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>Good looking
>7 inch dong
>about to make it
>still an autistic faggot with mental issues because I was raped when I was a kid
Someone help me...

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That someone probs isn't here m8. Or any other board.

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Buy gvt

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have you tried mdma?
serious q

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buy ela

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Yeah I'd try shrooms op. Studies show it can help psychological trauma

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I am honestly very similar to your post but I realized that I control my future, I'm not letting the past definite me. As hard as it is to hear you need to sack the fuck up and move on. Do you really want to be a victim your whole life?

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No. I used to do H but im clean now. I still drink heavily.

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you and i have a lot in common
there is a fair bit of data supporting therapeutic mdma in ptsd and people who have been through sexual abuse

obviously dont take it at a party, take it at home on an empty stomach with nothing to do that day. keep paper by you to write down revelations. for your body size do 120mg with an 80mg redose at 3-4 hours in.

it wont make it go away but it will allow you to fully accept it, what it is and where to go from here. also youll probably drink a lot less after.

good luck friend.

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If you are a women, everybody is there to support you and help you. If you are a man, nobody gives a shit. World will never feel sorry for you. So find strength to become iron, and then conquer the world. There is no other way.

Also, get on carnivore diet.

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If you can’t or won’t see a shrink, try the mdma thing. If you do see a shrink try it anyway. You can’t change the past but you can decide what you do with your future and I know you can fix your mind problems with hard work.

Also DESU you probably would feel depressed and shit even if you weren’t raped and maybe are just blaming your problems on something unsolvable to excuse you from trying to stop it, but that’s less supportive.

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Dmt will change your life

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You pretty much have 10/10 genetics and are still too dumb to have a normal social life? What a fucking waste.

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This. Drinking is very bad - physically and mentally addictive. Seek professional help. Drinking is the most underrated drug problems.

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Thanks anon. I'll give it a try tommorrow. Any side effects I should look out for?

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/adv/ is down the hall, my friend.

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This. Anything like acid or shrooms in an introspective environment can help battle mental demons.

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>7 inch dong
pic or larp faggot

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how big was the dick?

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No advice just wanted to say don't worry fren. You're gonna make it.

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Im mostly fit because I swim a lot to clear my head and I box to release my anger.

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>>still an autistic faggot with mental issues because I was raped when I was a kid

I don't see what the big deal is. Lots of people are homosexuals and they live their life without it bothering them. Just go blow a dude to kill your frustrations

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This is part of your problem Anon. You skip advice and turn to substances. You were heavy into H and are clean, great job, honestly. Now you drink heavily and are going to turn to MDMA? Think about this, you are falling into the same trap and repeating earlier mistakes. Learn from what you have already done. You aren't the same person you were when younger, you won't be the same person tomorrow either. We are always changing but it's up to you and only you to decide what's next. You really need to try something else. Accept what happen and work on the person you have and will become. If you really need to try something radical I'd suggest sensory deprivation tanks. It's a common treatment for PTSD.

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just make sure you have 8-10 hours free with nothing pressing. take around 11am or so, you won't be able to sleep until midnight. if you have weed for the evening it can be helpful to get to bed.
get good rest tonight and take a multivitamin if you have it, eat healthy if you dont
its not a panacea but it will give you perspective that will be helpful. as long as you're indoors and drink a little water (which will taste amazing) youll be fine, people who hurt themselves are generally at hot festivals and get dehydrated
we wish you all the best anon, much love

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i know you mean well but this is bad advice.
there are some drugs which cover things up and numb you like H and alcohol, others that can be useful for actually changing who you are as a person when youre caught in certain thought patterns. mdma is one of them. look up the studies on it and ptsd.

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Fucking christ, don't use drugs. It's the best way to never get out of the dumpster you're in though, if that's what you're trying to do.

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He was fucking raped!

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I've only ever used responsibly at festivals or shows but I could totally see how it would help with mental trauma. MDMA is magical, unlike anything I've ever experienced. Such a positive experience. If used responsibly I advocate for everyone to try it once; I think the world would be a much better place.

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Giving an alternative to a easily abused substance to a person with addiction problems is bad advice? Seriously? I've been raped, hooked on and abused Adderall for years, tried many hallucinogens and turned to the bottle. I have been in his shoes. As harsh as it sounds in my reality what I've posted has worked for me. It's not the easiest thing to hear but that doesn't make it bad advice.

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please point to at least equivalent level evidence to support an opposing option

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have you tried chainlink?
serious q

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im sorry to hear you went though that
i dont doubt your story
if you were to look for evidence of a treatment option that would help with ptsd/sexual trauma it is hard to find better than the above
recommending an addictive drug like alcohol or heroin would certainly be bad. i did not do that.

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i agree in that i am unaware of another substance that has changed as many people for the better
yes, there are absoltuely idiots who abuse it, like any other drug
but i haven;t heard of people taking up drinking and becoming better people/improving their lives
i have heard that multiple times with responsible use of mdma in people who have suffered significant trauma

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>use gains to buy monero
>hire someone from darkweb to kidnap raper
>rape the raper

If you can't get an erection then use a pocket knife instead

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leave burgerland and say suck the past

you will never overcome unless you leave the dump this is


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Not even once

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for some reason advanced ptsd therapy with psycedelics is always with lsd in my country (we invented it). I wonder if mdma or shrooms would be a better fit for me (depression, socialphobia, ADS)

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>I'm raaaped story bait for you and money
KYS. thanks to feminism every rape sorry is fake

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its the best of all

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This. If someone raped you how can he still be alive? I never understood this mindset. It's like...someone fucks you in the ass....and you don't cut his dick off and make him choke on it? Like how can you live like that?

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fuck off, i was molested for 3 years as a child

have had 2 LTR gfs and fucked plenty of women since then
just get over it, it happened so what, worse shit will probably happen to you in the future.
funny part is being molested wasnt even the worst shit to happen to me, it was a fucking girl that really fucked me up mentally, but i got fit and im doing better about that too now

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Vigilanti Justice should be legal IF you can provide proof that it's justified. Like a hunting permit.

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Ingest MDMA.

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lost my job and hate life everyday
I think about suicide more than sex. Got on some antidepressants finally but wish I had earlier.

Never got buttraped at least lol sucks for you bro.
Srs question no homo. Do you ever have girls peg you? Just for fun and prostate orgasm and to own what happened you know. I don't but I wouldn't judge you if you did.

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Yeah I agree. I might be slightly fucked up with things like this but I only see it ending with either him or me dead. I don't see how anyone could "get over" something like that.

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thats average, why would that be a larp?

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They should honestly bring back duels in cases like this or have laws that allow family members or the victims to do anything they want to the perpetrator for one whole day without repercussions. It's honestly crazy how society nowadays protect criminals with the power of the state in some misguided form of "liberty", "acting like civilized human beings" and "freedumbs".

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This anon is right that MDMA can be
but you should take it in the presence of therapist. The therapist helps guide through a confrontation with whatever the problem might be and the MDMA makes you more open to help.

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I have recommended an alternative in sensory deprivation tanks yet that goes ignored for MDMA. Based on OPs post in this thread and willingness to try another substance as soon as it's mentioned I am doubting he will use it responsibly.

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The you that you think you are doesn't exist.

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>I was raped
story time?

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GET crystal meth

it makes it all better

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that was in the past. get over it bro. sack up

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Mdma is shit compared to ketamine as a therapy aid

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little slut

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Revenge is the only thing that keeps me going anymore. I'm biding my time in secret.

Sorry OP, it doesn't get much better. At least you have solid genetics.

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good for you anon.
this guy is right; everyone has problems. get over yourself, OP

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>drink heavily

only one of these is true, and I think I know which one it is.

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Literally go all in on ChainLink. Worst case is you still hate life but can afford to get help.

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It's not your fault, anon.

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quee r

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It's all knackered, m8. An hero ASAP because you'll never actually make it.

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>Someone help me
Mmmm, I'll help you, op. I'll help you real good. Now just sit your pretty little white ass down and open wide. Mmm, take your shirt off and rub this oil on your chest. Thats real nice

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my life is shitty but my duck is 19cm. how do you dicklets not kill themselves srsly?

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Sorry bub. I have no advice but you should talk to a trauma therapist - I have family that has and it's helped.

Do not do mushrooms etc until you can process it. It can make you better or fuck you for life

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Don't wear minecraft clothing

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>raped as a kid
Join the club

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>how do you dicklets not kill themselves srsly
By knowing that they're more intelligent and more successful than you and knowing with that money they'll find somebody that will allow them slide their micro-penis in. You should deeply consider a remedial English course, as your understanding appears to be tenuous at best.

t.18cm dicklet

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Why should I kill myself over something I can't change? Only virgins are concerned about their dick size.

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Yeah. Most autists ive met have all been molested or abused at some point in their life.

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18cm is average ur good friend

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12.9 is average

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>Wanting betas to help a natural alpha looking guy take 80% of women

Get fucked mate

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A true dicklet

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Those kind of issues require something other than external validations to heal.
Money, looks, whatever won't help soothe that pain.
You gotta speak to someone about it probably. Or get a partner that you can learn to trust.


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btw guys can you help me bump this thread to 100 posts:

guy claims insider info drop at 100

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> be beta
> help raped alpha
> he scores 10s, does blindfolds & let's you have her out of gratitude

(Would this be legal btw?)

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mh damn pls continue daddy

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Bruh. The feels. Anon, never give up. You can still seize your future. Its gonna be rough though kid

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>wasn't molested as a kid
>never buillied at school
>not ugly
>still grew up to be an autistic faggot with mental issues
how did that happen ?

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Can I suck your dick? i'm a dude though... but i'm fit and not really gay. But I sitll wanna rape you and suck your dick.

That cool?

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Take an acting class for fun. It will help you break out of your shell and socialize with others.

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Can you please green text the rape story? Did it make you turn gay?

To get better you should eat meat only (carnivore diet) and drink only water for a month. You will feel much better. Then you should take a high dose of dmt, or psilocybin. It will fix your head and your addictions

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OP take Shrooms and Molly at the same time, it’s called an MX Missle and really takes you places.

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I cant green text it because I don't remember the moments leading up to it too clearly. I do remember how it felt when he did it. Everything is just a blur tbqh

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>I do remember how it felt when he did it
Please expand a bit on this. Was it slow and nice and good, or more hard and painful?

Often the best way to get over a trauma is to go through all the details no matter how small it may seem, and share it with someone.

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> plz tell your rape story to biz and u will feel better

> Business and finance
>B U S I N E S S A N D F I N A N C E

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Look /biz/ can debatably help u make money, but do u really think any of the pajeets here are going to help u get women?

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You're going to try to get off on this

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Hey Anon,
I'm checking in late here. There's a lot of talk here about taking drugs. You can do that. I'm not saying it's dumb, but you need to talk to someone.

Mental health professionals (a good on at least), are incredible. Yes it feels weird that you're paying for it, no you cant hang out with them. But i cannot begin to tell you how amazing it is to talk to someone about your issues who is ONLY THERE TO SUPPORT AND HELP YOU.

They are not your mom, dad, brother, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or any other person in your life that has a hook in you. They are there for you and only you.

If you're apprehensive about the idea, try an app like Talk Space. You can text with someone a professional who will ONLY be there to help you.

In addition, get a meditation app. I quite like Buddify but there are many others. Do it. You will be able to handle stress so much better.

Go to the gym, or for walk, or ride a bike. The byproduct of working out is getting into great shape. The regiment will rewire your brain in such a great way that you'll be able to conquer nearly anything, especially your past demons.

It doesn't matter if you don't have friends right now. If you focus on liking yourself you will attract fantastic people from all walks of life. Every depressed person on biz should work on this. Then again, you've asked advice from a website with an astonishing amount of people who hate themselves, their life situations, the world in general, and ESPECIALLY each other.

You can do it. I promise you.

Oh and one other thing, buy Chainlink.

(you can win the game of life anon. you really can.)

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I did steroids and got fucking jacked and started drinking heavily and now I got love handles that haunt me every time I pass a mirror.

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lmao just go rape a kid and continue the cycle ull feel better immediately

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>turned to the bottle

Boomer confirmed

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At least you had sex

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same here friendo
I was a very shy kid, then I started spending all my time on video games/internet which probably prevented me from "growing out of it", and now I'm fucked up.

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A- can you get revenge?

B- stop drinking, try molly it helps with ptsd in a professional setting and you can quit drinking with lsd; again try it in a professional setting

C- switch all your vices for weed. If you're not over doing it it can help you socialize better among other things

D- know that we're unironically rooting for you broseph, get better

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unironically go to a male psychologist

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>sharing it with someone who is caring and would listen
>shaing it with the most ruthless hivemind on the internet

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Dunno what you saw on the news about that anonymous hacker guy, newfren, but in truth we always do right by our own. Well, most of the time anyway. At least some times, definitely

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Get help with actual psychologist, laid off the booze as it's actual enabler, and You will work through it.

Don't let this fucker take Your soul. Embrace Your life, and with a help from psychologist You will resolve this issue properly and move on with Your life.

When You will look back at it 15-20 years from now, in Your house with beautiful wife and kids running around, You will look back at this moment and smile, because some anon gave You the best advice in Your life.

Don't let him take Your soul.

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I will fucking rape you again. Throw you up against a wall and smash your head into the bricks while i pull your pants down and shove my girthy 9" dick up your dry asshole. Fucking you with every inch til bloods pooled all around the ground. All the while calling you a fucking faggot whilst ravaging you.

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6'3 tall and 7 inch dong is pretty lel desu
I'm 5'11 and 7 inch and I still feel small dongd' :^[

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File: 730 KB, 1240x1332, Screenshot 2018-07-15 17.34.19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck off rape-y

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>About to make it

Hack eet.

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Don't sweat it op, you got raped but its over now. Just live your life, it happend. Your ass got jizzed in. Just move on.No one knows about it and no1 wil know about it.

>> No.10317618

i'm really, really fucking sorry for you. you should really seek comfort with friends and/or with a woman you really trust in order to continue to live. that, and of course, professional help.

no matter how you try to cope with this just by yourself, the trauma is probably just beyond your control. seek professional help. they know the shortcuts in order for you to continue living your life

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Stop Drinking. It never helps.

Anon is right though. Get a shitload of mdma. Worked for me too. You need to to take it with a purpose, and get through your shit.

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The fuck up.

Look at the normative data. If you're going to make some shit up, at least know what you're talking about.

You can't be in the 99th percentile and say "I still feel small dongd'"

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therapists are vastly overrated.

He can work through his own shit. He just has to work at it.

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>"im good looking"
>posts pic
>it's a 6

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>Business & Finance

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OP is a larping faggot

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The thing about rape is you have to pay it forward.

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