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Mainnet is right around the corner lads...

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Looks like garbage

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Check em...€1000 EOY

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Really missing that capital L

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that is the default splash page for AngularMaterial lmfao

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>we shouldn't know about Link
>listed on Binance

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I miss the old Link

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I know the feeling :/

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So This Is The Power Of $32,000,000,000
Just Bought 100k.

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Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having
Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all your focus and attention onto your breathing
iiiiiiiinnnn.................... ooooooooooooouuuut

good. Do this for a few minutes, then -
VISUALIZE yourself becoming rich through your LINK investment
ANTICIPATE the things you will buy with your new found abundance of wealth
IMAGINE as though it is all happening now in the present moment, for the present moment is all that truly exists
FEEL the way you will FEEL when that moment comes and you make it!

Now open your eyes, look in a mirror, and recite these affirmations (use/add your own that is relevant to the reality you want to create once you make it)
It's important to do this when you wake up and before you go to bed, but do it as often as possible. Also hold the image and idea of us making it and LINK being worth $1,000 or more in your mind as you fall to sleep.

I love you all

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What substantial evidence do we have that mainnet is close

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These dubs

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the problem is LINK holders are lazy, mouth breathing, big mac eating, disabled, faggots

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You can’t just ask for dubs

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Yes u can. Check em.

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Yeah, and I heard they even steal from Wal Mart to avoid spending money so they can buy more Link. I think I heard about it on CNN or somewhere. Crazy times.

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It is the hexagon or the 3D cube. The Saturn Sabbatean Frankists Satanists want this to succeed to further their plans. This is just one more step in their plan for the NWO, ironically a bunch of neo nazis/white supremacists will also profit. Strange times

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Holy abahahahahahahhahha this is one of the best LINK memes

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Building the login page is generally one of the last steps from what I understand. It truly shows how serious the team is about delivering something outstanding. Any faggots can make a flashy website with outlandish claims and no product to back them up. This team did the exact opposite. I love this project more and more each day.

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The final battle over earth will be fun

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I don't know what to think of LINK, still waiting for Dan Lok to comment on it.

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Still waiting for Sergey to say anything at all... or burp, or something....

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In our defence, autistically researching a blockchain middleware project and forming the vanguard of a right wing revival in a centuries old struggle between gods chosen and the goyim is a fucking lot easier than going to a bar and talking to real life women.

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buy the hype sell the news.
buy the syscoin. sell the link

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Kek compared to standard b2b software is beautiful

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hello darkness my old fren

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Sometimes I wonder if the team is autistic enough. Either way I'm all in.

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Thomas fidgeted the edges of his napkin as he looked at the camera man and told us he would not be comfortable with doing a video report for VICE. He was interested into telling his story, but would rather have it published in textual form. "They do all kinds of stuff with the videos. Edit it, put other sound underneath it and it looks realistic you know". And indeed, a quick search on YouTube quickly reveals all kinds of creative content regarding Chainlink. From custom made songs to cleverly edited movie trailers with Nazarov playing the protagonist.

What started as an inside joke, grew into disastrous proportions. "They all find out eventually" Thomas said, whilst his frustration is noticeable. "From prospective clients, to strategic partners. They do some due diligence and the Photoshopped material, edited videos and other content is presented to us". The meetings which follow were considered awkward. Fancy men sitting in suits with printed out pictures of Sergey Nazarov posing as Jesus Christ or him in explicit poses with Asian prostitutes. "You know how awkward that is? Even though Sergey does his best to act as professional as he can in those situations, it is not enough".

The crux in all of this is that they didn't mean to have such a negative effect on Thomas and his colleagues their business. 4chan, especially its random category titled "/b/" is notorious for destroying that what they deem unfit to their questionable morals. But this time, it is not /b/ but the /biz/ subsection of 4chan, which describes itself as being about "Business & Finance". "If they knew anything about doing business they would know this hurts us more than it does good", Thomas adds.

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>not understanding how crypto works
>talking about crypto

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IF LINK doesn't moon this week I will KMS

i really can't take it anymore

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Why rebrand when you unironically have the best logo in crypto already

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To reduce the meme-ability.

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kek can you still remember all those transaction codes, the shitty service packs their lack of decent support haha

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kvetsh my shlockmeister?

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Me too

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If anything we are helping the big players by keeping normies out of LINK.
They should welcome the memes

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I saw this fud in the other thread
Can anyone refute?

Not particularly a link fud but more a general smart contracts fud.
I'm with Jimmy on this one.

The moment you solve the oracle problem, which I'm sure chainlink will do, you are essentially moving the goal post and moving the single point of failure further back.

How do you get api into the chainlink network? Sensors that provide api cannot be decentralized to the extent chain link nodes are decentralized. Sure you can have competing companies provide their own sensors to send the real world data, but that's not decentralized enough and much more susceptible to a 51% attack.

>Inb4 read the white paper and learn about link tokenomics
I already did.
This encourages people staking their link in their nodes to find a good data provider so that your nodes retain good reputation.
Fine... Let say that company x consistently provided good data for many many months. You, as a node runner, would get company x's data because they have consistently provided you correct data and therefore yoy are more likely to be rewarded in link (see passive income).

Suppose you stake 1000k worth of link in the node as collateral. Suppose you chose company x as your data provider because they've been good to you. What if there was a bad actor in that company who collaborated with the right people and interfered with the development of a sensor ( let say added a backdoor) and during this critical moment, provided the incorrect data? What happens to the 1000k worth of stinky linkes you staked in the node? It's all gone...

This is why I say solving the oracle problem is NOT ENOUGH for smart contracts to be adopted by mega corps who literally put billions on the line.

My estimate is 10usd max per token by 2022

Protip: you cant

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They haven't asked us to stop so, in part, they probably do. The rebrand places just a bit more distance between them and here though.

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New tasks were added to pivot tracker today as well. Most of them having to do with UI and developing their webpage. This is telling as it says to me the consensus and aggregation is probably already done in a private repo otherwise the focus would be on that. They're simply putting the finishing touches on this project.

Main net is so close i can almost taste it.

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I'll start considering that come October. Main net should be out or at least have a concrete date set by then.

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I think we are over estimating guys, i mean how much do you "really know" can you get a node up and running? do you know how all this is going to be actually implemented? have any of you actually tested on ropsten? is linkpool.io safe? idk.

I bought link because i dont see how smart contracts can have any value if they can not communicate with real world data feeds. I do not understand how any of this will end up changing the world if we can not take it beyond tokenization.

but then i read this:
>The pure delusion. You retards actually think you have fundamentally analyized link and are some sort of elite investor. You know about link because its been shilled to fucking death on this shitty board with terrible infographics and extremely far reaching claims with no evidence. I guarantee none of you have actually even tried to use the testnet or have even considered the token economics at play here. The testnet is a peice of trash centralized (it uses one source) API scraper that uploads data into a non self executable smart contract. A fifteen year old could write the code to do this, it tests nothing envsioned in the whitepaper. Now for the token economics 35% of the total supply is in the hands of Sergey himself. The top 100 wallets control 85% of the supply of this coin. Your investment can be quite literally wiped out overnight without a moments notice. Going all into this project is probably one of the stupidest things you can do with your money but retards like you keep lining up thinking you are the next Warren Buffet. Chainlink is so far from a sure thing.

and it really brings me back down to earth because i realize im a complete fucking idiot.

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yeah I'm totally going to take a contract that takes all my collateral link if it fails

risking 1million link for a 10link paymen... fucking biz

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and now you know why people call you a hay seed.

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Shut up Cryptowski

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He does have a point though, if the contract is high value, it would make sense to put down 1m worth of links because the returns would be massive

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the collateral will never be higher than the reward
there will be plenty of contracts without penalties

you're supposed to get your APIs from reliable sources, th3e source also benefits from giving accurate data, or else people stop using it

AND finally, if bloomberg wants to offer data he could do it himself, no need to sell it to someone so he can sell it on his node
so why would it benefit from sabbotaging himself?

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Are you saying your global Jewish conspiracy views are not popular with the young women? Who could have foreseen this. Def blame the jews for that one

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i guarantee that when the reputation system is revealed it wont use LINK as collateral in the way you expect. i suspect it will utilise some network reinforcement effect, and use LINK as the price that contractors pay for using the chainlink oracle.

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i don't just remember them, i live them to this day

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Is Sergey a virgin? Is he homosexual or heterosexual ?

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Heterosexual Christian. He's fucked a few times but regrets it and is waiting to be satisfied with his professional accomplishments before finding a good woman and making tons of children.

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Heterosexual couch surfing butt fucking CHAD.

Check ‘em.

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I heard he found it pretty Boring the last time.

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read a bunch of russian philosophy books and you may start to understand the mind of a sergei

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Whether roasties like talking about the jews or not does not detract from the fact we are at war.

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Why he’s hair is like homosexual man?

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I genuine hope you find something else, SAP is one of the biggest software memes ever. Give it 5-10 years.

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I don't know what you mean.

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Do you think he told them about the oracle problem?

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I'm not sure, why do you shit in the street?

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i need to get out a meet people. i wish i had more of a life than i do. this is why im all in with 100k link. i just want to make it.

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fucking chad

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Sounds pretty outrageous that the code quality would be that bad considering Ari Juels and Swift, and Cornell. That pretty much guarantees decent quality.

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That guy isn't some seer dude. The fact is we all know link is a longshot, it's a promising longshot, its risky, and most of all it's basically an all or nothing scenario. Big investors wouldn't touch this, that much is true because of how risky it is.

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holy shit thats awesome

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The nodes simply take data from multiple sources.

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gods be good... he's an ultrachad

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>he knows a lot of “special” places

>> No.10211432

oy bubbulah it's because go whichever way the wind blows

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Sergey has ascended beyond the need for sexual pleasure. If you were here in October you'd know that edging is a cornerstone of the SmartContract.com company. There is no hype, only energy spent towards working on the product. In fact edging was what Sergey focused on for his Philosophy degree. This explains why partnerships are being kept secret and the suddenness of the inevitable singularity. When the singularity happens, be sure to open the Citizen app if you live in the SF bay area and look for an incident titled "office building flooded with semen" as Sergey et al will no longer be able to contain themselves. Sergey will blow the biggest load though as he's expressed a greater propensity of a hard on for decentralization. In fact in his interviews the first word Sergey says to candidates is "decentralization." No sentences or words around it. He looks intensely at their crotch, and if the candidate doesn't get wet or hard in 30 seconds the candidate is rejected.
With this information the reasoning is clear: a significant partnership has been secured, and the smartcontract team has been vigorously doing laundry or buying new underwear. This isn't sustainable however because the massive volume of pre cum will ruin the dry cleaning machines. It's only a matter of time until the laundromats find out whats going on. Hence it is a race against ejaculation, and a rigorous mental battle to keep their enthusiasm in check.

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It is because I am fucking your mother pussy on street and she is liking when shit is on her.

>> No.10211660

He is a pedophile and a rich one. . .

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Op from that Fus general and creator of this jpeg with jimmy chong.

That collage of idiocy by that chink was made for pure sarcastic reasons.

1. Bitcoin is heavily manipulated
2. Not decentralized
3. Companies such as mining companies control it
4. He knows whats coming with smartcontracts,and BTC cant follow it so he makes garbage posts like this to stay relevant
5. Clear agenda to shill BTC and remain BTC educator

That chink knows less about smartcontracts than average LINK marine from biz.

I creates that thread to laugh at Fud, and if someone startes his post with agreement to that chink, i stopped reading and wont read that wall of text.

Let them waste their time and energy. Couldnt give less fucks about link fud.

Link will be top 10 by end of the year.

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You’re fucking retarded if you expect LINK to solve the issue of a single IOT device failing to send out data. All LINK can do is programmatically tell you that the sensor is down because multiple trusted oracles cannot connect to the device. Lol. At least the contract can figure out on its own what the problem is and act on it. Perhaps invoke another insurance policy for faulty sensors.

Software never provides perfect solutions. Trade offs are inherent to building software.

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God, I hope so

>> No.10211769

lol. for your sake, i hope this is a larp

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>> No.10211949

If you don’t have the technical know how to try out the testnet, this article does a good job explaning what can be done on it.

Nodes are not incorporated in the testnet, ethereum contracts do not self execute, data is sourced from ONE website with a json parser and added into smart contract and the contract does nothing with this data.

You have to ask yourself, what is this testnet even testing? It is adding centralized data source into a smart contract completely bypassing the token and node utility outlined in the whitepaper and the smart contract cannot read the data and execute based on the results even with only ONE data source. All this does is add outside data into a smartcontract which has been done, it is easy to do and not a new breakthrough. The system still relies on a centralized data source, skips over nodes (making your investment worthless at this point), and requires somebody to execute the contract themselves completely defeating the purpose of the entire system. What are they testing?

>> No.10212009

Good post, would be interesting to see Vornth's answer to that in the subreddit.

>> No.10212082

Fucking exactly.

>> No.10212150

Your new room looks super comfy fren!

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>The pure delusion. You retards actually think you have fundamentally analyized link and are some sort of elite investor. You know about link because its been shilled to fucking death on this shitty board with terrible infographics and extremely far reaching claims with no evidence. I guarantee none of you have actually even tried to use the testnet or have even considered the token economics at play here. The testnet is a peice of trash centralized (it uses one source) API scraper that uploads data into a non self executable smart contract. A fifteen year old could write the code to do this, it tests nothing envsioned in the whitepaper. Now for the token economics 35% of the total supply is in the hands of Sergey himself. The top 100 wallets control 85% of the supply of this coin. Your investment can be quite literally wiped out overnight without a moments notice. Going all into this project is probably one of the stupidest things you can do with your money but retards like you keep lining up thinking you are the next Warren Buffet. Chainlink is so far from a sure thing.

Then the real ones like me read this and are even more reassured. Would say we are too lazy to address why but the truth is our time is too valuable.

This guy doesn't even know what makes chainlink unique. Focus is always on "muh oracles" are too centralized or prone to failure... Well hello? Apart from that, what else often fails in the smartcontract process?

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>> No.10212374

binance asked to list the token (this was back when binance was small) and CL team didn't really care and they couldn't exactly stop it since it's ERC20,

>> No.10212403

God link fud is peasant tier these days. I come back to this board and the fudders have taken the Nigerian scammer approach where they make the fud extra retarded just to filter out the biggest newfags.

>> No.10212420

more like they are holding a shitton to distribute to big business and wanted the little guy to have some because im sure a few little guys will need it for their smol businesses

>> No.10212448

>says his time is too valueable to explain anything
>currently browsing /biz/

You are one of those “warren buffets” I was describing

>> No.10212511

Indeed, it will be brother...Find Jesus to prepare spiritually, prepare physically by having self sustaining emergency plans and support your friends, family, and local communities. They don't want people to know how much extraordinary power even a single individual holds to change our current circumstances, but we will show them.

>> No.10212571

He said its just easier to accomplish, you are the one who speculated why the latter was hard was some how connected to the former task shlomo...Also it might initially be off putting to a woman if she doesn't know you personally, but once they care for and you already have their respect from status, resources, proper moral action from righteous indignation, you can be more forth coming with some private views. Also you have to give bomb dick and being attractive helps too. Woman change their views all the time, usually from emotional reasons and less based on reasoning.

>> No.10212603

Women joined with Satan in the garden, before 'knowing' Adam. Serpent seed murdering the sheep like seed of the women. Cainable-ism.

Women prefer murderous, psychopathic giants and tolerate institutionalized infanticide before selecting the 80% of below average in-group men.

>> No.10212640

many smart people lurk biz but rarely post. Just look for the rarely good threads
You're kind of proving my point in a way. The smarter people rarely post and tend to just lurk for good threads. The smartest generally aren't even on here. It's a scale

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I'm literally looking for a job so I can buy more link

I only have 1k and I know it's going to moon before I can get a decent stack

>> No.10212675

uhh, guys... OP here, I think I found some seriously important information about chainlink while digging that isn't known publicly yet. should I make a thread for it or keep it a secret? it seems pretty big and it concerns chainlink's operation/infrastructure. I don't wanna fuck up any NDAs...

>> No.10212695

just post it or give me a hint

>> No.10212710

if i get a majority who want me to post it, i will.

>> No.10212712

Just post it here
I don't want a new thread with 100 more retarded FUD replies

>> No.10212722

if you tell me i'll send you the 20k fifa tokens some jabrone dropped in my wallet while i was sleeping. you sound like you enjoy gambling on kickball more than i do. hmm?

>> No.10212745

Bury it here OP, since this is large enough

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just do it here

>> No.10212764

goddamn Ari Juels is a pimp

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op please... no teasing

>> No.10212781

do it here. The thread will die after and no one will see it. then reddit fags wont get a chance to see it

>> No.10212795

KYS faggot put me down under "don't post" stupid larping dipshit.

>> No.10212804

okay guys, let me make a picture and write a post for what I found, I'll post it in a couple minutes and i'll link it in this thread (no pun intended). if this is what i think it is, it BTFO a huge FUD argument

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>> No.10212813

>using a fucking username/password and not web3 integration.

Trash tier website.

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>I don't wanna fuck up any NDAs...

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>> No.10212841

Duh you larp

>> No.10212846

Chainlink can also be used on private blockchaind. I'm sure they've been running tests on private nodes outside of ropsten as well. It would explain the lack of activity on there.

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ay sick of these niggas
Sick of these niggas
Hire some help, get rid of these niggas (skrr)
Sick of this shit, move to the Ritz
Turned out the bitch
It is what it is, yeah

>> No.10212866

i think it's adorable you need to get your crayons to wreck a fud argument. i should go outside. i should take this as a sign to go outside.

>> No.10212872

>Rebranding meme in 2018
>Still no product to showcase

To the trash it goes

>> No.10212876

Buying BCH is the only way to make it in life

BCH is literally the new paradigm in crypto

I’m going to spread this on twitter, facebook, youtube everything everywhere

Everywhere and everyone will be buying and using BCH

BCH will go over 9000! Everyone will be using it and transactions will be so fast and cheap.

Did you not hear that everyone is buying and using BCH now?

Omg like BCH is brilliant!

Lets buy BCH and HODL forever

You didn’t think BCH could be stopped did (((you)))?

Didn’t you hear?

We will have 10 trillion market cap within the next year!

Buying BCH is the best way to success!!

I’m writing a book on BCH

BCH long foreverrrrrr and everrrre!!!!!
<3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hey do you like BCH and making money?

Because I like LOVE bch!

Omg I love BCH so much!

I like talking about BCH and how fast and cheap transactions are. It is the real bitcoin. Roger Ver is brilliant and Craig Wright is Satoshi.

I love how BCH is backed by Satoshi too as it is his true vision as per the white paper!

BCH is the new paradigm!!

I’ll buy BCH and go long forever and everrr ;)

I’ve been buying BCH this whole time

I’ve been teaching others and I’ve gotten my neighbors and coworkers into buying BCH and we are all making a lot of money together.

I’m really popular now among my friends because I’m making so much money with BCH since the airdrop. A lot of my friends are making tons of money off of BCH and we’re going to make a lot more!

I can’t wait to get my own miner from vitamin so I can help mine BCH but until then I’ll just invite people to my house to buy BCH and I’ll also buy BCH in my car.

Buying BCH is the best guaranteed way to make money!

>> No.10212884

Fuck off astro I thought we were rid of your dumb ass

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File: 265 KB, 384x426, Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 03.54.18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's my word, get up in they face
Talk your shit, let your nuts drag, nigga
These niggas just runnin' out they fuckin' mouth, man
Follow protocol, Blood, get in they fuckin' chest, nigga

We the fuckin' M.O.B., nigga
These niggas bleed different
We don't bleed, nigga
We make niggas bleed, Blood

>> No.10212914

you're gonna eat those words in about 10 minutes, buddy.

>> No.10212923

less backtalk and more doodling, young lady. chop chop!

>> No.10212937

>it’s him
Kek. Kill yourself faggot

>> No.10212949

alright, fuck the picture gimme 1 sec

>> No.10212955

>that generic hexagon look instead of their iconic 3d logo
haha linkers eternally btfo for the 10th time this year

>> No.10212977

theres probably like 40 other businesses in the world with that same logo

>> No.10212988

fucking kek


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>making it

>> No.10213040


>> No.10213042

as promised

>> No.10214107

>he also helped us out with our bags

Sergey confirmed to lead the black parade

>> No.10214163

Yup, it's all it is, they have no UX designers on chainlink


>> No.10214245

No thanks.

>> No.10214277

Fortune favors the bold. You have to play to win. LINK is unironically your best shot.

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>> No.10214814

You are a MANIAC!

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