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How is there not one thread about a legit DAPP releasing on Ethereum?


You can make markets, trade, and get fees by staking REP right now. You can short and long shitcoins and even make a market to do it and charge fees for it.

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Biz is literally retarded

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Isn't it only for predicting future events? Wow

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ETH doesn’t scale so no one cares

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Yes brainlet the same thing blackrock uses for forecasting

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Looks like a minefield. Spontaneous gambling opportunities should draw the cryptokiddies like flies now that the action has stopped. I can't figure it.

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Daniel Fucking Larimer is one of the unhealthiest/odd-looking dudes ive ever seen. Hes smart as fuck thats for sure, but i can see he completely disregards his health/looks for that.

TLDR; Larimer looks like a fucking ghoul

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There are markets where you can short Fomo3D

I just would've figured /biz/ people would've made markets predicting Sergey Brinn's death or Tron going to $10k by now.

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That face has "i fuck small animals" all over it.

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Because even tho it had a multimillion USD ICO it still get's bested by a literal scam dapp in terms of volume, users and balance.

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It's not easy. It's only for winx and mac and you need parity AND it has to fucking sync AND you need eth and rep tokens.

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