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Ok, this is my moment. I am ~70% down on my ATH and now the alts seem to be crashing. No way I am ever going to buy BTC though, so... I am cashing out.

Thank you for being frens. Thank you for making me some extra money (still 3x on my initial). Thank you for the braps. I could use some of those right about now if you have some good pics lying around. Fuck LINK. I'm out.

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Please, frens, some braps on the way out here.

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Don't go anon. You can stay here and wait for a reentry point.

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leaving us before the golden bullrun..

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alts crash harder than BTC when BTC crashes/moons, are you new?

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If you take the whole of 2017, BTC mooned, alts mooned harder. I guess 2018 is not my year to be in the market.

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No you retard btc mooned first enjoy your 70% losses and keep watching on the sideline

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Fuck no. Btc fucked alts from July to like September. As soon as that fucking coin showed any sign of doing something alts plummeted.

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Your impatience will cause regret.

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you gonna regret this faggot

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What the fuck? Buy Bitcoin man, why are you failing like this? You'll regret it

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Newfren, you are making a mistake. Bitcoin always moons first then alts moon. That is how it has been and that is how it will be. I can't tell you how many thousands of dollars I have made off knowing this simple fact. If you leave now, you are literally fulfilling the biz meme of buying high and selling low. You will be an embarrassment to us and to yourself when you inevitably fomo back in.

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All these frens helping fellow newfag autist ADD anon
>feels good man

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Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient. Unless you bought shitcoins. Then you’re fucked

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except btc is doing neither

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Don't listen them anon... Only destruction lies ahead. Just leave... leave and never look back. Let all this be just a bad memory.

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Still no braps.
I am the "crypto guy" to my friends and family. I also own a small crypto subreddit. This is the time to announce my capitulation and stay away from crypto for some longer time.

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who the fuck cares about some rando shitcoin other than bots trading leveraged fake money

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why would you refuse to buy btc?

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Cashing out at the bottom, top kek.

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BTC is mooning by all standards, are you blind? kek

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hey at least you still 3xed your money

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>no way I am ever going to buy BTC

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Bye friend.