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alright LINK frens
I'm putting together a team, a team of very dedicated and smart LINK marines that have the skills to help me dig through the endless information and connections surrounding chainlink.

If you are interested in doing serious chainlink research then send me an Email to

please put the following things in the mail.
>your skills
>how long are you researching chainlink and what connections you discovered so far
>short explanation on why you want to be part of the team
>your telegram handle so I can later add you to the group
>what you contributed so far to chainlink (official and unofficial, can also be memes etc.)

I will collect your emails and pick the brightest minds out of there, I will also send confirmations so you know you are in (or not).

>no brainlets
>no nolinkers

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Checked. Is legit.

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Hi i have added your email in every grind porn spam hell site i know

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pic related is reason why I create this group.

If you are interested in doing serious chainlink research then send me an Email to

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(ID changed because of reconnect)

the Group will be focused on digging through lots of Information and compiling it for future reference so we can uncover everything about chainlink.

pic related is only the tip of the Iceberg.

if you are interested then email me.

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Assembling a team you say?

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why? that's unproductive and stupid. after you invest there's no reason to continue playing nancy drew. you should focus on node development and how to best stake the link you've got. this endless investigation is fucking dumb.

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boomed to death

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can't you read?
it clearly says
>no brainlets

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Just sent an email. If we get all of the most powerful autists on biz together in just one telegram, imagine the stuff we will uncover

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>Just sent an email.
I didn't receive anything, you send to the right address?


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just in case:
the adress is "cl_research@yahoo.com"

the ">" is just for highlighting it.

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Lets research chainlink together
apply at:


if anyone got question about this just ask away.

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stop getting others to decide whether you believe in this project.
take the hint already and buy some, then fuck off

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>implying any of us exist

protip: You are incapable of proving your own existence.

inb4 I think therefor I am

>"I think therefor I am"
>"I think therefor I"
>"I think therefor"
>"I think"
>using unproven existence to prove existence.

Sorry to break it to you kiddo. Us philosophy majors are the ones with the big brains.

>*stinks your links*

also checksum

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I believe to 100% into the project
but we need to organize to fully uncover chainlinks potential that is buried by NDAs
I'm curious how deep the rabbit hole is

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fuck I was just there this past weekend visiting a friend in SF

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read the whitepaper then, sit patiently until mainnet.

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Staking your link is something you need to worry about so far down the line. Seriously cross that bridge when you get there.

There will be a speculative pump that I will unload my bags on all of you guys and I will buy back in on the slow climb back up when the network is actually getting used.