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Maybe next time you'll listen. We told everyone to buy BAT yesterday and even changed the entire fucking group to BAT Marines



What more do you want? Some of you listened and made money. Next time pay closer attention. Or stay poor I really don't give a fuck

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I did buy yesterday thank you thank you thank you

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pump & dump > FUCK OFF

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Fuck I thought for sure you retards were larping

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Still time to FOMO in

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thank you for the tip based BAT anon. I joined and also bought 100k BAT yesterday

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Link marine group is a bunch of cancer, always annoying shit getting pinned and everyone inside is pure cancer.

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You sound like a fucking pussy

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hahahaha fuck you faggot. Stay poor

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how does reading your cringe in that cancerous group would make me any richer?

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if u peel back the curtain youd realize there are actual insiders in that group. OG bizraelis. they try to fool u with misdirection and shitposting

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bunch of useless homos in there, thats all I seen.

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why would I be poor you dumb shit? I'm all in chainlink

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>all in chainlink


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and you call yourself a Link marine?

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buy bat sirs

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Can you give us some more buy tips please??

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Buy more bat

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right here

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Been in bat since last september. Feeling pretty good as im 3x initial investment even down from the peak.

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This is a really, really strong coin and if you don't have at least 1k BATs you are doing it wrong

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