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Shady Lu and the VeChain China Hustle Gang said it'd be the most used blockchain on launch and they were expecting trillions of transactions. But the most used blockchain on main net launch is stuck at 33 transactions. What went wrong Anon?!

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I currently hold 4k VEN i bought at 20c or so, should i wait for the token swap or sell into something else?

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You should have sold that shit already. Buy NEO dummy

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If you check Etherscan there have been a fuckload of massive transfers of VEN in the last few days. Something is coming. Not sure what, but it's either someone dumping a fuckload or they are getting ready to pump it hard.

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Have you consider maybe that people are transfering their VEN to exchanges because of the token swap in mid july?

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yeah sell now and buy walton

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Yeah no, im not buying walton thanks.

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You really can’t be this retarded can you op? Also how many times you gonna start a ven fud thread and just comment to yourself over and over?

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Being this retarded

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topkek good one anon

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NEO had its turn in 2017 and by the end of 2018 people will be talking about VEN like they did for NEO.
If you don't believe me screencap this and laugh or cry about it on January 1 2019.

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Is this the power of decentralization?

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VeScam already has a market cap just as big as NEO. Deluded Ventard

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>Can't run transactions without VTHO.
>Token swap not started yet.
Really joggin my noggin here, OP.

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Vechain is a little over half the MC of NEO. I know numbers are hard, anon, but try to focus.
Vechain is also the first token with enterprise adoption. It'll be the winner of 2018.

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Whoops you just ruined months of hard pajeet work, guess its back to muh chyna hustle if they don't want to run out of walton gibs.

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Kek’d see pic

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You'll have to put in more effort, Vizit.

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There is no Gas for the network yet moron... Hard to believe you went through effort of making a retarded screen cap without doing any cursory research

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>Can't run transactions without VTHO.
>There is no Gas for the network yet moron

VeTard morons don't even know what's going on in their own project. You you take a look instead of blindly shilling and thinking the Chinese are going to give you lambos you'd see that there are:

> Only 33 transactions
> Lots of accounts with Thor gas

Vechain is already supposed to have migrated the many enterprises already running on its chain upon mainnet launch. The swap was for retards who bought useless tokens. But it appears no enterprises are using it with only 33 transactions and only those who got scammed are waiting for wallet swap.

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i admit i got chinked by vechain
>t. 23k ven

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Paid so little for this... feels bad selling it so cheap.

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Did you learn any valuable lessons?

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Literally nobody uses any of these blockchains, holy fuck. The only thing people do is speculate on the tokens.

How can you not see that this market is held up by delusion right now? We're all speculators, so what the fuck are we even speculating on anymore? Product after product released that literally nobody fucking uses, how is it even speculation anymore? It's like we're a group of people that still speculate about whether the sun will come up tomorrow, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow a crypto project will peak at 20 users. This shit is fucking useless. Ethereum dApps are no better, the most popular ones (excluding exchanges) have like a dozen users. This is just getting pathetic.

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Oh shit lmao you really are this dumb. I’m sorry anon I wouldn’t have been so standoffish if I had know you were retarded little buddy

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> Invest in China Hustle
> Call me retarded

At some point you're going to realize that

> VeChain has been around since 2015 as a failed blockchain startup
> Shady Lu saw 2017 crypto boom as an easy way to make money
> That VeChain 100 strong team didn't do shit since 2015...
> ...but claimed they built a blockschain from scratch forking Ethereum
> They had no enterprise clients and revenue since 2015
> They don't have it now. If they ever get it, you won't benefit