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I popped open a beer afterwork and read the instructions posted in LMFG. Here's my meme contribution

May the Empress bless us with fortune, wise judgement, and foresight.

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Making it is assured.

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Purify yourself so that you may bless the empress when you find her.

Baruch HaShem
Humility before the all-knowing.

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If you want to help researching chainlink and are not a brainlet please send a mail to me.
check this thread out:

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Rare for the big ChainLink
All in brother, Excited to finally make it

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please describe the work so future marines may marvel at this artistic wonder.

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Fresh OC. You're welcome

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I like it

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10 of pentacles. May you have a life of completion and much wealth

Could use a lot more symbolism

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Thanks. I spilt some beer on it, I think this is far as I can go right now. Added a chainlink moon rocket.

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sick scribbles, brother.
add sergey, fucxking that LINK bitch.

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10 of Pentacles implies the completion of a wealth cycle. This is not what we want as we haven't begun to even moon yet. The 8th and 9th of Pentacles would be better suited.

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The point is to merge existing symbols deeply embedded within the collective conscious with our dear Chainlink. The symbols introduced here explains it a lot better than I can.

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Empress symbolism explained:

You'll understand why its important to Chainlink.

Hell more people can create Empress Chainlink memes. The more the merrier I suppose.

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Ok I'm done polluting your thread.

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10 is the end goal. Generational wealth.

That said, I think that chaos magik shouldn't be tied to any one meme. It works best as new models are created and evolve. I'd like to do an entire deck themed for LINK, but i don't currently have the time.

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Beautiful meme and nice digits. Love you fren

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I respect your viewpoint and thanks for the clarification on its importance brother.

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>implying any of us exist

protip: You are incapable of proving your own existence.

inb4 I think therefor I am

>"I think therefor I am"
>"I think therefor I"
>"I think therefor"
>"I think"
>using unproven existence to prove existence.

Sorry to break it to you kiddo. Us philosophy majors are the ones with the big brains.

>*stinks your links*

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Thats the best you can do for FUD? Fud finds itself getting weaker and weaker until the point where your FUD signals an imminent moon launch.

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Another brainlet read an article about philosophy. Stop larping as phil major, you aren't fooling anyone
Nobody cares

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Wow you didn’t actually read the essays

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link $20 eoy

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>bought in at 0.19
>sold at 0.22
hodl me pls

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gtfo with that fud

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Is this a JoJo reference?

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