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Assblaster is probably dead, he leaked too much.

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>leaked too much
literally everything was wrong or bullshit

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Got his ass blasted

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assblaster is fake and if you still think he is real you are gonna lose it all

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Gotta eat more fiber.

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Anyone who thinks he was anyone but a larper is a moron.

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VEN and ICX were his bluechips kek

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Not just that. He listed REQ as well and the other flavors of that particular month. I mean god damn dude how desperate were linkies to listen to that moron?

Though honestly I would personally like to believe it was Sergey getting his revenge by torturing the Linkies for ruining his project. But that is just an idle daydream.

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Literally not ONE of his predictions was right or even remotely close to being right. Just his fancy words and long paragraphs made him look smart.

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He never endorsed REQ, liar.

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Yes really, those 2 wall of text are just an educated guess which is a given to anyone who can put two and two together, the only real thing at hand there is explaining it thoroughly in simple terms which is enough to impress the guillible brainlets of /biz/

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For something written 5 months ago now at the beginning of the cryptopocalypse, seems pretty fucken spot on.

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He absolutely did. It was one of his blue chips.

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First, it isn't spot on, 3/4 of all he wrote is just mindless filler like muh rumors muh connections. Second, just as he said, it really is simple game theory, extremely simple as a matter of fact, the most baffling thing is that you and many others consider that kind of insight impressive

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he did faggot

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hes not wrong, just his price predictions were, i know.

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If it's so simple then why aren't you shilling your Mobius bags in such an eloquent manner Prakesh?

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Tell me ONE thing which was correct.

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The part where you flush yourself.

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I don't care about your shitcoins feud, don't get emotional after someone points out facts

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no, cant do that

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I know you faggots want to believe he was real
But he said he sends monero to a trezor
Which isn't possible
Confirmed LARP

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The fact the you don't care is fictional, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation Rajeesh

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Linkies are going to be doing so much mental gymnastics that they will be convinced he is from the future because Monero is going to be on Trezor soon.

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choose one

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this is half of why I invested in link. Anyone who witnessed the election understands. Meme magic is fucking real. We’re gonna make it lads.

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Assblaster only appealed to brainlets who will sell their LINK as soon as it hits $5 anyway.

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Literally everyone I know who wanted bitcoin or other crypto got it fairly easy. Even 60 year old females not knowing shit about it. The rest is just storytelling you can't confirm or deny, so I call bullshit on that larper

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