson reuters (officical) centralized ones.

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>Blast in the ass
This makes me kek every time I see it reposted

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I lol'd

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>Hey Thomson Reuters, can you tell me how much money is in my bank account?
>No? I guess get fucked then

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><meta name="dcterms.creator" content="Daniel Zhang" />

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>At our Momentum conference in June 2018, we announced an integration with the Ethereum blockchain.
the conference is ... today

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still love u senpai

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corda uses LINK

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Does Apigee and Apogee relate? If it does it’s big news I can share if they are unrelated I’m deluded.

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Pick one, time traveller.

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>Momentum 2018: It’s Time for Modern Systems of Agreement
>June 20, 2018

>By Steve Krause, SVP Strategy and Product Marketing

>There’s big news at Momentum 2018, DocuSign’s annual customer conference that started today. We announced an expanded company vision and new product innovations that deliver on that vision.

>The expanded vision is to modernize the world’s Systems of Agreement: the technologies and processes companies use to prepare, sign, act on and manage agreements. This vision builds on the foundation of our leading e-signature technology, broadening the DocuSign platform to automate and connect what happens before, during and after an e-signature is executed. So, if you like what we did with e-signature, you’ll love what we’re doing for the rest of the agreement process. To learn more, visit our System of Agreement Platform page, where you can download our new white paper and see customer videos from Salesforce, T-Mobile, and Blockparty.

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yeah they are related. i think i know what you're talking about because i found shit tied to aragon research yesterday too.

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the proof is in the language used.

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How are they related. I can type a big thing up tonight and the direction how smart contracts will conincide with AI and machine learning. I have a hunch but I’m skeptical on a few bits. I’ll make a thread on it tonight if I get around to typing it up.

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post what you can later and ill tie in what I have. running out in a few.

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It's just so obvious that Chainlink is doing their best to fly under the radar until the literal last moment before the initial implementation. They just don't want any of us to become rich, it's all B2B. Well, you've gotta be decentralised..

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Thanks but I was thinking Apigee would directly relate to Apogee since their names are both dumb as fuck. Ha. The basic principle what your gonna see is AI and machine learning being able to verify if the data is authentic. I believe chainlink will be used as currency between automated systems as well. There’s A LOT of companies developing cloud suites . Even Aragon has it as a green symbol on that one chart

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fucking kek

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also read this

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I’m at Starbucks, I will when I get home.
It’s not they don’t want us to get rich. They don’t want to broadcast that their knocking out a bunch of jobs. It’s literally a job killer. They say it will create high value jobs. What about John and sally data entry jobs. Lmao good bye

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What is the best way to buy Link?

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Omg my OC :')

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Checked sir

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checked those numbers out, youll be okay!

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Seriously, this kind of stuff is going to fuck a lot of people

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Why was this page taken off the website... could it be too revealing?

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this. Naval Ravikant already predicted that many operational wall street jobs will be replaced or automated in less than 15 years entirely.

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Huge, look at that This guy’s tweet


Research the companies he’s talking about. It’s also very small gathering. Pretty odd. All these companies are working on cloud software.

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Stop, I'm already so erect

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Yeah I just listened to that podcast with Tim Ferris.

Seal software


They have a section on their website for Blockchain. Look at what this company does and their partners. Their CTO wrote some impressive articles

Nintex is another company.

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>Digital transformation gave rise to modern Systems of Record and
Systems of Engagement for key business and communication processes.
We are now seeing the rise of modern Systems of Agreement for
automating and connecting the agreement process—allowing companies
to accelerate and simplify how they do business

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Seal is using this . Ipreo. Accenture.

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Security and Privacy Agreements often contain sensitive customer and business-terms information. Thus, it is important to understand how far an SofA platform has gone to secure itself: Does it comply with privacy and security 7 API is application programming interface. It is the specification for how one software system can be controlled by other software systems. DocuSign The Rise of Modern Systems of Agreement 11 standards like ISO 270018 and SSAE 18 (SOC 1 Type 2, SOC 2 Type 2),9 PCI,10 and HIPAA?11 Has it gone beyond the European Union’s GDPR12 requirements to achieve EU-approved Binding Corporate Rules?13 How many large financial institutions use the platform?

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>What is the best way to buy Link?
its more proffitible to mine it.

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DocuSign invested in Seal Software alongside Apttus,
DocuSign’s chosen CLM system. Seal Software would
help discover and migrate contracts into the CLM system
and analyze contracts beyond available metadata. While
the initial setup involved the IT team, regular users of
Seal's system comprise about half a dozen users on the
company’s Legal team.
Seal Software's solution is easy to use, with many common searches built-in and straightforward,
easy-to-use tools for designing new searches. Seal also has out-of-the-box integrations with multiple
CLM solutions, including Apttus. Trainor noted that "The Seal implementation helped us identify and
corral contracts from a number of systems across the company quickly and easily.”
Seal’s compliance and security standards align with DocuSign's stringent criteria. Seal went through a
rigorous security assessment involving architecture review and security review committee approval.
Beyond the solution itself, one important factor in DocuSign’s decision was the fact that Seal had been
successfully deployed at several leading San Francisco Bay area SaaS companies that DocuSign
benchmarks against. These companies shared concrete examples of handling client requests before
and after Seal, and this increased DocuSign team’s confidence in the positive ROI of the Seal solution.

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this is why universal basic income is inevitable

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Singularity day is coming closer.

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The thing I don't understand is why we know about this, but others don't? If this is set to disrupt entire industries then why aren't there more people talking about this? I'm not talking redditors, I'm talking people who work in the industry, lawyers, businessmen, tech guys. Not gosner, but the kind of guys who work for gosner. If you worked heavily with contracts, maybe at a large company, wouldn't you be aware of threats to your job? There's a lot of people at the intersection of tech, law and finance. Where are they? How come a bunch of neets know more about the supposed future of contracts and exchange?

Look at all the mentions of link by random articles. It's almost always about being one of the many solutions to the Oracle problem, usually mentioned along oraclize and other shit. There's no recognition of potential or autistic dot connecting. Shouldn't there be some talk from knowledgeable people who work in the industry. Like the guys who made linkpool. Smart guys who see the potential, but not super rich insiders. Shouldn't there be more of them? This is more concerning to me than the lack of attention from popular crypto names. It's more telling, I think. I feel insane when I read about link here. Surely others would have noticed this shit?

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because they are clueless and ignorant and most of them are due to retire and collect their "pension" in less than 5-10 years. there is a truly remarkable paradigm shift happening that will change technology forever in ways we could have only imagined in our heads.

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There is a reason why you chose this life.

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You overestimate normies interests in things like this.

You need collective autism to even care about the shit we post here. Not even joking - I work in a tech heavy field and literally no one knows barely anything about crypto aside from maybe hearing about bitcoin peak bubble in Dec.

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>a network that isn't up yet is going to replace us in a few years if it's successful.
>i see. what are we doing for lunch?

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Too bad companies will be using Hyperledger.

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Going to add onto multichain. This Gideon guy is super fucking smart check his blog on smart contracts and him shiting on corda. Read this.


>In order to avoid these problems, we’d ideally use some kind of decentralized delivery mechanism. Nodes should be able to retrieve the data they need without relying on any individual system – be it a centralized repository or the data’s original publisher. If multiple parties have a piece of data, they should share the burden of delivering it to anyone else who wants it. Nobody needs to trust an individual data source, because on-chain hashes can prove that data hasn’t been tampered with. If a malicious node delivers me the wrong data for a hash, I can simply discard that data and try asking someone else.

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But what group is a member of Hyperledger that has chainlink as a partner...

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In 2016 he’s talking about smart contracts and already realizing the problem. I wonder what he’s talking about.

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Riddle Anon here. Don't underestimate yourself. All the information is out there. You need to be an independent thinker to be able to grasp something new before it has manifested. The territory of intuitive insight is unmapped. I love you.

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Corda and multichain and Ethereum as well. Docusign just stared bluntly they are working with Ethereum related projects.

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I'm with you anon. I'm broke af but keep putting more fiat in and haven't even reached 4k, yet it consumes me. It's always on my mind. I'm going crazy here too. It's unfortunate.

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agreed. Houman Shadab from clausehq and the Accord Project follows him. interesting guy

>> No.10364282

i want to believe you love me but i feel like it's just something you say to all the anons.

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I meant to say that, if I was one of them, I would be buying into this shit. We haven't heard many stories on reddit, or even here, of guys who just work in the industry and have invested in this. The only one I can remember is that guy who did the writeup of psd2. But you have a good point. It's not like people who work in relation with cars necessarily invest heavily in electric cars.

Can we get a informal poll going? How did everybody find about link? I found out through memes here. How many of you found out not through biz?

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Another company
>Infiniti is built to connect to other systems, extending your investment in CRM, ECM, BPM and core systems. We offer out-of-the-box connectors for SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, DocuSign and many more.

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Biz will unironically make me rich as fuck
t. found link through this board

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its all about the digital consumer/banking experience. tellers and customer service staff will be laid off very soon. a few months ago there was this neat slide show presentation passed among anons here about a bank in Europe already going through this transformation and implementing an adaptive digital customer experience. forget the name of the bank, but I have it saved somewhere.

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>Cognizant is a multinational corporation that provides IT services, including digital, technology, consulting, and operations services.

>Microsoft Azure

>accenture, dell, google cloud plattform, HCL, azure

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try again

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1) many people, even ostensibly intelligent professionals that work in the relevant industries, do not necessarily think about acquiring wealth via investing. if you're already making six figures and have a comfortable upper-middle class lifestyle it may not even occur to you to invest because you're already well off and aren't money hungry. think about amazon ten years back or so when amazon delivery was really beginning to take off. if you asked most people if amazon was going to be a huge success they likely would have said yes, but it likely wouldn't have invested in spite of this.

2) even if they were keen on investing, they likely don't have all the pieces put together. based on the research we've done here it really is a spider web of connections in an obscure, speculative industry. they might even know about chainlink, what it does, and understand that smart contracts are going to revolutionize most fields that utilize contracts, but in all likelihood they don't understand chainlink tokens or the tokenomics (a word 99% of people have never heard) underpinning the network. even with all of this information available to them it wouldn't necessarily be clear how to make extraordinary profits off of smartcontract.com's success.

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From their white paper.

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I hope you can be rational about this anon. It's not like we live in circumstances where it's beneficial to only love one anon. Lets emancipate ourselves from all the mental slavery together

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fuckin' A

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Damn. I haven’t had time to swift through everything, I have one more thing I’ll post when I get home. Can’t remember atm.

Yeah that’s fucked. Remember, if we make it, many people are going to lose out. So don’t flash your wealth. Going to be a lot of beggars.

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You have a proton mail?

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Good points. I make ok money but not great. I never thought about investing from the view of a upper middle class professional. I guess if I was making in the neighbourhood of six figures, I would invest really passively. I also spend a lot of time here, so I guess my perception of peoples knowledge of crypto is a bit off. Plus I've been down the link rabbit hole for a while now.

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Also I need someone to look into the European Trusted Service list I have no idea what companies are in that but there’s 200 of them. I didn’t try very hard to search for them. But somehow I got down that rabbit hole. I’m pretty sure it has to do with APIs

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Who used to work at Pivotal again?

>> No.10364465

sometimes you're a nice lady and i like where your heads at but then you say some off the wall shit and our interaction feels forced and i have nothing to say.

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File: 347 KB, 1903x3228, FireShot Capture 8 - Steve Ellis I LinkedIn - https___www.linkedin.com_in_steveellis0606_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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So how much do I buy?

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who is the new guy

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Thanks for reposting this information. Everything starts to blend in your mind and you have no idea what the actual connection is anymore haha.

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also IOTA is not competing if that is what you think.

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Nice finds

>> No.10364511

>University of Ljubljana

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>bring creme brulee torch to place where temperature sensor is
>collect crop insurance while no crop failure has occurred

>> No.10364532

I’d also like to add when searching a company ALWAYS look at the CTO. Chief techonolgy officer. Usually they are the ones involved in reshaping the company in a technological direction.

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DocuSign is going to use CORDA but CORDA will use ChainLink for it's oracles so basically yes by the transitive property you could say DocuSign is going to be using ChainLink but it's a stretch.

>> No.10364574

Docusign also released projects on Ethereum. Read their recent blog post

>> No.10364582

That’s exactly why oracles need to be decentralized, faggot

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>SEI announced its strategic partnership with Synechron, a global consulting and technology organization, to support SEI’s efforts to employ blockchain technology in the financial services industry through use cases and the establishment of SEI’s Blockchain Center of Excellence.

>involved with r3, Microsoft, the EEA

>ALWAYS look at the CTO
both CTOs of SEI and of Synechron attended Synchronize2018 and listened to Szabo and Juels

>> No.10364594

Also I am starting to think that you guys actually believe that ChainLink can pass $100 much less $500. You all are just like liberals, deluded, while everyone thinks your joking because of how outrageous of a claim you make, in reality, you're dead fucking serious.

>> No.10364607


The irony is LINKies have becoming so stubborn in their autism that they have probably uncovered tons of evidence supporting a REAL project that could probably yield real massive gains but they are completely ignoring it because of their obsession to find something related to LINK.

Like imagine if LINKies accidentally found evidence of some merger between SalesForce and some analytics firm and could buy the stock for huge gains, but then ignores it because they're only looking for LINK evidence.

Would be ironic if something like that happened kek.

>> No.10364609

Great find.
Whether chainlink is involved or not, there’s a massive upset happening in the job force. This time it won’t be Mexicans affect American manufacturing. It will be AI obsoleting white collar jobs. There’s a reason why this shit is developed in the dark.

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>> No.10364613

Maybe I'm not always on your wavelength but I capable of loving you a lot

>> No.10364621

it won't be a temperature sensor, it'll be a live video feed that can picks up inferred heat so you would literally have to set your entire field on fire to fool everyone.

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>actual sensor laughs at you from geostationary orbit

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>Ethereum already has an oracle on it. Its called AUGUR

>> No.10364653

Its right here dumbfuck, above you

>> No.10364670

no one actually believes LINK will be 1k by the eoy retard. its just a meme, and price speculation is idiotic at this point. what I do know, is that chainlink is the most ambitious yet crucial project that will make this space legitimate. right now its full of shit and vaporware. if you want to win big, side with the billion dollar enterprises who are looking for ways to improve efficiencies and save costs.

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Yeah and all the autism leads back to a solid buy LINK or an hero yourself when it green dildos harder than the syscoin hack. Buy more TRX anon, seriously. Buy. More. Tron.

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This guy knows what's up. 1000 eoy isn't happening, but it's not impossible in 5-10 years.

>> No.10364714

Oh look, the idiots are fighting over breadcrumbs again. LINK will be worth 0.05$ next year. Do with this information as you please

>> No.10364728

The thing where 1000eoy could be possible if they actually release a bunch of services stating hey we are using chainlink. Don’t count on it, but don’t rule it out either. Every coin is vapourware atm. So if you see real use case who the fuck knows what will happen

>> No.10364746

I'm just curious as to why LINK is shilled/fudded to this extent rather than other projects...is it because of the cube logo? This shill/fud cycle has been going on for nearly a year and won't die.

>> No.10364783
File: 1.69 MB, 212x212, 189603D1-42CF-4BD3-A40E-E5AFED8D82B8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was around during ico and bought first off etherdelta. It made sense since I’d read about the oracle problem when I discovered bitcoin in 2012.

>> No.10364789

look at the amount of replies in every LINK thread on the biz catalog. if you think most anons are unironically seriously FUDding LINK then im not sure what to tell you. all I know is LINK is pure biz mythology with memetic powers right now until an MVP is launched.

>> No.10364802
File: 6 KB, 250x250, 1532104858464s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, I'm thinking we're back

>> No.10364806

It's shilled because you couldn't get in the ICO unless you had a certain amount. Some guys from /biz/ all put money together and started shilling it 24/24

It's fudded, because it's flooded the board since september and it's an absolute useless shitcoin ERC20 #942 which we've been telling it's crap since september, but get smug threads like "rent free" while we where right from day 1

>> No.10364808

So you're saying LINK is actually legit and all this FUD is larp?

>> No.10364838

fuds real. link is not working with docusign but corda is. everyone knows this

t. get lost new fags

>> No.10364857

>collective autism

>> No.10364867

omg I don't know what to believe

>> No.10364883

dyor maybe tard

>> No.10364895

I did but it's all speculation at this point.

>> No.10364906

You could make some decent picks.
pro tip: link isn't one.

>> No.10364921

...omfg, someone please help me

>> No.10364925

The reason why I don't think LINK will moon is because I am a Charlie Brown in this world and I own LINK

>> No.10364928

buy mobius, they power the corda platform

>> No.10364942

Buy coins which are independant (no NEO or ETH tokens)

>> No.10364963

Buy LINK and live in the delusion it’ll make you rich. Unironically my life is the best it’s ever been because I know I have a good chance of being a rich, college NEET in a couple of years. It makes you smug and confident in many everyday interactions. You will gain more friends and women than ever before from your new bound optimism for life.

>> No.10364969

for real?

>> No.10364981

fuuuark. how've i not known this connection till now?

>> No.10364993

>hits another low in sats

>> No.10365006
File: 25 KB, 400x386, 1511053900075.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10365058
File: 69 KB, 420x520, 1518749592650.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pajeet at least get your english in order before you take up a job

>> No.10365070

Is this a tongue in cheek affirmation of assblasster?

>> No.10365093

holy shit is this real?

>> No.10365099

Is there any future in investing with LIGMA?

>> No.10365100
File: 14 KB, 251x242, annoyed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys are retarded, and you're missing the entire point of blockchains and decentralized systems. Hint:

They're supposed to be trustless.

In the example provided in the OP pic, the data that is fed into the smart contract can easily be tampered with. That is not trustless, that removes the whole point of the blockchain. What makes a blockchain more useful than any other mechanism at that point, if the trustlessness of the whole procedure is removed?

>> No.10365107

...so link is useless then?

>> No.10365108

The day Link drops from $1000 to $700 will be glorious

>> No.10365120

In any usecase where LINK is pulling data that can be tampered with by a human, yes, it's not trustless any more and thus loses one of THE big advantages of a blockchain.

>> No.10365121

Even if it reaches 1000, who the hell will pay 1000 per token? How will you sell?

>> No.10365124

Oh wow I just sold. Held this shit for six months by now I sold at a 70% loss. Thanks anon

>> No.10365125
File: 48 KB, 613x531, 1529889121825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shit fud not even worth debating

>> No.10365135

IIRC, LINK is only meant to transfer the data, not make sure the data itself is legit. So LINK is basically a mailman...it isn't the mailman's job to make sure the letter he is delivering isn't contained with anthrax.

>> No.10365141

>In the example provided in the OP pic, the data that is fed into the smart contract can easily be tampered with.
No you're missing the point. With Chainlink you could easily use multiple datasources and use the average or median of them. And have multiple Oracles inputting that data. Now you're fully trustless.

>> No.10365145
File: 30 KB, 419x480, 1523370922811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

day 1 fud for newfags. nice try though.

>> No.10365146

Okay you can do your sarcastic dumbass response but all that means is that you invested in something without fully understanding it.

Do you understand the argument I'm making?

How is it wrong?

>> No.10365161

not gonna spoonfeed you zoom zoom zommeridity zoomer

use your pea brain and figure it out yourself

>> No.10365166

nigga do you understand what the oracle problem is and how chainlink solves it?
do you then understand how the oracle problem is different from the true data problem?
do you know what aggregation is?

>> No.10365170

Basically a json parser which takes years to develop. Wow

>> No.10365174

Just buy LINK, this FUD is from fellow holders.

>> No.10365179

Okay but you're still left with the exact same issue of some of the data being able to be tampered with. I'd imagine if a business were going to make payments based on data fed from somewhere they'd go to some length to make sure that the data was accurate, but the problem still remains.

This is correct but my larger point is that this calls into question the legitimacy of pulling data from different areas and using it in smart contracts (Link being the means to do that).

>> No.10365189

Oracle problem is overrated at 10mm even. So if link magically becomes the solution, which it won't, 0.05$ is a fair price

>> No.10365198

Either 100% correct, or see mass carbon monoxide poisoning next year

>> No.10365214

>guy who runs the world economic forum
>tom gosner
>people high up in swift
>capgemini research team
> host of others

"why is nobody talking about this" shoot yourself faggot.

>> No.10365235
File: 228 KB, 1152x630, LINKWhitePaperORACLES.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, Chainlink attempts to solve the oracle problem by using multiple different sources, but again, this doesn't solve the problem fully (although it's likely better than using just one oracle) and this fact is admitted in the Chainlink white paper (see pic related).

I likely have it figured out better than you do.

>> No.10365252

is it possible to become a linker as a Canadian?

>> No.10365262
File: 127 KB, 576x656, Pyramid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nolinkers will be sorry

>> No.10365263



>> No.10365313
File: 555 KB, 712x923, LINK on way to the moon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10365376

>a guy who wrote a book and googled "smart contract"
>one founder of company
>random execs

There's a reason this isn't talked about anywhere else.

>> No.10365393

Good fucking damnit though. ARE THEY USING LINK? I'm probably going to kms if they aren't because I'm so deluded into thinking they are.

>> No.10365398


There's a reason

>ctrl + f chainlink
>0 results

is a meme.

>> No.10365548
File: 73 KB, 500x625, ecdbe0c7-d971-40b6-811f-cbfe939f0d46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to thank you all for your autism. I love these types of Link threads.

>> No.10365637

you're both right but wrong in specifics.
LINK doesnt solve the oracle problem through "multiple different sources"; there is almost never any pertinent info which is sourced from more than one location. it solves the problem thorugh consensus using multiple nodes sending the same info. there's still so many people who dont get this.

it needs reiterating: the oracle problem is about ensuring that information isnt corrupted en-route from sender to recipient - it is NOT about ensuring that the information the sender is sending is "factually" correct i.e. pertains to some worldly reality.

>> No.10365653


What, the same way operating systems aren't universal, so we buy a separate platform for every task? Oh wait...

>> No.10365670

Holy shit this.

>> No.10365706

here's the thing about automating contracts. how do you know the wallet address corresponds to the correct party? in the end there needs to be some notary or offline guarantees that can't be decentralized.

>> No.10365754
File: 140 KB, 1374x873, lookintothese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm back.


>The Alliance addresses large-scale industry challenges at the intersection of blockchain and the Internet of Things. Cisco has also joined several leading consortia including the Chamber of Digital Commerce, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and Hyperledger—non-profit collaborative efforts to advance blockchain technology.

>"With blockchain, this technology gives rise to entirely new markets," Nannra says. "As part of Cisco's innovation strategy, we have been closely monitoring blockchain. As blockchain technology is starting to mature, the industry is getting ready to move from proof of concepts to early deployment stage, and now the timing is right for Cisco to expand our involvement."

Mainnet soon?

>> No.10365922

Oh look a 4chan neet decided how much trustless oracles are worth guys guess that's that time to call it a day

>> No.10365944

>the oracle problem is about ensuring that information isnt corrupted en-route from sender to recipient
exactly what I thought, LINK is just a mailman, it isn't the mailman's job to verify the envelope he is delivering contains a nuke.

>> No.10365974


thank you. so tired of brainlet fud.

>> No.10366004

My question to all nonbrainlet's here...is Chainlink's solution to the oracle problem viable and doable from a technical standpoint? I read the whitepaper but I'm a brainlet so I couldn't follow

>> No.10366008


Chainlink will be a trillion dollar company before Apple or Amazon

>> No.10366025
File: 82 KB, 878x873, seelpartners.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



We are firmly committed to the future of blockchain as a key component of advanced legal AI software. We see the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as a key development in encoding contractual information on the distributed ledger. We have pointed out before that Smart Contracts (SCs) as a construct are certainly part of the future. We have identified some short-comings with SCs and proposed a more advanced approach, Intelligence Contracts (ICs). We propose a private blockchain that users can subscribe to allowing the relevant parties to negotiate on that blockchain. We are adding advanced layers for security and distributed learning so that our AI is able to meet GDPR requirements for our customers while still enabling them to securely share knowledge.
Basically they are mixing AI and Smart Contracts.


written by Kevin Gidney CTO of Seal.






if you read these articles you can see the intergration of AI and smart contracts or Intelligent contracts

>> No.10366044

stop memeing cl ...you will destroy the projects reputation.. Just wait.

>> No.10366057

nigga that's exactly what I implied. LINK solves the oracle problem, the true data problem you described is an entirely different thing.
LINK will never be able to guarantee that the data you're delivering is correct. That's some impossible sci-fi shit. LINK only guarantees that the data obtained from the source wasn't tampered with in any way on the way to the smart contract.

>> No.10366085

well links whitepaper is the only peer-reviewed crypto paper to date. reviewed by Ari Juels so take that as you will
also they won the prestigious SIBOS award two years in a row and Sergey gave a co-presentation together with Tom Gonser, Perianne Boring and Ken Moyle. Do you think all of this would've happened if the whitepaper was hogwash?

>> No.10366106

>SIBOS award

>> No.10366111

This is reaching peak delusion.

>> No.10366115

I don't think it's hogwash, I'm just asking anyone with a technical background if the plan in the whitepaper is technically feasible.

>> No.10366120

perhaps a bit of poppycock with a sprinkle of balderdash, as the whippersnappers are known to say.

>> No.10366122

>the true data problem
Is this really a problem though? A problem implies that it can be solved...as long as humans exist delivering correct data will always have risk.

>> No.10366128

yeah i know, i said you were right; i was just re-iterating some of the salient points to make it clearer cos there's so much non-sensical fud going on some people have trouble separatin signal from noise.

add to that that there's a fucking up-and-running INTEL interface on chainlink's website. how anyone can not get how big LINK is and is going to be is just insane.

>> No.10366137

we will know how close we are to the singularity based upon Sergey's proximity to the toilets while presenting at SIBOS 2018

>> No.10366140

>SIBOS award
Didn't Sergey just present? I didn't know he actually got an award

>> No.10366147

>fucking up-and-running INTEL interface
what do you mean?

>> No.10366156
File: 350 KB, 434x500, 1510167179029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

very nice, definitely something up with seal

>and now the timing is right
really sounds like mainnet soon.

>> No.10366160

SIBOS isn't a fucking awards show
Sergey spoke to 50 people in a room by the toilets
I love LINK but stop the delusion

>> No.10366163

Being able to present there is an award. You compete with other start-ups and if you win you get to present it to the big fish at SIBOS and you get like $100k in cash.

>> No.10366165

What chainlink needs is a strong proof-of-concept demonstration in order to establish its legitimacy.

>> No.10366175

this: https://create.smartcontract.com/#/choose

>An Intel SGX powered ChainLink, which remains provably secure in its delivery of data to your smart contract. Currently providing 700+ cryptocurrency price data feeds.

>> No.10366182

you literally called it "the prestigious SIBOS award"
>my sides

>> No.10366185

here: https://medium.com/swlh/chainlink-decentralized-network-of-oracles-6844ff96f47f

>ChainLink team has won a competitive bidding process to develop a Proof-of-Concept with SWIFT. SWIFT is the largest international banking communications system, with over 11,000 partner banks. When a bank needs to send an international wire they use the SWIFT network to process this. ChainLink is the only blockchain partnered with SWIFT to facilitate this process.

>> No.10366190

Hey reddit stop spamming this thread with your brainlet questions. Link is a meme that is broadcast over 4chan to get losers like you to buy it and lose all your buttcoins. Lurk more. DYOR

>> No.10366203

...why aren't more shillers talking about this?

>> No.10366204


Now Kevin Gidney of Seal just wrote this


>Of particular concern is the threat vector represented by oracles–data feeds provisioned through a third-party service–which find and verify real-world occurrences, and submit this information to a blockchain to be used in smart contracts.

Quite simply, smart contracts need to be even smarter. Improvements are necessary to reduce the work involved, achieve stronger immutability and improve performance.

A new vanguard of companies is rising to meet this challenge, developing easily used tools and built-in security to fortify smart contracts against attack. Established players are also working toward better reliability and functionality with enclaves and trusted code. Hyperledger, the Linux Foundation’s open-source Sawtooth collaborative, is now supported by a growing list, including Intel, IBM, Amazon Web Services, Huawei, Microsoft, and Ericsson.

So hes aware of chainlink obviously but hes saying Intelligent Contracts are the next thing. Will they use an Oracle I have no idea.


Here's a video from a guy at seal explaining ICs

>> No.10366225
File: 211 KB, 2322x1192, Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 11.40.41 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because link is a scam meme that just gets regurgitated here 24-7, most people are joking about it but some retards actually fall for it

what direction is this price going? up?

>> No.10366228

>Chainlink will be a trillion dollar company before Apple or Amazon

if you seriously believe this, you should get checked out. you are legitimately retarded.

>> No.10366232

...so chainlink is basically like myspace...it'll be overtaken soon with an improved project...

>> No.10366238

this place is overrun with reddit faggots now.

>> No.10366247
File: 266 KB, 1053x1214, 1522896696251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10366251

you fucking retards seem to forget that there's been no news on this dead coin since last year
literally 8-10 months of nothing

>> No.10366253

>why aren't more shillers talking about this?
because everyone on /biz already holds LINK and wants to drive the price down so they can accumulate more. if you've not already, read the medium post i linked to. it;s written by an independent reviewer: https://medium.com/swlh/chainlink-decentralized-network-of-oracles-6844ff96f47f

>> No.10366276
File: 45 KB, 640x496, 1526995567668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10366282

Am I wrong?

>> No.10366299


>> No.10366313

What does this have to do with LINK?

>> No.10366322

I can't figure out if your posts are bait, you're totally new to /biz/ or you are a complete brainlet. Just buy link.

>> No.10366327

>Lets emancipate ourselves from all the mental slavery together

I want to die with my frens. If link does not happen an we meet up somewhere nice with a view and kool aid together?

>> No.10366335
File: 687 KB, 1479x1006, NoLinkersAfterSingularity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have to stop here. I can keep tagging posts. I am so cozy and comfy. I cannot describe the warmth that runs through my body stronger than any feeling man can feel. I am so comfy Anons. Thank you frens.

>> No.10366348

4chan for more than a decade, been on biz only for past 2 months...also yes, I am a brainlet.

>> No.10366355

>in reality, you're dead fucking serious.

yes. we are. leave now. never come back

>> No.10366360

All of this is just speculation though, also for chainlink to hit 1000 requires 300 billion marketcap...this is not happening.

>> No.10366369
File: 342 KB, 658x627, 1524889370287.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>All of this is just speculation though, also for chainlink to hit 1000 requires 300 billion marketcap...this is not happening.
see pic related

>> No.10366379

facts: no news since 2017

>> No.10366380

Kek. You’ve asked 20 questions in this thread that are literally rudimentary. You don’t know shit about link even though there’s posts everyday on it and you have been on here for 2 months. Go back to rettit and KYS. Nobody here is going to spoon feed you so do yourself a favor and stop posting.

>> No.10366386


more like the financial elites of europe you absolute dumbfuck


>> No.10366396

please keep this info coming and ignore these fudders and trolls. doing gods work marine

>> No.10366397

(no nodes staked).
Kek. Found the big hole in your argument. Link will be the liquid gold for machines to purchase data from each other. If it achieves what it sets out to do.

>> No.10366399

I like it here, I am staying.

>> No.10366413

>interact with smart contract networks


>> No.10366421

>If it achieves what it sets out to do.
no news since 2017

>> No.10366426

you're missing the point. he's saying he's giving a conservative value by assuming there'll be no nodes staked, but obviously there will so LINK's price will be even higher than the estimatios made here.

>> No.10366436

>solving a problem that doesn't exist

Welcome to blockchain, friendo

>> No.10366445

Bottom line is these big players are trying to find an answer to the oracle problem. Sergey says he can do it but he’s not ready yet. In the meantime things like ICs start to be researched. If link works then it will be used all over and there won’t be a need to find a different way to make smart contracts smarter.

>> No.10366447
File: 467 KB, 576x432, 1522176355988.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10366450

this is most delusional post i have ever seen. that image is completely fucking retarded. absolutely no concept of economics, markets dynamics, or finance.

>> No.10366456

ya hear that idiots?
connecting LEGACY financial infrastructure to next generation smart contract networks (blockchain agnostic). a direct quote from the man. only took less than 30 seconds to pitch that. its the KEY to old, slow infrastructure being replaced eventually. no institution wants to overhaul their shit. just give them an adapter that will let them take part in the next gen networks.

>> No.10366460

Is 10k LINK enough to make it?

>> No.10366462

so link is useless then

>> No.10366467

yes, but always buy more if you can.

>> No.10366475

Sure, if you hold through the turbulence and don’t sell when it gets to 10 dollars. Get to 100k like me and you’ll be sweating bullets when it hits 10 bucks in a few months

>> No.10366476

never sell over brahs.. NEVER SELL LINKIES

>> No.10366478

it doesnt matter what number I give you. you will eventually want more anyways. buying LINK is a blessing, but also a curse because you just want more. and you want to learn more about it. trust me on this.

>> No.10366489


>> No.10366490

cap this. link will not be $10 in a few months, in fact you should plan for $0.10.

>> No.10366500

I like it here I am staying.

>> No.10366509

I don't hold any LINK, but I wouldn't be angry if it succeeded. Meme magic would be confirmed real.

>> No.10366525

>>10366399Ok. I'll bite. Spoon feeding is one thing.... but you're just embarrassing yourself.
Link is a meme. It may be a profitable meme, it may not be. Of course not much is confirmed, 90% of it is speculation. If it's all confirmed, use your half dead brain cell and think why it's $0.21 right now. Either get in, or gtfo of biz

>> No.10366537

>why it's $0.21 right now.
It's a bear market, thats why

>> No.10366559
File: 52 KB, 416x700, pepelive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10366565

>think why it's $0.21 right now
marketcap is a meme. you wouldnt say tron and monero were equally good coins. price doesnt always reflect accurately current or future worth of a project

>> No.10366584

>price doesnt always reflect accurately current or future worth of a project
This is bad for link

>> No.10366587

Ok pro, do whatever you want. Just know shilling to the normies has already began.

>> No.10366632

btc is driving this ship if you didn't realize.

link is not doing anything, anytime soon.

>> No.10366644

that is a topic that's never discussed with all the sperg detectives rummaging aboot. when mainnet goes live will there be an exchange listing? unless everyone is going to use their ico and gifted link for ??? until it gets listed? there could be otc trading for a while. are polo and coinbase or gemini the most likely exchanges to list it? is there a rationale to not listing on an exchange for a period of time after mainnet launches?

>> No.10366645

So Ari Paul tweeted this

It's old news.
He said he read the white paper yesterday.

Now this shit is not new.
But I was going through Evan Cheng's twitter likes. He stopped tweeting regularly in nov 2017. But he still goes on Twitter. He liked that specific ari paul tweet. He's into crypto but not super huge. Like he liked a btc chart.

>> No.10366668

LINK's on binance

>> No.10366671

you right 100%. That's why prior to mainet, price is meaningless. Until we can see what companies are using CL, and the token return rate for node operators, all pricing is all just speculation

>> No.10366680

nvm he's into crypto pretty hard, false alarm

>> No.10366682

you think American businesses are going to buy btc/eth to send to binance to buy link?

>> No.10366686


>> No.10366696

unironically, node staking could actually drive the LINK price into a singularity event. if there are virtually no coins on the open market, price per coin could become asymptotic towards infinity.


>> No.10366699

Of course not. Coinbase is never list link. The point was normies are beginning to know about CL. This guy alone has 39K follower. It's always been a b2b product. We just along for the ride.

>> No.10366720

My money is on Evan Cheng implementing LINK with the Facebook blockchain project. He just got promoted a few weeks ago to Head of Engineering in their Blockchain divison. Also an internal email went out to FB employees telling them about his experience and also that he is an advisor on Chainlink.

>> No.10366741
File: 382 KB, 875x1010, 1523199229694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the only reason why I say this as well is because Silicon Valley top dogs run close to each other and are interconnected somehow. You already see the connection with Salesforce and Docusign.

>> No.10366746


>> No.10366756

Of course not. The businesses that Sergey want and need will get the tokens for free. The ones that come later will buy it from sergey otc. The Top 100 holders collectively own 84.83% of the tokens. biz probably own over 50% of what limited free flowing linkies are out there.

>> No.10366781

how would fb use blockchain/cl? only thing mentioned was something about news verification? Not really sure how link fits in

>> No.10366823

flush yourself down the toilet.

>> No.10366829

FB is more than a social media website right now. They are branching off to other tech sub sectors. Video, News, VR, etc.


I actually spoke to a close friend who works closely with the Occulus staff. So it makes more sense now how blockchain would be needed to keep the company relevant as things become more distributed going forward.

>> No.10366840

in other words im not saying their blockchain project will be finished in a few weeks. its kind of a work in progress and I have no idea if they are close to finishing, but I do know that there is a niche for LINK to tap into

>> No.10366842


>> No.10366859


>> No.10366911
File: 687 KB, 3308x1838, Praise Kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10366920


>> No.10366942

You don't understand how much overhead there is in contract management.

>> No.10366967


>> No.10367102

i hope youre just joking. i can't believe people actually think like this.

nodes will provide x return. if at any point the price link is greater than the estimated present + future return of the node, operators will sell.

>> No.10367108

anyone can assume the most optimistic use case and adoption rates for any token and come up with a trillion dollar story.

>> No.10367149


>> No.10367189

Multichain following Factom, Symboint, Chain on twitter.

>> No.10367205


if you understood what i wrote you would realize your link doesn't matter. it's very simple actually.

you own 100,000 link. link is worth $0.20.

If you can earn more than $20,000 over time by holding your link in a node, you do so.

if you cannot earn $20,000 by holding your link over time, and you can calculate an expected return by looking at network job rewards, you can logically sell your link, knowing it is the best financial decision given the available information.

you don't need some complex utility model, no matter what it is an asset that at the end of the day will be judged on it's percentage rate of return. for instance, if link provides less than ~3% risk free return you probably will sell and prefer to own a corporate bond yielding 4-5%.

>> No.10367241

It actually substantiates your claim further, albeit in non layman's terms.

>> No.10367269
File: 59 KB, 729x575, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all breadcrumbs from tonight

>> No.10367274


>> No.10367294
File: 41 KB, 687x510, arijulestocatchthemall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


fuck were not gonna make it. pic related

>> No.10367329
File: 265 KB, 460x259, 1522869846827.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10367351

Lowballing the scope of smart contracts is perhaps more delusional than $1000 eoy. Sorry.

>> No.10367364
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what did they mean by this?

>> No.10367413

As much as you can, 1k insurance stack. 10k to truly make it.

.t 30k here

>> No.10367546

zap is a logging library for Go made by Uber and is open source. Dmitri submitted a PR to zap and it was merged into the master branch. Once the Uber team that maintains the library includes the change Dmitri submitted they no longer need to use their forked version of the library and can instead use the 'master' version of the library and get the benefits of any continual updates Uber does to the library.

Fairly minor thing in the grand scheme of things. Still cool what Dmitri was able to do though.

>> No.10367735

>he doesn't know that the 'making it' amount increases 10k every month

>> No.10367736

Awesome thread. Thanks fellow marines!

>> No.10367854


Daily reminder
Biz said link would be $10 after SIBOS. Assblaster said $3 by April. The whale larper said $1000 EOY (all in the archives)

The only person who predicts correctly is the oldfag who always posts that black Amex saying it will keep falling until 0 (so far he is more accurate)

>> No.10367883

Just embrace the autism, friend.