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>Smart contracts are the applications of the next generation of financial market infrastructure
>Any software application can model that same behavior, but if it is not running on a decentralized system, then it cannot also serve as a single source of truth for an entire financial market.
>but if it is not running on a decentralized system, then it cannot also serve as a single source of truth for an entire financial market.
>chainlink is a decentralized system running smart contracts

>Sergey follows Adam Krellenstein on twitter

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nice gets itt

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This retard thinks “dollar bills” are decentralized too. Christ.

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and this retard develops Software for Vanguard, a company managing trillions of dollars in assets.


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He also left being a VP at J P Morgan. Makes you think how big this will all be.

Riccardo Abbate, check his linked in. Currently trying to match faces of anyone on the symbiont team to this photo

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Also third row there’s the woman and the guy doing hand gestures like a money symbol. And her shirt says Cash. Makes you think. This is what pre rich must feel like

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Seriously was this photoshopped? Half the people look like they weren't there and were shopped in using profile pictures.

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No, but you're not the only one to think that lmao. This is on Twitter as well

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looks like it

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get a load of this hillbilly! he doesn't even know what a deep fake is. oh this is too cute. you're definitely making it into my diary tonight, bud.

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some of the heads have full shadows and are larger then they should be

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Here is the Twitter link

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This seems like the perfect correspondent to become a chainlink node. Watch the 2 minute video.

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You're right if you look closely this shit is shopped as fuck.
Look at the outlines of all these people.

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they attended Synchronize 2018 (same as those niggas >>10261842) where Szabo and Juels talked

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what if its all a huge scam!

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This guy runs ipreo and look is that Cornell. All these companies are based out of New York. What the fuck.

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the guy in front of sergey is the fucking worst, how did he manage to catch 0 of the light on his face. and the guy two to his left. What the actual cunt

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That’s huge. So Ipreo would be a node operator then since they scrape so much data from international trades no?

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i cant get past that. how is that possible

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What kind of turd burglar spends xer Friday night arguing about deep fake ICP Tweeter posts? All those nerds really weren't standing on some stairs at a university no one has heard of. Don't buy LINK goyim, Hitler has just been spotted in Buenos Aires in a hot air balloon!

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+150 comment thread

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They definitely have some thoths working there just creeped their Instagram . Financial company having an insta... Christ lol . Found nothing of importance.

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My theory is they photoshopped in a couple people weren't able to make it to the photo op, real lazy editing though

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Ya called it with them dubs

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currently digging into
since they also attended Synchronize 2018 and seem to be very interested in "Industry 4.0".

if anyone wants to do some digging I recommend going through the list of attendees of Synchronize 2018.
just look what kinda companys were interested in listening to Ari Juels and Nick Szabo talking about Smart Contracts.



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Thanks, I’ll crush it when I get home.

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I didn't see it in context but they kinda are? Compared to debit/credit. People are paid under the table all the time, both avoid taxes. Business give cash discounts. Drug dealers don't take CC's.

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real cool stuff in it m8
>The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) is an American post-trade financial services company providing clearing and settlement services to the financial markets. It performs the exchange of securities on behalf of buyers and sellers and functions as a central securities depository by providing central custody of securities.

pic related, these dudes from dtcc also listened to our boys Ari & Szabo.

check what they write about that SWIFT standard

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>ctrl + f Chainlink
>0 results

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no doubt that all of them are aware of chainlink, chainlink solves many problems for them and creates the base for all kinds of smart contracts.
Its amazing how everyone avoids talking about the elephant in the room.

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like this guy

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Wow, some fat fuck knows about a token made by another fat fuck. They probably exchanged business cards over big macs.

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Fuck, this picture is chock full of some of the most ugly people I have ever seen. Is this who we have been giving ICO funds to?

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the more autistic they look the more it is likely that they actually deliver.

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nope, it's much more than that but clearly you missed the memo.

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I dunno. It looks photoshopped. That Asians dome is too huge.

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I found the LinkMarine

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>chanlunk |$1Meoy

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It's shadows from some kind of beams or columns that go in front of the glass window letting the light in, I assume. Notice the yellow shirt guy has part of it over him, follow that shadow down to the front. Look further back at Pajeet in the maroon shirt, he has half the shadow covering him also. Some of these niggas have big ol' bobble heads while others have small rat faces so it messes with the perspective too.
>t. link detective

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how did they manage to their entire face covered when no one near them has any shadow on them....
>try harder watson

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