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The money isn't coming back, anon.

The crash was 6 months ago.

You cant just let it continue to eat away at you like this.

It's time to let go. Please.

...I'm sorry

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Fuck it I'm out.

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he tethered, pump eet.

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>Small bear trap in 15 year bull market
>gets trapped instantly

Kys lmao

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I'm a poorfag who took 4 years saving up to $10k USD.

Now I'm down to almost $5k somehow since October. Feel like I've failed everyone.

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>he didn’t sell the bull trap

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I was waiting for "confirmation".

Got cucked by TA youtubers who always string you along telling you to wait to see what's going to happen next before you make your move. Man I feel like an idiot, putting my life in the hands of some bottom-feeder clickbait assholes.

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First hard lesson i learned in this shit is that TA is a big fat meme.
No one can predict the next move, nearly every TA pointer can look green, and yet you will only see red dildos because some whale club decided to trap everybody and short the shit out of them.

This was the golden ticket to get rich quick, alright. It just wasnt ours.

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>bull market
thanks just bought 1

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That's what happens when you don't set stop losses and dont know anything about risk management.
Trading > dumbly hodling.

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