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Ever wished you were one of those NWO bankers like the Rotschilds? Ambrosus literally allows you to make money out of thin air. If you buy AMB now, congratulations, welcome to the elite investors high IQ club

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I already bought now when is mainnet

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You seriously fell for this shit? How stupid are you?

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Yes I fell for the ex-united nations dude who flys all over the world doing multiple conferences every week and the working sensors and the testnet activity.
I did indeed. Now when's the launch?

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You literally shit in the street today

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>Retire on my masternode

Good luck with that Anon

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End of July!!!

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Modums dividends will be greater

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MODumbs think they are getting "dividends"

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Coordinated shill is obvious. Go impale yourself on a nigger's dick and then use the gape to tucj yourself with your fucking donald fuck you fucking moron. Go suck dicks on reddit. That's where the gullible fags are. They'll believe your gay pajeet shit.

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