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I consulted with an experienced occultist for some guidance on real symbolism which will aid in influencing the fabric of reality for the benefit of Chainlink and the development/adoption of the project (will clearly help token holders as well).

It was agreed that Chainlink has memetic properties and holds a lof a fanfare and autism. Which can clearly be tapped into.

The collective energy we have dedicated pro or against the coin has a contributed to LINK reaching near egregore-level consciousness. Whether or not this result was deliberate or no is besides the point. The energy is there.

I've noticed the Chainlink Memes are good, and some have tapped into real energy. I'm not a designer nor do I have the time to actually create the memes. My purpose is opening Pandora's box:

I was told the right symbols to incorporate in the construction of some memes which will have noticeable effects are the following:

Nine of Coins Tarot imagery--Taps into the coming into wealth, confidence, self-sufficiency, development, and maturity.

The Empress tarot--rightful governance, dominion over growing things, and abundance.

The Wheel of Fortune-- represents change in one's life, change/improvement of one's position in life.

Cube symbolism and Saturn--controls our collective shared conception of reality.

Cube within a cube symbolism--taps into the conscious imagery of Chainlink and Saturn (meta-meme).

Writers should expound on the actual benefits of corporations and banks saving around $12 billion in operational expenses leveraging blockchain middleware. Use technical depth and lead the reader to re-imagine a new business reality. The prospect at least. No heavy shill.

It was explained to me that the memes must incorporate elements which impacts people on the subconscious level and it should be coupled with good conscious info.

We're on our way boys. Using the above info will alter reality for us in a potentially life-altering way. Our energy is powerful.

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don't forget digits

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$1000 EOY

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I believe "synchronicity" is just the combined power of natural chaos and group visualization.
This positive Linky thought, at its core, is not forced. It is a reflection of anons' confidence in the core ideals of this project, and it's a reflection of Sergey's own confidence in his business proposition, and the beauty of it all is the very fact that our own participation bolsters the Chainlink network.
Read that again. When we meme, we spread this token far and wide. There is video of Sergey being asked how he’d get this off the ground, and he said verbatim “I’ll probably just make a meme of it.” We are literally the marketing department for the most corporate AND decentralized implementation of oracles yet.
Remember when Rory said he’d drop the hi res logo to his marketing dept? It showed up on /biz/ immediately.
How many devs capable of running a node browse 4chan? We are the ones they need. True decentralization is the value of blockchain. Without an open playing field, permissionless to participate in, we don’t have true decentralization. Not to say the big guys won’t be involved (the fucking connections, srsly?), and when they see that it SAVES AND MAKES THEM MONEY businesses won’t be able to say no. Monetary incentivisation via the God protocol.
So yes, 4chan are the nerds that deserve this.
>ChainLink is /ourcoin/.

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VERY NICE. Holy shit top quality meme.

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It was foretold centuries ago

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just to be clear, it's supposed to be a read only group right?
there's nowhere where I can actually communicate or contribute my findings?

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My good KEK this is amazing. Almost makes me cry with it's beauty. We are truly blessed. Good work Marine!

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Yeh it’s a channel not a chat group. The chat groups on telegram for link are pretty cancerous desu. Maybe someone could start one that’s not completely fucked. There’s a discord one that’s not so cancerous. CdSygY4

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you need to join Seal Of Secrecy Club right now.

We do magic, self improvement, health, occult, and of course CRYPTO!

d1sc0rd c0de : g/FXfJqwW

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channel the occult chainlink power

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that's ::::::::::: FXfJqwW