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Going to throw some chainlink related info together.

Etherisc - Decentralized insurance will use chainlink. Etherisc is a decentralized insurance project that already has a flight delay app, hurricane app and more. Currently it is using oraclize. proof - https://github.com/etherisc/flightDelay/tree/master/vendors

Etherisc wants to truly be decentralized and is planning on using a decentralized oracle - check their gitter here - https://gitter.im/etherisc/Lobby and documentation here https://blog.etherisc.com/what-you-need-to-become-a-keeper-on-the-etherisc-protocol-e8eeb3646c23

Etherisc twitter, https://twitter.com/etherisc follows Sergey, SmartContract, and Chainlink. There is no doubt they will use Chainlink when ready.

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This is unironically huge.

Will the good news ever stop coming? The dam will soon break, and the price singularity will flood the entire crypto space. The biggest green candle in all of human history, both in the past and the eternal future.

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>oragle prublem

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Now I know many explain that Corda is a competitor to Chainlink because it offers its own oracle. This is true but not completely. Corda is actually a permissioned ledger that does allow external info. The part that is left out is they do not have any current capabilities for a decentralized approach for external data.

Corda is one of the only projects that is consistently coming out with new partnerships and actual real life projects. I think they are winning the DLT game. I can list the things they have going on but it would take a while. There is good news here. Corda allows external oracles and a decentralized oracle solution will be perfect for a lot of its use cases.


Even Oraclize and Thomson Rueters offers an oracle for Corda

Chainlink needs to be the oracle of choice for Corda.

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Now it looks like Microsoft Bletchley w/ Cryptlets (chainlink) is partnered with Corda as seen here. This video is worth a watch.


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nothing burger.

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Turd burger for you Fudder.

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Should I put aside my credit card debt and just default the minimum payment to acquire more linkies?

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Microsoft stated the enterprise smart contracts are open sourced...yet they have not done any work since Chainlink was started. We will see Chainlink's code and license in the Microsoft cryptlets source code when ready.


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neoplay, ETHhorse, and ETIX are already using Chainlink's CBOR Utility. They also currently use oraclize and will be switching to Chainlink when ready.

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This is relevant to my research.

I'm looking into The Accord Project. It's a HUGE consortium of law offices working to standardize legal smart contracts. They're working with Corda.

If Corda is using chainlink, then we have a significant % of all legal work in the bag.

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If you want help us digging you can join our research group
Send me a mail

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This isn't huge. One blockchain startup using ChainLink is miniscule compared to something like SWIFT or even seperate private banks using it.

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Starting today in San Francisco...Sergey there?

Amber Baldet (clovyr.io - will have chainlink as an oracle option) is speaking plus many more.

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I feel this is the biggest revelation I have come to as well. I thought Corda was a competitor but its actually a competitor to Eth, Chain, Hyperledger, and Quorum. Actually the fact that there is this much competition in dlts is good thing for Chainlink.

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It's not that Corda will use Chainlink. The fact is that Chainlink will no doubt be an option as an oracle for Corda. This is great because Chainlink will be the best oracle solution and be considered for the big deal projects on Corda.

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The sheer number of blockchain startups using LINK are creating a mountain.

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Anyone look into
Looks like Ari Juels co-wrote the whitepaper. Has privacy preserving smart contracts. Wonder if it has decentralized oracles.

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Another good find. I'll look into it once I finish digging around Accord Project

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LINK 10c-15c EOY.

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Oraclize throwing shade - https://docs.oraclize.it/#background -

One solution is to accept data inputs from more than one untrusted or partially trusted party and then execute the data-dependent action only after a number of them have provided the same answer or an answer within some constrains. This type of system can be considered a decentralized oracle system. Unfortunately, this approach has severe limitations:

It requires a predefined standard on data format
It is inherently inefficient: all the parties participating will require a fee and, for every request, it will take time before reaching a sufficient number of answers.

The solution developed by Oraclize is instead to demonstrate that the data fetched from the original data-source is genuine and untampered. This is accomplished by accompanying the returned data together with a document called authenticity proof. The authenticity proofs can build upon different technologies such as auditable virtual machines and Trusted Execution Environments.

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We should ask Rory in Slack

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Oraclize is always down since it's centralized

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Cordacon (important that chainlink is an oracle of choice) is september.




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Oraclize is speaking at event.

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Good. I need all the time I can get to get to 50k

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Chainlink super stinky coin, buy litecoin 1000 rupees EOY

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September? How are so many things lining up around that time? Are they really all connected. I feel like I'm turning crazy here.

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Oraclize CEO is speaking, no Chainlink, wonder if they will attend

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Oraclize and their CEO in particular have been extremely salty and butthurt about Chainlink ever since Sergey one-upped them right before their presentation @ Devcon 3 last year.

Check their twitter, there are a handful of Chainlink specific jabs, pic related

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If anyone really wants to dig here is an oraclize contract. You can see which projects are using and how often etc. this will give you an idea of how popular oracles are and what projects are currently using etc.


I do find it interesting some are already using the CBOR utility from chainlink.

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For example it looks like Etheroll is using oracle every minute.

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Please explain for a brainlet like myself why the last part of your post means

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More about Corda and why I think Corda is going to be big for Chainlink.

As an open source platform, Corda can be built on by third party providers who can then operate and earn revenue from distributed ledger applications using the platform's common code and protocols to enable interoperability.

"Corda is a completely open system that is going to empower entrepreneurs to be able to build Corda apps, roll them out, and actually have them be adopted because they will work with the current financial rails, in a way that is cognizant of and compliant with the regulatory regime." David Rutter, CEO of R3

I expect Corda, Hyperledger, Chain, Quorum and others to all offer Chainlink as a decentralized oracle solution for their DLT platforms.

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wow, finally a chainklink thread

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This is probably a dumb question but you seem like a reasonable person. If chainlink does indeed have all these rumored connections how can it handle the amount of transactions that will be needed? I understand it's agnostic but scaling does exactly appear to be close.

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The devcon3 conference was a slaughter. That french fag tried so hard to sound important.

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Checked, I believe so

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While Link is an ERC20 token on Ethereum, chainlink is blockchain agnostic. I am sure Sergey and team are monitoring Ethereum's progress towards pos and other scaling efforts. This is a good problem to have as it would mean adoption. I don't see everything happening overnight and clogging the network.

With that being said. There are not so much chainlink connections as there are Chainlink use cases. Chainlink is open source and "could" be utilized by many projects companies. I don't expect to see partnerships etc. Some projects using Corda or whatever are going to be perfectly fine with the default oracle solution, others will want the extra decentralization of chainlink.

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If it was shitty fud you'd be able to debunk it easily yet you can't. I'm more than willing to listen.

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Too bad we won't reach singularity.

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That's what I thought when I heard the Corda fud. I looked at the website and saw that they actually offered multiple oracle solutions which means they will very likely add Chainlink as well once it's ready. If Chainlink is indeed better apart from the decentralisation aspect, then I can't see why it won't become the preffered oracle on Corda.

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The real competition that is heating up is between permissioned dlt solutions like chain, corda, quorum, hyperledger, etc. Once one adds chainlink as an option it will have an advantage. The good news is chainlink is open source and all the competitors can utilize to keep up w/ the competition etc.

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1k eoy is assured

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Fucking NKN niggershitcoin moon already so I can pdump it into ChainLink

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sell for DAG if you want more ether for precious linkus

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I like to pee

I like to poop

I also like me some good chainlink

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What're my odds of making it?

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Are you going to get 32 ETH so you can stake? You're so close already.

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>Etherisc follows Sergey on Twitter. There is no doubt they will use Chainlink when ready.

/biz/ in a nutshell

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You’re a millionaire before link hits $10. You’ll make it.

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You are bleeding sats every day. Switch to BTC or you're not going to make it.

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Where can i buy chainlink?

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You’ll need to use the darknet. It’s quite risky.

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I'll need some eth for my ChainLink node too but I'll try

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Coinbase EOY

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Some more speakers that stuck out:

Phil komarny (vp of innovation at salesforce)
Brian Behlendorf (executive director at hyperledger)
Emmanuel Abiodun (blockchain architect at oracle)
Eileen Lowry (global program director at IBM blockchain garage)

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why don't we ask Rory what conferences Sergey is attending in the near term. You in the slack?

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It has been asked. No response on this current event

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ok cool. Start a new thread about it when you get an answer?

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Fuck no. I know it’s b8. But fuck

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You can't. Its not open source

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go to a crypto store you dumb idiot

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This is why it's key that chainlink is blockchain agnostic.

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blockchain is chainlink agnostic

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Any toilet.

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>Pay-per-play oracles
Because the signature covers the transaction, and transactions may end up being forwarded anywhere, the fact itself is independently checkable. However, this approach can still be useful when the data itself costs money, because the act of issuing the signature in the first place can be charged for (e.g. by requiring the submission of a fresh Cash.State that has been re-assigned to a key owned by the oracle service). Because the signature covers the transaction and not only the fact, this allows for a kind of weak pseudo-DRM over data feeds. Whilst a contract could in theory include a transaction parsing and signature checking library, writing a contract in this way would be conclusive evidence of intent to disobey the rules of the service (res ipsa loquitur). In an environment where parties are legally identifiable, usage of such a contract would by itself be sufficient to trigger some sort of punishment.

Seems exactly like the chainlink networks approach

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You have to stand in front of a mirror with two lighted candles at midnight and say three times 'Sergey, Sergey, Sergey', offer a Big Mac as a sacrifice and he will provide you with stinky linkies

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how many eth needed to stake? i have 70

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You have to buy AMB then run some software to fork it into chainlink tokens.

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Check this out - Oraclize is using Chainlink's CBOR utility in their Ethereum API


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32 is the number I have been told

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Told by whom?

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Can you explain for a brainlet what the CBOR tools do?

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Thanks bro

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that is the word on the street also google agrees that it is 32 eth along with other sources, although still could change but seems to be the magic number for now.

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> So, my question is, how well does the ChainLink network scale in the future?
I can’t help but to look at this question with two entirely different perspectives: one being the individual node software, and the other being the on-chain proposal/selection process. The node itself is easy to talk about, since it’s already available on GitHub, written in a compiled language, and testing can be completed on it _right now_ (as I discuss later). The scalability of the individual node will depend on the system resources given to it.
On-chain, the node selection process could get costly on the node operator as the network grows. Since nodes need to accept that they _would_ take the job on-chain during the selection phase, it simply doesn’t make sense to have thousands of nodes doing so if they have no hope of getting the job, even with random selection. We’re looking at some really interesting ways to make this easier on everyone (including the blockchain), and I’ll be able to release details on that soon.
> But how much **jobs/data transfers can an oracle or the oracle network handle?
I was just playing with this yesterday. On a virtual machine with **2 cores and 4GB of RAM** I ran the node and the Devnet image (in production I would advise the Ethereum client be on a separate machine) and created 50 jobs to execute _simultaneously_. They would run every time a block is produced, grab a value from a real external API, then format and write it to the blockchain. The data below is what I saw the ChainLink node software using. When idle (between jobs), the CPU usage was essentially nothing.

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Didn't read just commenting to make sure this gets to 200+ replies

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fuck off

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Stack all into linkies even if u bank rupt who is gonna take them

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LINK needs to hit a 3.5b MC for you to become a millionaire. You're going to make it.

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Much better answer than I've received before. Thank you I really appreciate it.

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Atta boy