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>we are announcing that we may be announcing the addition of new crypto currencies in our exchange.

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>stay tuned for the release date of when our announcement for the coins we are considering will be announced

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Get in the apollo airdrop, faggot. Literally your last chance to get 3000 of the next ETH for nothing.


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>z cash is a cutting edge privacy coin
>we may only allow withdraws and deposits with transparent zcash addresses

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>>we are going to pump some massive pieces of dogshit on our exchange and then trading will suddenly stop

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>while Ethereum classic is similar to Ethereum we may have to seek approval from local regulators for the other coins
>they may not immediately be available in all jurisdictions

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>While Cardano’s Computation Layer (CCL) is not yet live, the project has published long-term roadmaps, has shipped working software, and appears to have a growing community.

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>we are also exploring other erc20 assests and May make another announcement of a possible announcement

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>deeper partnership discussions!

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