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Holo is nearly 1million times more efficient then eth. it was designed to start with a price 10k times cheaper then eth (to reward early backers). it will be 10million times more efficient then eth in the future... but just take that 10k. eth price divided by 10k. just calc it ;)

when mainnet is live. i think 5-10cents will be a reallistic price....just for the sake of hosting power/price calculation....

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inb4 'feet'

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>let me just pull these magic numbers from my ass
>divide them by eachother
best analysis ever

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You people only like holo because you can finally have 1 million of a token in your portfolio.

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now imagine when everyone else gets wind of this

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why would I put money into this foot scam?

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If you don't have HOLO you ain't gonna make it.

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There is no surer bet in alts than HOLOCHAIN. Its no brainer.

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Holo—a distributed cloud computing platform built on Holochain—announced a new strategic partnership with a project called Promether. After several months of discussions between the two parties, a mutual interest in each other’s platforms from a development perspective was born.
Link: https://www.investinblockchain.com/holo-promether-partnership/

Titled “Strategic Security Partnership,” it appears that both are looking to utilize each other’s platforms in regards to certain aspects of their own projects. Currently, the partnership includes Promether providing Holo exclusive access to alpha/beta testing of the secure communication app Contact—the first application powered by Promether.

Holochain, on the other hand, will provide an adaptable platform for P2P apps within Promether’s secure endpoints. Time will tell how this partnership will play out and expand, but it is certainly interesting why Holo decided to choose Promether for a partnership of that nature. But there are some clues in the announcement, so we decided to dive into it a little more…

While Promether is a new project trying to kick-start themselves through current private sale and an upcoming ICO, the founder and CEO, Eric J Anderson (Eijah), is everything but new to the world of decentralized systems and networking security.

Most people know about the massive games like GTA5 and Guitar Hero. What they probably don’t know is that Eijah was the LEAD PROGRAMMER for both of those during his employment for Activision and Rockstar Games.

When diving a little deeper, Eijah is apparently an infamous hacker who was part of the initial Bluray hack, and has also held multiple hacker workshops at some of the most popular hacker conventions like DEF CON.

Because of the founder’s extensive background, Holo and Holochain also acquired Eijah to advise.

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"Most people know about the massive games like GTA5 and Guitar Hero. What they probably don’t know is that Eijah was the LEAD PROGRAMMER for both of those during his employment for Activision and Rockstar Games. "


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Seriously undervalued. Just needs time. Ethereum didn't start mooning until icos started happening which is what will happen for Holo. They are building out their app store infrastructure now. Over 3 dozen apps currently in the lineup with thousands of nodes pre-ordered. Going to be a an interesting 2019 for Holochain.

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I only hold 4 coins in my port.
Ethereum @ $13, BTC @ $707, Cardano @2c & Holo @ ICO.

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these twats been having secret meetups with some of the biggest silicon valley companies for months but are keeping tight lips. seems like they want holo price to dump to entice developer/corporate adoption. not a good move for their investors!! @#(*[email protected]

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Anyone worried about the supply though. If you correct it to ethereums supply, 1 million holo is only 600 Eth :-/

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Maybe short term, but it will worth it in a few months

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>winning a scamcoin competition.png


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holochjain = next 100x

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>calls holochain a "coin"

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I'm sorry, I meant scamchain.

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Bamp one dollar end of year

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>tfw 100m HOT

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ikr i feel sorry for those poor fags who are falling for the scam. this will never take off kek just look at the team

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that's like 1/10 of the team.

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god damn you gonna be worth a mill boi

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Been in this since day 1 baby. Lets get this shit

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1 million feet ;) kek so many newfags in here what happened? is this the second round of our pump and dump frens?

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The amount of pajeet tier, brainlet tier, and flat out desperate/creepy neck beard responses in this shill thread makes me want to stay far from this coin. Just look at how retarded you all sound shilling all at once in the same thread.

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yeah the discord pajeets are back lol. either that or we have some really desperate normie bagholders who forgot to sell after the last pump and dump kek

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see that guy on the right?
That guy is smarter than your entire family combined. This project could be only him and Arthur Brock and I still would have invested.

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only sophisticated investors in holo mkay? no normies allowed

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everyone must be a blockchain genius in the eyes of a double digit IQ anon like you kek. enjoy getting dumped on brainlet

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nice, just sold 100MM

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Holo will do just fine without your shitpost, Rajeesh.

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This is the altcoin you want to be in. I'm personally really excited. I'm going to buy a holoport after I get paid this week.

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don't bother buying a holoport holofren, just build a half decent pc, install linux and holochain.

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literally went all in at 50mil, im fucking nervous

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god damn its nasty. that photo and those feet might cost us all millions

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Normies are clueless about this. Just wait. This coin is barely 2x ICO in USD value. It's either going to be vaporware that gets a hype pump when it goes mainstream, or be the next paradigm shift and unironically 100-1000x

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what was ico value?

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I h-hope so a-anon

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The amount of /biz/ bagholders waiting to cash out scares me from getting involved in this

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bought 150k, reeee

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i know there's plenty of bizbros holding since ICO

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Wow looks like they only raised €13M, so maybe 3-4x. ICO was 10 Billion HOT per million euro raised.

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Why is she so perfect :(

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I can't speak for anyone else here, Anon, but I am not planning to sell until I can quit my job. If neither Holo nor Constellation moons I'm probably just going to quit crypto altogether because that's enough evidence that I'm just a stupid faggot.

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Just looked up Constellation (DAG)

It looks like you're quitting crypto. We don't need ANOTHER super scalable fast transaction crypto. There's enough already, that are more established.

Literally no reason why DAG will catch on

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>he thinks we're cashing out instead of accumulating because this will be the last x1000 in crypto
>he doesn't know how the transfer of wealth works

Bought at ICO and another 3 dips at 2x since ICO. A few days ago I reached top 900 wallets. By EOY I'll probably be top 500, depending on which of my shitcoins moons first and how high it goes.
In 2 years time you'll complaining about the inequality of the distribution because you were a stupid fuck that didn't realize early enough how these things work.

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Time will tell, Anon. I have researched extensively into Constellation. This project is competing with RChain, Hashgraph and IOTA. It's also 1/3 ICO price. Enough of the shill though, for now I hold.

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I hold constellation as well, everything it competes w is 100x or higher in marketcap.

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I'm going to be so rich with Holo tokens

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RChain is only 30x, but it could easily moon even more from there. I might pick up a bit as a hedge.

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Holo is not improving Blockchain, it has created Holochain, a quantum leap in scaling human collaboration, cooperation and innovation. Maybe blockchain will be able to do what Holo will do at launch, in another 10 years, we shall see.

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Thats a tranny m8

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Sami is a goddess. You wish you were as cool as her.

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Your post made me laugh, anon. I really hope you make it.

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>Better than Bitcoin
>More private then Monero
>More efficient than ethereum
Hallmarks of cryptocutrency scams.

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Yeah, don't talk shit about Sami. She'll curb stomp and forget you.

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You'reva flaming queer, hope you like the aids and suicide

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We got this, senpai. We're both gonna make it.

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Can you fuckers learn the difference between 'then' and 'than'?

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I actually suspect she might be a tranny because no woman is that 'technical minded' on this entire globe.

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I am still unsure about that price and distribution thing. Do I get this right:

>The supply of Holo is controlled by the supply of computation power. When more people start using Holo then this will increase demand for the current token/ future holofuel but also supply additional computational power. Thus this will lead to a relatively stable price.

If this is right then how is holo supposed to moon? I get that holo is a significant improvent with respect to other cryptos but how are we supposed to make a profit under such conditions? Isnt holo rather something for /g/ instead of /biz/?

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The price will absolutely stabilize at some point. It's hard to pinpoint a price because no cryptocurrency like this has existed before.

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>Having a million tokens will make you a millionaire when it reaches $1/token

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This would actually make sense. She is 6' tall and told a troll to suck her suck her dick.

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>The supply of Holo is controlled by the supply of computation power.
no, this is wrong. If your premise is wrong, nothing derived from that premise will make sense. The supply is technically 0 since this is mutual credit. Some hosts in the network will be able to issue fuel on credit if they have a reputation and prove to be reliable. This makes the supply dynamic in a way, but that extra supply eventually cancels out.

>When more people start using Holo then this will increase demand for the current token/ future holofuel but also supply additional computational power.
no. only hosts supply additional computational power. The whole point of Holo is that if you build an app on holochain, you can make it available to people that are not hosts

>Thus this will lead to a relatively stable price.
that's not what leads it to a stable price. See below

>how is holo supposed to moon?
by increasing the computational power in the network. At some point in the far future, holofuel will probably become a stablecoin when the computational power in the network peaks. We're years away from that.

>how are we supposed to make a profit under such conditions?
by buying when the computational power is 0 or very low and waiting for holoports, PCs, servers, data centers to join the network.

Ask more questions if you need clarifications.

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delusional bagholders think this will reach $1. do you even realize the token supply is almost 180 billion kek?

>> No.10331780

so what you are saying is that there is a chance.

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This will reach $100 eventually.

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well, the entire cloud computing industry will reach 150 billion by 2022. it is retarded to think that holo will ever reach 180 billion, if their target market isn't even that big. or do you admit you think this will become a totally overvalued piece of shit?

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nice fake information disguised as fact.
The cloud computing market was $180 billion in 2017 with 24% growth per year. By 2022 it will be 400+ billion. Obviously, I'm not arguing that Holo will reach 180 billion marketcap anytime soon. I'm just arguing that you're a shithead that doesn't know what he's talking about.

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this is a top ten with ease, supply is its greatest asset

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post sauce or are you larping?

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They're thinking long term and focusing their efforts on building for the future and getting a product that works and is adopted. That should make you confident. This isn't a quick PND or a Chinese scam coin that hires pajeets to spam and shills everywhere it can.

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I agree. This could ironically be worth $1 each in the next 5-10 years. A $500 investment now would be worth over $1 million then.

>> No.10332051

good goy, don't forget to deduct everything related to government and public cloud. there is no fucking fortune 500 who will ever migrate to some experimental shit like holochain.

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>When more people start using Holo then this will increase demand for the current token/ future holofuel but also supply additional computational power.

I think I wasnt precise enough there. I meant to say that with every 100 or 1000 or 10000 people or so who start using it there will be probably also be someone who will add another host.

I was assuming that additional hosts and users join in a more or less stable proportion. I assumed this since I dont know when a huge number of users or hosts will be suddenly joining (so that it has some effect on the price). I also assumed this since high prices will attract more hosts while low prices will slow this down. This should lead to users and hosts joining in a relatively stable proportion. Especially when the network gets bigger 10 new hosts or 1000 new users wont make that much of a difference later on. But this leads me to another question.

>by buying when the computational power is 0 or very low and waiting for holoports, PCs, servers, data centers to join the network.
How am I supposed to know that? What is the equilibrium price of holofuel and the token relative to computational power. Especially now. How am I supposed to determine the value of HOT relative to its price?

>This makes the supply dynamic in a way, but that extra supply eventually cancels out.
Cancels out? how?

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I kinda get what you're asking, but the premise is still flawed. There are 3 types of "users".
1. Hosts
2. Developers that need hosting (dapps)
3. Regular users/normies that access holo apps through browsers

Regular users have no direct influence on the price. Most likely they won't be aware that the app they are using is hosted on Holo. Users don't need to pay with holofuel to use the apps. A developer can require that but it would be retarded as fuck. You can monetize your users any way you want. It's like you using Facebook without paying for Facebook's hosting because they show you ads. Another example is you using a SaaS and paying a monthly fee with fiat. You can do that on Holo too. You then convert some of that fiat from the users in holofuel and pay for hosting. Holo = hosting

The important part of the equation is the developers that need hosting and the hosts. The way it works is like this:
1. many dapps and few hosts
- price of holofuel is low so more hosts join the network to take advantage of this and receive more holofuel per computational unit
- we reach an equilibrium where the supply meets the demand

2. few dapps and many hosts
- hosts offer computational power for less holofuel to be competitive
- more dapps are coming in the network for the cheap hosting; if too many come, more hosts will also join the network, thus increasing the computational power
- we reach an equilibrium

It's basic supply and demand law. No matter what price the holofuel is, the market adjusts so that you pay a fair price for hosting.

>How am I supposed to know that?
As long as the network is not up, the token only has speculative value. Buying now is speculating on the future computational power in the network. This is the main driving factor for the price. See pic related.

>Cancels out? how?
see this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/holochain/comments/7al0jv/questions_and_general_discussion_thread/dqp7m3v

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I figured out another way to explain this that makes more sense.
Let's say the market pushes the price of holofuel to 1$ through speculation alone before Holo is launched. At launch we realize that we don't have 180 billion dollars worth of computational power in the network, so this price is not backed by anything. The price crashes to reflect the computational power in the network.

This is the most important metric in the system.

Now if more dapps require computational power, that doesn't necessarily affect the price. If more hosts come in the network to supply the additional demand, that does increase the price.

What's important to remember is that the market can speculate on the price however it wants, but at the end of the day anyone can point the finger at the computational power in the network and see how overvalued the fuel is. Computational power is the only thing that matters and the total holofuel in circulation should always reflect this.

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you got to account for future computational power, all of crypto value is based on speculative future value

>> No.10332847

Crypto world is crazy. Got a buddy who had bought 250 BTC around $28. We all laughed at how it could one day be worth $5k. Nobody was laughing last year.

>> No.10333008

>you got to account for future computational power
yeah, but I don't think the speculative aspect will play such a big role as in other shitcoins. It will probably be something along the lines of BTC but at a smaller scale
>it costs 4-5k to mine 1 BTC and the market pushes the price by a factor of 2-3 depending on the hype
in holo i think the speculative factor will be lower than BTC because of the dynamic supply. We'll probably see it traded at 20%-50% markup over its real value depending on market conditions

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There's also no ASICs, meaning hardware can easily be repurposed. Miners will not be selling their rewards at a loss.

>> No.10333250

Is it even mined in the traditional sense? I was under the impression that people would just secure the network through raw distributed computation, maybe I'm wrong about that

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