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About to drop life savings into Ark or Link

Shill me

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Go 50/50 into each

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Ark is more likely imo

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Ark ico price: 0.01 vs 1.41
Link ico price: 0.11 vs 0.22

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Link has digits and memes

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You will lose all your money.

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Thats the goal

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>pic related

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All crypto is doomed, at least with LINK you can go down with frens

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Oldfag here.DYOR on both. Best buy right now is Link as the feeling i get from this coin is the same feeling i had when ETH was shilled like crazy.

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You won't make it if you have to ask.

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Buy Ark. Link is a scam and the public will never know about it, it will be forked privately for kike banks,.

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So we can fork a decentralized network of node operators? You must be mega rich right now if you figured out how to fork people

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>he fell for the all in meme

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ITT arkies will try to shill their heavy bags without sounding like cornered, rabid animals

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The thing about ARK is that nobody gives a shit about it. Once it's ready there probably won't be many companies using it from the start. Chainlink on the other hand already has companies waiting for mainnet.

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>He doesn't know about ARK's partnerships.

Ohh, sweet summerchild...

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Ark....100 EOY easy

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Post them (they don't exist)

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Drop it into AION and LINK instead.

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