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Is "muh bitcoin ETF" the new "wallstreet bonuses" / "chinese new year" type of hyping event to get fools into buying bags and dumping on them as soon as the news is announced?

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The fuck is a etf nigga

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Idk if you know what an ETF is, but there is only one outcome when they become available for new asset classes.

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learn to use google you dumb fuck

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Of course, what do you think?

>BTC pumps 8% with nearly no volume after 7 month bear market
> muh bull run

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yo what is this ''google'' homie?

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So its an exchange traded fund. No thanks to >>10300963

Still don't get what that means tho. Bitcoij already trade on exchanges

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no, on 10th August there is some event and people are writing comments on SEC website and shit. Probably won't happen, but if it did, stocks people would be able to trade crypto through their brokers

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Basically ETFs make it easier for the financial system to control the price of real goods and services by manipulating the paper price.

Remember, banks have infinite liquidity - they print their own money. ETFs allow banks to buy into the future profits of Bitcoint without ever actually owning any bitcoin or pushing up the price. It also allows them to decide which currencies are "safe" and allowed to be a part of the ETF and which ones are "criminal" and thus excluded.

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this is pretty much garbage.

the proposed bitcoin ETF is essentially a fund that owns, insures, and secures the underlying asset, bitcoin, and divides ownership of the asset among investors.

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this post*
just to clarify

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Never give up your dreams.

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Can you imagine though? Going out and strutting your stuff knowing you can control any thirsty yellow fever whiteboi.

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get off this board

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with every day we stray further from biz

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The current ETF proposal mentions owning actual Bitcoin. This is not just another futures garbage ETF.

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So it let's institutions buy and sell bitcoin? How is this different from them just buying off an exchange?

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they don't have to manage the physical storage and maintenance of the digital wallets, security is provided by CBOE and it's all insured, imo if you're not planning on using btc as an actual means to trade then I'd be trading all my BTC into ETF CBOE BTC funds for the simple reason that its insured, and I don't need to worry about some gook stealing my shit

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>posts on business and finance board about how ETF will affect bitcoin
>doesn’t know what an ETF is

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The end goal is to steal all BTC from plebs, then deafult on unpayable debt and accept BTC as world reserve currency. You are left holding worthless bags of fiat while (((they))) continue being elite.

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>muh volume

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Yes institutions want an etf, they dont want anything to do with these unregulated coin markets that get "hacked" and such. But there have been etn sertificates and futures long time already etf is not a big deal

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I have 0 of either so it makes no difference.

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huh? wat board am i on?

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It's not going to be an ETN in Sweden's wild west exchange, an OTC "trust" that can't legally correct its NAV, or futures that don't touch the commodity. This is for a 200K per share, commodity holding, OTC-based, North American instrument.

This is needed as a test run before retail is allowed in. If it's allowed and it goes well, the price will run and the news cycles will build enough mania to add retail liquidity in time for the institutions to cash out.

Also, ETFs got denied early in January 2018 and look what the fuck happened. The market was being juiced for an eventual hand off but things got risky when the ETF status put the clear path to profits in limbo. The last 2 quarters have been derisking for what will hopefully be restarted by this.

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No, it's more like what happened last year with bitcoin futures. You know, the thing that made bitcoin skyrocket from $3k to $20k within a couple months?