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Is that they are built with the idea that someday someone somewhere might want to use their little thing. This is why most are unsuccessful. They are trying to cram blockchain into an already existing paradigm as if it would be a perfect fit, but as we can see form dApp usage, it's obviously failing because nobody uses any of the completed dApps.

Take the largest successful crypto, Bitcoin. It started with an idea, a decentralized digital currency. The mechanism to make this possible, the blockchain, was then created in order to create the original idea, a decentralized digital currency.

Now everyone is trying to use the blockchain for things it's not necessarily designed to be used for, and it's not working at all. People would be better off if they would do the Satoshian method of having the idea first and then creating a mechanism to facilitate that idea so that it is a unique solution for that idea. See what I mean?

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What is with this frog's teeth?

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Yeah dude, you got it all figured out with that expert analysis

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He's deformed

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Born with them I guess

Thank you man, I appreciate it. Who is that character in that picture?

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And if you wait to buy in after they are already widely adopted and their use cases are fully realized and utilized then you are too late to make money off of it. Please leave /biz/ or lurk more before contributing shit quality we have enough pajeets already ruining this board.

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The sarcasm of this just made me kek

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I know I've been shilling this a lot lately, but Fomo3D is literally a great example of the potential of dApps. Buying keys is essentially betting that human's are greedy by nature and profitting off that.

Here is the pasta:

For anyone who still doesn't know, it's like a lottery style pyramid scheme. You deposit ETH into a smart contract in exchange for KEYS. Your ETH goes into a pool. YOU CANNOT SELL YOUR KEYS SO YOUR ETH IS GONE FOREVER. The only way to make your money back is from dividends which you receive from those who buy KEYS after you. There is also a 24 hour timer, and once it runs out, the last person who bought KEYS before the timer reached 0:00:00 gets to take home the pot. Currently there is 850 ETH in the pot. The catch is that everyone who buys KEYS adds time to the timer. Some anon did the math and there needs to be at least 120 KEYS purchased per hour to keep the timer at the maximum. At the moment there is something like 6,000 KEYS purchased per hour so we are not even close to worrying about the timer expiring yet.

There is obvious potential here. The longer this game goes the more dividends you will get. I have about 3k KEYS and that ends up to being around $150 (0.3 ETH) every 3 days at the current rate, which has been slow due to the high gas prices. Also, the shilling to normies hasn't even started yet. The 850 ETH in the pool is strictly from /biz/ and the guys in the discord. IT IS STILL VERY EARLY. This game has the potential to provide a steady income for those who get in early, and I suggest that you DYOR because the potential here is massive. Even if you don't use my ref link, I recommend that you don't dismiss this opportunity.


Basically the higher the pot gets, the more likely it is that the game will keep going. The pot right now is 864 ETH, which is more than $300,000. If the timer was about to expire 99% of the people on biz would be buying keys right now for a chance to win.

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Yes we all know it's a meme. That's why we're just trying to make money and GTFO