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Nah that was about it. I rode it to 13.03 but back in around 12.45

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Dreaming it won’t drop below the down trend. People need to hedge there Ven losses somewhere and why not somewhere they will get free money in a few days!

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I think that was some buy back for the burn honestly. The market buys were quite impressive.

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Been monitoring BNB/BTC pair for a few days, Tradingview started to go crazy with their memelines yesterday. This will go much higher.

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I think there’s a serious risk of getting hit with two drops in a row if you do that

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This is basically gambling. BNB has high volatility (among all crypto) and expecting to catch a trend is nothing more than speculation. Stop the addiction.

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same as all crypto*

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100% manipulated, all the way from launch last year. But since January, BNB has been making me the most money. Just set your stops, have reasonable targets and don't become a eternal bag holder.

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The TD Indicator 15min has been perfect, we are currently getting a 1-4 candle correction before we attempt to break resistance of $13.40.

The indicator gave a perfect 8-9 but setup only hours ago! Binance played this well for traders to moon the coin on an already good setup.

I bought before the news and have set my stop losses just under the down trend.

Pumps and fomo are fine as long as the moment your order fills you place a SL

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What news?

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Cz post

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??? Link?

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>buy the pump

Sure. How new or retarded are you faggots? Stop trying to bait others into buying your bags. Also inb4 random shit excuse.

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What pump faggot? It's up a whopping 5%, you call this a pump?

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Do you know what the burn does to the price? You have to be holding to get flushed supplied price increase!

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The coin has not typically performed well during the burn dates and after.

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LMFAOOOOOOOO at buying BNB now
the pump is gone
its dropping now

you will be holding bags now

people who bought sub 200k sats made it.

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It will when it’s below the weekly trend

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When burn usually happens?

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Yall fudders about to get wrecked EOY binance market cap is gonna be 5 billion easy. That's 5x in 7 months.

Stay poor fudders and bears.

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Literally one of the least volatile coins, you deluded idiot

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This coin doesn’t bart. It does bleed sometimes but it doesn’t dump large amounts in short times.

However, It’s two biggest pumps were in lightning fast timeframes.

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Its probably CZ buying coins to burn.

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It was, but the timing is different each time. This time it is really close to the burn.

People sell the news in crypto so I’m skeptical. We shall see.

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>Just set your stops, have reasonable targets and don't become a eternal bag holder.
Solly whitu boi, Binance frash upglade in plogless!
nevel folget: fundus ale SAFU - you'rr get 10 cents for evely bitcoln you rost

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Is 3% reasonable? Where do you have yours?

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funds are not safu

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I stand correct.

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Here we go closed over that resistance and move up!

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As I said it would bounce off the down trend.

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dip happened because of btc upswing you fucking genius