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>just graduated from college last month
>knew that I took out a few loans, but for the most part I paid out of pocket
>finally looked at how much I owe

What the FUCK am I supposed to do? They want me to start paying this shit back in January. I make $2k a month. And even if I was making double this, the idea of literally just throwing away ~$1k per month paying back loans is fucking soul-crushing.

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If it was so hard to think about this before you get the loans, how are you supposed to make more than 2k ever? I mean you are literally retarded, how did you even finish college lol.

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>tfw 27 no debt, 1 leasing condo and 1 house for living, no mortgage, making 57k after taxes.

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Almost thankful I was a lazy bastard, only 15k deep

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>fucking soul-crushing

Delusional. If you grew up in a shitty area you'd know the alternative, stuck in low paying manual work until your body is wrecked. $70k is nothing

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70 months are not even 6 years

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not that much. sounds like a lot but as you go on in your career you get so much random ass money. I had about $7500 in student debt and paid it off a year later when my stock options vested and ended up being like $80k cus the stock randomly went up.

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exactly, I myself worked through college to pay for it but my house appreciated 2000% by the time I went to retire! don't worry, life is full of random money

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>finally looked at how much I owe
1. You decided to look at what your indebting yourself into AFTER the fact, are you dumb?
2. You went into debt to pay for school, did this "schooling" (and I use the term loosely, considering the absolute state of American unis) improve your earning potential? No? Then why did you go in debt for it?

Own your mistake instead of moping about it, learn to be financially responsible and you'll have a skill for life

Man, American young adults are such goddam fools

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>t. boomer

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does it make you feel good to make retarded hindsight comments

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Could of made a million from investing 70k

stay poor

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Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get your college education in the US.
There are free colleges all over Europe with enormously high quality of life and all you really need to quality is 10k USD in your bank account, a non-terrible high school education and the willingness to learn a foreign language.

You are getting the same or better education, sometimes even with courses taught in English while being absolutely debt-free with a Bachelors or Masters diploma at the end.

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>not receiving a full tuition scholarship to law school and undergrad


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How do you have college debt in America? You worked through high school enough to save up $10-15k right? You chose to go to a solid state school for that instate tuition + scholarships instead of an ivy league meme school right? You studied something in STEM or hard business so you could make $25/hour during all 3 of your internships right? If that still wasn't enough you wagecucked during the semester right?

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>saving 10-15k in highschool
yes, sure most highschoolers worked for 1000-1500 hours kek

god most highschoolers have maybe $1000 if they're lucky

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That's nothing, my random 600 BTC became to be worth almost a million when I sold them

I could have had 12 million if I sold the absolute top and didn't sell on the way up

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Is a criminal justice degree worth it if you get it for free?

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To clarify, I went to art school. And before people start calling me a dumbass, I didn't study drawing, painting, acting or any random shit like that. I studied motion graphics.

The average motion graphics designer in my city gets paid around $70k per year for a salary job. If you're really good, you can just do freelance or occasional contract work for a big agency and make $7k in a week. Some guys I know will literally work for 30 days straight then just relax for three months.

I'm actually in the process of starting my own motion graphics agency now, so I'm seeing that to get clients, all you need is a good portfolio. A college degree isn't nearly as important. Especially now that there are online motion courses you can take and complete in under a year. If I had spent the last four years just honing my craft and learning on my own, I probably could have started the agency already. The first two years of school were just generic general education classes.

Obviously hindsight is 20/20. If I had known what I know now when I was 18, I would have made different choices. But people don't tell you this shit. You're just told to attend and finish school, no matter the cost. I know I'll pay this shit off and it won't ruin me. But it sucks ass knowing I'm just gonna be throwing away $1k every month that I could be investing in my business.

I'm not necessarily making this thread just to complain. Just to see if anyone else is dealing with this student loan trap, and how they're managing it. Overall, I'm happy that I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm actually quite passionate about animation and graphics, and there's a lot of money in it right now. I have other friends from the same school with over $100k in debt and they studied stuff like how to draw webcomics.

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I made over $20/hr working construction with overtime in the summers, it's hard but doable.

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I'm glad you realized your mistake, anon. I got burned too but it was for "only" $30,000. This whole "college at any cost" belief it total bullshit. The federally-backed student loan program needs to be shut down.

I believe in you, man. Just remember not to go into further debt. As your income increases you'll be able to pay off those student loans more and more quickly.

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Default. Fuck em.

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Probably not. You could get an education of actual value in those 4 years instead. You’re only young for so long.

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>tfw 26, finishing my PhD in chem, no debt and ~30k in savings

Also, this
>hurr, got a degree
>can't manage basic debt
I feel a little bit sorry that schools prey on people like you

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>finishing my PhD
What kind of job do you have lined up, then? My wife is working on her Ph.D. in chem and she has no idea where to work.

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>make it in crypto
>disappear to SEA with a ledger full of tumbled btc

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>finally looked at how much I owe

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if the American tuition problem was universal, we'd see this shit everywhere man

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it's ok anon just wait for the student loan bubble to pop. Any day now.

> t. zoomer with $170k student loans

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The only loan I personally went through the process of applying for was a ~$34k loan. All this time, I thought that was all I owed. But today, I just found out that some of the "federal aid" I received was just another loan that I have to pay back, which brings it up to $70k.

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He's right tho. About 12 years ago i had to make a choice; it was either going to college or starting my own business. I decided on the latter and now run a small printing business that employs about 12 people.

I make about 75K a year and i'm without any debt. Smartest move i ever made. On top of that, the whole psychological advantage of not having to submit to someone else and calling my own shots is worth millions, priceless even.

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Wish I could high-five you, anon. Self-made people who find their own way are the most honorable.

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Amazing how little thought and planning your average person puts in before taking tens of thousands in debt.

The liberal education system only teaches you how to be a lemming.

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My brother's college debt single-handedly devoured my family's savings. We all know the power of compounding interest, but take a moment to think about how compounding interest expresses itself over the course of three generations or more.
There is generational wealth being wiped out, propping up the student loan bubble.

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get on an IBR plan so you don't default. other than that you're pretty much never going to get out from under it unless you start making a shitload more money or get lucky with an investment. you're screwed and so are most other people, this shit will crash the economy fairly soon.

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If they had enough money to pay for his loans + interest why didn't they just help him pay for a cheap local school?

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It was hard work tho, especially the first 2 years or so. There were months my diet consisted of cheap noodles only. It all paid off tho. Appreciate your reply bro. Cheers :)

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I think about shit like this all the time. I have so many friends who are literally buried in debt. People who went to all different kinds of schools with all different kinds of economic backgrounds. I can't go a day scrolling through normiebook without seeing someone talking about how shitty life is and how suicidal they are because of debt and shit-paying jobs. Even people who seem successful on the surface.

Never before in history has it been considered normal for people to start out life already tens of thousands of dollars in debt. I know everyone on /biz/ has to larp about how they're the ultimate entrepreneurs who make six figures every year and have no debts. But statistics show that the average college student graduates with $30k debt minimum. That's not the way a functional society is supposed to operate.

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Christian college, and our father became severely ill and had to quit working a few months after signing on the loan. My parents now have nothing and are in their 70s/80s.

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Do you do your own books? Where did you learn to do basic accounting during those first few years?

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I don't mean to rip on your parents (my dad is the same way sadly), but how can you work your whole life and have no retirement savings? Just how much did this school cost? Your parents should have been squirreling away at least 15% of their gross income over all these years.

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That's so retarded. If they don't have a full ride, then you force your kids to go to community College or refuse to help them with their loans.

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How do you compete with the mega printers who overnight stuff, etc. Like vistaprint

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> Man, American young adults are such goddam fools

You're not wrong, but it's also a very predatory system.
> literally no practical financial curriculum in high school (nobody teaches you how to do taxes, budget, etc...)
> burn into your brain that you NEED to go to college after HS or you're going to be a failure (trade schools are almost never discussed unless you go out of your way to make an impression on your auto/woodshop teacher)
> no places will hire you without a college degree
> "party schools" and pretty much any other non-ivy university is easy as fuck to get into
> Surprise! The school has to charge you insane tuition to subsidize their new football stadium
> actively encourage taking out loans
> loan process is easy as fuck with pretty much 0 restrictions as to who can borrow
> pretty much no limit on how much you can borrow (up to the full tuition costs)
> graduate in massive debt
> jobs value "experience" more than a degree
> you now have big debt and no job

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Most student loans are ok with you paying what you can. I live in IA and paid like $25 a month on mine (though admittedly much less than your total) for a while until I got a jerb.

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I've ended my ties with them over it, no harm in ripping on them. They messed up, now they live with it.
They did save -- though not nearly enough -- but it wasn't wise of them to invest so much into him. He was blinded by emotion and didn't evaluate the job market, and they were blinded because of his passion. The medical emergency caught them for surprise.

That's what I was faced with. I instead dropped out and started buying Bitcoin in 2012, said they should take 15%/20% of their inheritance and put it into assets that actually grew.
They must face this reality alone now.

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Yes, book printing is part of my business but it only constitutes about 30% of all business. We also print posters, all sorts of advertising such as t-shirts, pens, usb sticks, product manuals, etc, etc. Most people don't realize how diverse the printing business really is.

As for the accounting, i did a cheap home course that took me about 6 months or so. Costed just a few hundred bucks if i remember correctly.

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They're "OK" because your interest is capitalizing. Don't you realize that the amount you owe is *increasing* every month? They're going to try to bleed you for the rest of your life if you keep this up.

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this, 100%.
also add to that the fact that student loans are the only type of debt that you can't declare bankruptcy on - you can thank BOTH the democrats and republicans for that nasty tidbit.

americans can sign away their entire lives before they're even legally allowed to drink a bottle of beer

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IBR/income based repayment until you can afford to pay it down quickly or else you'll be stuck with it for 10-15 years

tell me your payment, exact total, and interest rates and I might be able to calculate how long it will take

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Sorry, I meant do you do your own accounting bookkeeping. Although it sounds like you do.

Do you have a link to that online course?

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Get big in a targeted niche first and do it locally, then expend from that. atleast that's what i did.

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Countries in the world where this happens:
>United States

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Yes, it's pretty absurd how people here are slaves to debt. People have school loans, home loans, car loans... you can even *lease* a mattress to sleep on!

I'm trying to convince everyone I know to embrace the debt-free lifestyle. Cut up all those credit cards and never go into debt again.

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No links mate, it all came trough the mail. And it's all dutch anyway ;) Not an american.

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90 % of usa who have more than 50k debt at graduating will default on their student debt. there are simply no good paying jobs

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I wonder whose fault this is

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Bad goy! how you dare spreading such an unamerican way of life! being a good goy debt slave, slave in every single conceivable aspect to the banker jews is quintessentially american

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30k for UK education and that's without the housing/taxes fees goes up to 10k/year if you are living like a poor bastard, so turns out quality education actually cost money, and we get it quite good in the US.

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You what now? I have no debt, buddy.

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With automation handling the vast majority of formerly non-skilled labor production, the goal of the global economic system is the maintenance of the ideal consumer to purchase these commodities. The obvious problem is that these consumers have to have liquid capital to spend on the automation-produced goods. The “socialistic” solution is controlled wealth distribution to allow for product consumption. This might not seem to make sense—redistributing wealth from producers to consumers, so that they can purchase that production—but this cyclical process helps integrate consumers into the consumption process via credit, debt accumulation, and eventually with the onset of cashless society, directed and monitored spending.

That's why neoliberalism has had to embrace some redistributionary measures. The neo-homogenous population receive controlled liquid capital in the form of credit to spend on commodities. This credit, through debt, then ties them to the consumption apparatus. In other words, the more they spend, the more dependent they are on the system that allows them to spend. Eventually, there won't be any motive in collecting the debt as money, because the point is for them to be able to spend and maintain a semblance of normalcy. The debt will be collected in the form of lifestyle concessions, which will (1) address climate change by reducing carbon emissions and (2) further the goals of identity reconstruction, biological integration, and population pacification. It will also allow the flow of information to be controlled via where money is allowed to be spent.

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The worst are boomers that can't even retire because they still have a ton of debt and no savings. How can you work your whole life and save nothing?

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show them your income / gross annual adjusted on tax forms and you can make minimum payments for 10 years then pay capital gain tax on the loan instead of principle.

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sheeeet, living in the US is really fucked up
> be me
> pay taxes
> Free education
> Had operation, all free
> Govt pays me to study at university
How are you allowing yourselves to be milked by those companies on the one hand, and on the other hand being served shit food with toxins in it because "... muh, freedom"

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he thinking is likewise: (1) Climate change necessitates that human lifestyles, particularly those of the industrialized world, be transformed to limit carbon emissions. (2) Automation will lead to the endemic unemployment of the vast majority of humanity by the end of the century.

The solution to both problems is what I have outlines in parts. Someone mentioned the "destruction of the middle class," and this is partially accurate. I prefer to put it in terms of equalizing the global population into two group: population and managers. The population, who constitute the majority, which not produce anything but will consume based on credit. This credit will integrate them into a controlled economic apparatus. Debt will not be collected an money, which undermines the purpose of the system, but rather as lifestyle adjustments. In other words, once sufficiently indebted, "middle class" population will be transitioned into equalized population life. This population, then, will be transitioned toward more carbon sustainable living.

These transformation will be largely unavoidable because the credit-debt infrastructure will make cooperation with the credit distribution agencies necessary for their continued consumption at all. Wide-scale unemployment will ensure that the vast majority of the global population is integrated into the population category, with those who are not being integrated into managers who help preserve and administer the system.

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Don't tell americans to come here!!! ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?
Also, people outside the EU are not as privileged. You have to proove yourself first. Which is nearly impossible for mediocre US citizens.

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just leave the USA OP and go live to Portugal/Spain, nice weather and no need to pay debt. just default

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American and india people are so funny

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70 installments of $1k doesn't pay off $70k lmao

>> No.10176024

great, catapult yourself into wageslavery. If you default, you are not allowed to open a company for quite some time.

OP, i feel for you and all those american kids ;(
You could travel across country right now
You could visit the world right now
You could start small and relax a bit

But you are in the US
and in debt

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I got a master's degree from a good state uni in my state and went to college completely debt free. Now I make 65k atter tax and save 95% of my income at 23. How is it even possible to get into 70k worth of debt? You can go to good state unis for as low as 5k in some states.

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I call bullshit that you can live on less than $10,000 a year

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Do you not know how interest works?

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Buy all the IDEX tokens that get dumped and flip them.

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>paying for university

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what a pussy faggot. and why didn't you do part of your education in a community college for 1/5 the price?

you're incompetent and always destined to be poor.

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> him being american
> ALMOST feel sorry schools prey on fellow citizens
> trump university a real university in own country
top kek

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I know I'm not very interested in replying to your dumb ass

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I live with room mates, don't have a car, only drink water, have no friends, pirate most of my media. It's pretty easy if you're not a normalfag that goes out every week. If my stocks keep on doing well and crypto moons I'll easily be retired. I'd be retired easily in a few years if crypto doesn't even moon.

>> No.10176289

I'm 100% right though. You're embarrassing yourself.

>> No.10176316

congrats, you played yourself instead of listening to all the reasonable voices in the room

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please fuck off, american students suck ass. we have enough retarded exchange students here. stop leeching off our superiour education and fix your own shit

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Whatever you say retard

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Explain how 70 installments of $1k pay off a $70k loan

>> No.10176497

Oh you can't? What a surprise.

>> No.10176589

You're still a dumbass. I put myself through state university for the same thing, went on to get a master's, and only had 20k in debt when all done.

You just need to really hustle and pay that shit off ASAP.

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tfw 26, 1k debt, and a really nice laptop

>> No.10176615

>Went to school to get educated
>Not get educated enough on how much they squeeze out your money getting educated
Ask for a refund

>> No.10176678

No pity for lazy faggots like you. I worked through college and only took out a total of 5k in loans. Paid that back in like 4 months after getting my first job.

Good thing Im not lazy and stupid, right?

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I already won, the burden of proof is in your pudding big boy

>> No.10176814

I already explained that interest is acquired in the meantime. Your turn to challenge that claim.

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>tfw dropped out of college after a year
>140k in crypto


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I already told you I'm not interested, quit flirting with me you fuckin homo

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default on your debt, indian students in the UK do it all the time, all you need to do is go to another country and never come back. russia, china, turkey, argentina, these are all good picks.

>> No.10176870

Lol check how much of your loan payment goes towards the actual debt. About 50% goes to debt and 50% towards paying the interest.

>> No.10176907

Nah, I've seen 90% of the US students getting kicked within 2 months in my grande école. You guys aren't really up to the standards.

>> No.10176911

OP is such a fucking goyim. If he lived in the year 1700 he would sign up to become an indentured slave in America without even reading the fucking contract. Sorry OP, but you deserve to be a slave because you're so fucking clueless, how do you go to school and not even look up how much it costs? Get to work you dumb fucking debt slave, fucking scum animal. fucking 60%er

>> No.10176947

>the dumbass socialist country that defaults on its debt every decade
Yeah, it's a real match for OP.

>> No.10177003

I don't understand why you would even go for a degree anymore unless you had something very specific and knew for a fact you'd get a job afterwards. The job market is already completely saturated with useless degrees. Not only that, they can just pay a pajeet to do most of that stuff for a fraction of the cost.

You got memed

>> No.10177004

im mentioning countries where the authorities are unlikely to cooperate with the us. either way no one is going to pursue him once he leaves.

>> No.10177024

good fuck all those commie college bitch boys

>> No.10177106




Everyone I knew who went to college left with at least 40k debt. I dropped out with 6k. In my neck of the woods, competition for median income jobs is incredibly high, so even they are in short supply.

>> No.10177118


meant to quote >>10175703

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I never really looked at how much I was borrowing either. But I don’t think I’d be making as much had i not gotten a degree. Unfortunately, places won’t even consider you as an engineer with one degree. I racked up about 50k getting a mech eng degree, but I make about 90k only a couple years out so it’s not that bad. It enough to not have to think about money.

>> No.10177287

get a job and pay it off. i got a job writing shit code for vr apps and get $45 an hour. I had to move to hongcouver but whatever, took me ~2 years to pay off all of my loans.

>> No.10177359

>Americans are so cucked they dont even start their career at $0

>> No.10177373


Same here. I will be retired in 3 years. When you accept who you are and stop trying to be a normie everything becomes so much easier.

>> No.10177392

I am a british citizen studying in the Netherlands.

I am getting a masters Law degree while also having studied a semester in America. All for <8500 euro total.

>> No.10177577

I was thinking about that in my city. What kind of services and products do you offer? The whole reason I was considering it is because I was painfully aware of how lacking our printing stores are. I live in a huge metropolitan area, but I'm aware of the needs of a lot of designers in the area because I know a bunch of them. They constantly complain about the quality of Staples and FedEx print stores, and there is only one other print store in the whole city anyone is aware of that offers a wider arrange of services with quality printers. I figured the city is so large that it could probably support another store because everybody was always bitching about having to drive all the way to the only one that was reliable.

>> No.10177647

This guy know whats up, I literally make money from college and I'm going to cheap Uni to finish my EE degree, where i'll keep making free money. Honestly im glad there's so many retards who don't think or else I probably wouldn't be able to do this.
>MFW im 22 and am still an EE undergrad

>> No.10177818

yes and the kicker the jews invented this system to fuck over whites because non-whites get access to reduced costs and scholarships whites cannot get. This is a program intended to impoverish white middle class people

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File: 55 KB, 250x342, qa-robert-kiyosaki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's it, anon. You're a wage slave now.

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>finally looked at how much I owe

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>To clarify, I went to art school.
this has to be a larp

>> No.10178043

no one cares lol

>> No.10178064

Anons, is a Yale degree worth it? Parents are too rich to get financial aid, but too poor to actually pay tuition without struggling.

>> No.10178093

If you're able to get amazing grades, make mad connections and get internships before you're out then sure, it could be worth a lot. But it's more of a gamble up to your social and academic aptitude. If you just go to some state school you could get out of it without any loans (if your parents pay) and more of a guarantee of a moderate to good starting salary with the right degree.

>> No.10178448

I would actually love having a credit card and raking up all those cashback, miles program and other benefits. I can't even get one over here because you need to work constantly for at least several months before you can apply for one (without any benefits ever). I don't even grasp the concept of going under in the negatice since I'm very debt averse.

>> No.10178497

>over here

Where? In America even if you have no credit and don't get accepted by anybody you can just get a secured card.

>> No.10178531

You might be the dumbest fucker I have ever come across.
Why the fuck are you on biz if you don't even know what interest is.

>> No.10178533

Get the lowest paying plan that's tied to income. Pay as little as you can and/or put it off as long as possible. Bleed them out until you pay "muh forgiveness tax" like 25 years from now where inflation makes it meh and you should have saved up money on the side to eat it up. You can still live a normal life as long as you're making within 75-80% of the total loan, you'll just have to accept always paying a few hundred a month on this. Big woop.

>> No.10178604

Reading this thread, it's a wonder if anyone has ever taken financial advice from people on this board.

>> No.10178620

>finally looked at how much I owe
Fucking retard

>> No.10178880

Is there a reason why it is always art school ? and I have yet to know a good artist that is in debt.

>> No.10178931

YTD inflation is already 3%. There's a very strong possibility of double digit inflation, if not this year then the next.
I took most of my loans at the bottom of QE, so they're <5%, even as low as 3.5%. Student loans is probably the investment you could have right now (as long as your degree isn't worthless and you aren't an autistic piece of shit (lol probably op stupid autistic nigger faggot))

>> No.10178963

Don't worry, next election Berners will forgive all college debts.

>> No.10179025

You can do it OP.

I graduated with a STEM degree with no money and 45k in debt. I got a job that paid 9 bucks an hour, then got a raise to 12, then 16, now I make 20 bucks an hour five years later. I’ve got about 2k left. You just pay enough to be a little uncomfortable every month.

>> No.10179098

Slovenia. I'm currently on a trip in the US and the benefits of credit cards are being thrown into my face (still a student tho). I've got a prepaid mastercard but it's not the same deal.

I could get my parents to vouch for me but then they'd get monthly statements and all that crap and I want to have an independent access. There's really no disadvantage to having a debit card where I live since we don't have credit scores that impact our loan taking capabilities as much as yours do (like FICO)

>> No.10179156

Good. Post-Secondary education is a communist indoctrination facility, you all deserve to be slaves to the state.

>> No.10179308

If you have federal student loans, do a loan consolidation on studentloans.gov. and sign up for an income based plan.

If you're income stays under 150% of the federal poverty lines, your monthly payment will be 0. If you can't pay off the loan in 25 years, it'll be closed and counted as income.

Yes. You and literally say fuck you to the government.

>> No.10179355

These top tier universities are only really worth it for postgrad my dude. For a standard bachelor’s degree anywhere is fine.

>> No.10180086

same here senpai, 9k deep but earning 65k p.a

>> No.10180195

There is no forgiveness.

>> No.10180210

Right...it's written off and taxed. Hence, "muh forgiveness tax"

>> No.10180347

Move in with your parents and cut all possible expenses to ensure you could pay this off as soon as possible.

Your main enemy here is interest. The higher your total debt amount is the larger your interest is relative to your monthly payments.

You'll live like bum for 5 years but at least you'll be able to pay your debts off quickly.

Either that or say fuck the payments and start your own business or bank it all on crypto and pay it back once you make it.

>> No.10180417

If you have a REPAY plain, the goverment will pay half the interest for life.

>> No.10180430
File: 33 KB, 369x369, 1312559259218.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>taken out of high school to work construction at age 16
>finished high school on home school before 18
>continued working in construction
>bought shitty duplex to fix up
>rented out duplex
>continued working construction
>bought a condo
>rented out condo
>continued working construction
>took an intro to accounting class at community college to manage rentals income/expense
>sit next to a guy that day traded for a living
>taught me how to trade stocks
>took an economics class
>stopped going to school
>continued construction
>traded stocks
>rented out houses
>stop working construction
>trade stocks full time

Mfw I'm 27 with no debt, worth close to a million dollars and "invest" for a living.
Mfw people my age in my early 20s would look down on me for being a "blue collar worker" now i have more wealth than them and with no debt
Mfw i enjoy my life and travel 3 months out of the year while my peers wageslave with heavy debt
Mfw i didn't know school was a scam until my peers were graduating college

>> No.10180935

Youll recognize him. He will say somthiing like 'would you like fries with that?

>> No.10181454

hey anon. A lot of people are in your boat. I had over 100k but I just ditch all my loans by living overseas. If I was still paying that shit off I'd literally have nothing and STiLL be in debt.

>> No.10181473
File: 58 KB, 900x900, 1520192463193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


you won anon.

>> No.10181474

>and still no gf cuz fat neckbeard

>> No.10181511

Tfw you graduate at 22 and get an 88k a year job that pays living expenses (because it's in the fucking artic). Atleast I can put some real money away

>> No.10181956
File: 13 KB, 500x259, 1501363354643.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This. Nobody gives a shit about where you go to school. Even doing post grad no one will care if you do an actual steem degree.

>> No.10182111

this is making better sense, I actually may do it, in China or Japan. :)

>> No.10182135
File: 58 KB, 685x533, FinishedWeldingSchool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Simple solution OP

>Finish Degree
>Sign Up for Weld School
>Take out another 20K in student loans
>Finish Weld School
>300K anywhere you want to go

>> No.10182161

is it this bad only in US? How is it in UK?

>> No.10182166

>taught me how to trade stocks

Nice LARP.

>> No.10182179
File: 191 KB, 1371x1080, 1516432723737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

from the way he structured that sentence, i think he already paid his debt and on his way

>> No.10182426

I would just flee the country. Move to Brazil or something. Ghost them entirely and set sail for your Caribbean paradise.

>> No.10182576

only 40k for me.
but through some inheritance fuckery got a farm now.
country life will set me free.

>> No.10182978

actually retarded.

>> No.10183063

if you made $100k a year $70k debt would be nothing. if you make $24k a year you will never ever pay it back sorry.

>> No.10183102

alright here is an advice, what i actually did.
in the first few years i only paid the minimum required monthly. this of course was fucking nothing. the debt grew each year, but my salary grew at a better rate. and i got some serious savings and started to think about investing.

and this was the point where you realize your debt is killing your gains. and you have to pay it back pretty aggressively but now you have the means. your debt grew by 50% but your income grew 500%. you kill the debt as fast as you can without hitting your stash. you are free in 5-7 years.

>> No.10183118

>when you live in a country where they take advantage of students taking loans instead of giving them 0% interest and a maximum of 4% of your paycheck when you have to pay back in 35 years
nice system you got there

>> No.10183217

Is this the power of the 56% ?

>> No.10183344
File: 193 KB, 900x675, guts_rage_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> the eternal boomer that never experienced any struggle and now just assumes young people have it easy instead of going through economy hell

>> No.10183364

> having non-passive linear income

>> No.10183480
File: 19 KB, 703x911, 1514209797342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go to Denmark and pay 50% of your paycheck for the rest of your life, it's literally free college

>> No.10183493

>$7k in a week
>for freelance motion graphics.

Retard larp thread? Retard larp thread. All those companies rely on interns and faggots making 60k salary at best. Fucking lying faggot post your paystub and contracts.

>> No.10183500

absolute larp by a faggot..

>> No.10184277
File: 75 KB, 409x409, ComfyGuy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>art school
Should've gotten a degree in engineering, math, compsci, or chemistry.

I'm gonna go back to >>>/sci/ now. Came to this board to see if there were any good threads about economics or analysis of markets, seems like a bunch of people circlejerking and waiting for the next corporate shill to do something stupid or for the next memecoin to take off while hating their jobs.

Enjoy being passionless poorfags.

Op go to a coding academy and get a job as a webdev.

>> No.10184340

I'm currently in school and not required to make payments, but I want to so my debt isn't crippling and don't end up like OP. Should I pay the interest or the principal?

>> No.10184383
File: 2 KB, 125x93, 1518886600419s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know a guy that graduated with 48,000 student loan debt. He didn't really have any other option than to make the loans. When he graduated and went to work... he owned that shit. He worked overtime... side jobs... bonus shifts. He was a beast and paid that shit off in 24 months. I respect that motherfucker. You pussy ass motherfuckers that bitch because somebody made you a loan and now you have to pay it back. I mean why wouldn't the government want to just gift you your education? You stupid winning fucks... I wish all of you would just die in a fire. You are killing the country.

>> No.10184406

I will also have 70K debt. but I can pay it back in 40 years.... so who fucking cares?

>> No.10184407
File: 37 KB, 614x604, C-nleSgXkAEN-3V.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>take out 150k+ in student loans
>spend 15 years in college having fun, doing drugs, going on vacations
>get government job
>income based payments for 10 years
>rest is forgiven

Paid 15k on that 150k. Learn the game or the game learns you.

>> No.10184425

>down on me for being a "blue collar worker"
Well, most blue collar workers are trash, yours was just a special case.

>> No.10184563

its a true story.... I really don't give a shit if you don't believe me. just very funny i was looked down upon for not going to school and getting a degree then i go to school for a total of 2 classes at a community college and end up more successful than people that have Bachelor degrees that are my age right

>> No.10184634

> day traded

have fun losing your money if not larp

>> No.10184757

been trading for almost 5 years now, last 2 years i have been consistent on both upside and downsides to stocks.. also never said that i day trade stocks, the guy that taught was trading since he was 16 and was 22 when he started teaching me . he also got me into bitcoin and other cryptos during the bull market, he's filthy rich and drives a 2008 prius and lives in a condo bought right out. Funny how people like him and i aren't in any debt but really well off but seeing us in public you would think we are poor. It's more important to be healthy, wealthy and happy than it is to be an overly educated idiot and broke imo

>> No.10184933

Literally just kill yourself anon. You shouldn't have been in college of you are unable to track your loans and make smart decisions. I went to the cheapest state school with the degree I wanted and made it out with less than 5k in debt. I should have gone to a community college for 2 years desu. I wouldn't have had to waste my first few months pay at a real job paying that shit back.

>> No.10184989

Don't worry anon you're right the other anon is a fucking brainlet who doesn't know how interest works

>> No.10185015

>tfw 22 with 14k cash and no debt but also no job

>> No.10185037

you don't know economic hell if you never lived in a country at war. not at war like the us but at war like kosovo afghanistan syria etc...

>> No.10185047


thats pathetic. you are gonna be poor as fuck either way

>> No.10185056

US is so fucking pathetic. Mfw free CS degree while they give me 200€ a month just to pass my exams.

>> No.10185074

it's ok, all the smart white people will leave while they still can. I plan on doing so myself

>> No.10185087

Well first of all get a job that pays more than pennies, OP.

Where are you working? Starbucks?

>> No.10185102

Paying for it the rest of your life, plus the welfare and housing for the Somali immigrants, isn't "free"

>> No.10185143

Jesus fucking christ you amerifats trying to cope. At least our taxes are going towards school system and not retarded army. Also my country is anti-refugee so we good.

>> No.10185154

Income based repayment, retard.

>> No.10185157

Enjoy making like 40k USD lol

>> No.10185188

Who cares if this is what I make if you need $1k a month to live a nice life here.

>> No.10185204


Hey I'm planning to try a semester of computer science. But I got no idea on what jobs that can get can u please explain in depth

>> No.10185511

>I have other friends from the same school with over $100k in debt and they studied stuff like how to draw webcomics.
Jesus Christ try to be more salty
Webcomics make a heck of a lot more money now than you think, but most of not all artists I know are self taught. Think about the furry porn artists who make $11k/month or some of those crazy webcomics that make $80k/month or merchandise. I mean it’s sort of like a business/ a brand. Like how on YouTube you can learn makeup from anyone, but only one person can connect with the viewer and that brings in millions of views and cash. A degree like motion graphics can be done by anyone, even a pajeet, but something like a comic can only be done by that author. Unlike stem degrees you can learn more on your own with art and that’s why people who go to art colleges always seem to do poorly with debt.

>> No.10185851

So are you legally allowed to hurt an intruder in your house? May you defend yourself? Can you defend yourself with a handgun if someone tries to rape your wife? Are you allowed to write or say bad things about Islam? Can you draw and publish muhammed? Do you have a zero income tax? Is your property yours or can your government make you dance like a puppet?

No wait. Wait. You can go to college without a lot of debt. Wow. Now go be a wagecuck slave for your government, and go welcome the refugees now. Quickly. Don't forget to bin that knife and prepare to get assraped by your Bilderberg EU overlords.

>> No.10185854

You can be a lot of shit, most of which isn't really computer science, its computer engineering.

Computer engineering:
>Software developer
>Web developer
>Systems administrator
>Full stack developer
>Databases administrator

Computer science:
>Nasa tier jobs

A degree in computer science will get you into both fields, its just that to do real computer "science" jobs you need to be really fucking good. Also you should major in math, that shit will take you anywhere.