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If chainlink is so important to smart contracts, and is the solution to the huge bottle neck which everything depends on, why is it so obscure?

Unless only big investors were meant to get this (100 eth minimum ICO) even then some information would trickle down surely?

If its such a game changer, why is it unknown outside of this tiny echochamber and a tiny reddit community? It makes no sense. There is also little manipulation of this coin in the markets. meaning no real interest or awareness.

How could a bunch of memers have access to such an important project and a bunch of poorfags get so rich from it. If it were so key, reddit would be eating this shit up. people would be at least aware of it, due to the importance of an oracle solution. nobody is talking about link.

So you all think a bunch of poor neets are gonna get rich af. unless it is some FREAK accident that 4chan got hold of LINK? but then, WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT IT.

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People don't understand the middleware aspect.

> What do you mean I can't use this token to buy cheeseburgers?

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>a small subset of bizraelis realize the potential of LINK
>during the alt-coin bullmarket there are threads dedicated to it that that have the unremarkable (and admitedly boring) logo as the OP
>the threads make claims about its importance during a time when all other threads are discussing the importance of their coin's/token's tech
>primary research and an understanding of the fundamentals are completed during this time
>discussion revolves around tertiarty or tangential subjects about LINK
>as the number of threads grow people check them out and see no meaningful discussion (because it was already done during a time when all alts were being hyped)
>link gets a reputation as the same hype project and potentially worse because the memes are so over the top
>link continues to fly under the radar both by design and chance if timing

If this had entered during the bear market - people would have taken much more notice of it. Fortunately, the forums were oversaturated with other projects whose fundamentals were easier to understand. You can't expect the majority of people to ubderstand what it will do. It is unironically outside of the overton window due to the nature of people doing primary research on it. This means that it's anti-normie on a social level. Intellectually it is also anti-normie because the rule of DYOR is necessary because it is socially unpalatable. Not only that, but it's slightly outside of the range of what a 100IQ person would be able to understabd on a first or even third read-through.

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Personal incredulity is not an argument. If you doubt it, just ignore the new info which comes out constantly which indicates that it is beyond a doubt part of a bigger and more important plan for crypto.

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my only explanation IF this is so important, which im not convinced yet... is:

4chan were never meant to get this coin. the smart contract people made to pool funds and get into the ICO was a unanticipated event.
The memes started, but then some psyops level sht began to try convince people its useless, because as said, 4chan NEETS were never meant to get this coin. now it's in a fucking weird as fuck place, with the CIA level psyops mems and fud/shilling intentionally making it as hard as possible to decipher this project, and deter people.

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have no idea wut u r talking about anon.....

keep it moving.

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What do they have? Nothing. A fucking testnet, this doesn't tackle the challenge they're facing. Vomit a suicide stack on it in case they pull it off and move on, there's no real reason to believe they're closer to finishing than before they started.

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No marketing and they already said they'll begin marketing once mainnet launches. They're focusing on the tech right now.

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Thanks, just bought 100k LINK.

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We were never meant to be part of this. They made min contribution ridicilous for a reason. They don't actively seek for exchanges for a reason. They are quiet for a reason.

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but i don't get why 4chan is the only place anyone cares about it or even heard of it. surely someone out there would be shilling this outside of here, a stray ico investor or such. there is a cult following on here, why hasn't that spread elsewhere and made people aware? its so self contained it makes no sense. >>10172478
had a good theory, but even still, its been 6 months since those events.

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Triple digit iq. Nice.

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The Trump phenomenon is a case not so dissimilar

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i think the trump phenomenon is just cognitive dissonance. people on POL were absorbed i their bubble, not seeing the outside influences also on their side.

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>Why is it unknown
Because it's a meme. Link solves absolutely nothing.

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Qanon predicted this.

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You can see the influences from Link that are also on our side anon

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This. A person needs near-expert-tier understanding of financial services and blockchain in order to understand what the ChainLink product is trying to do.
Normies aren't smart enough, don't care, just want internet magic monies to buy porn

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>being this retarded

Bernie can still win, bro.

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Chainlink has been posted on reddit a lot but people don’t seem to care or the mods delete the thread straight away. People on other forums are incredibly stupid and just follow the crowd buying hyped up coins. Because there’s no censorship on 4chan there’s more room for genuine discussion.

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You guys are dumb its your 4chan FUD that turned big money off calling it a scam and2 man development team you guys are idiots thinking it's funny but it's the reason no one cares about it dumb fucks

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It's anti-normie. The people that do their research aren't going to talk about it publicly because when their associates see the memes before they understand the fundamentals it looks very weird.

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what FUD? its shilled endlessly

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Yeah. Normies only follow confirmed announcements on twitter to learn about their shitcoins. The truth about LINK so far comes from a constellation of hard to find clues that only true autists could possibly hope to appreciate

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people on here love to say "ETH WAS MEMED TO DEATH AT THE START" but thats such bullshit.

i dint psot much here back then, but i know for a fact that the ETH foundation gave developer blogs all the damn time about crypto issues, they talked about their roadmaps and late 2016/early 2017 they started advertising quite a lot on websites like facebook.

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This is why I don't talk about ChainLink. Think I want some faggot asking me about coming here and thinking I'm some kind of pervert? Oh that's what you do online, huh? Fuck that they can stay poor.

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Dumb 4chan bitches ruin any thread on reddit which big money follows they dont come here with you weird perverts posting stupid shit linkies stay super stinky 1000 eoy you guys are dumb as fuck

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There has been reddit posts with 100 upvotes removed cause you 4chan bitches want to post stupid shit and start upvoting and downvoting together you guys have some type of gay infatuation with acting retarded and spreading FUD, Chainlink doesnt have a reputation of being shilled but of being retarded cause you 4chan perverts

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>yah so I looked into that ChainLink thing and I ended up on that site you like. they were talking about bull cum and there was a lady with a milk crate full of purple dildos. is that where you learned about ChainLink?

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using name on anonymous ethiopian elephant shit sniffing forum

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>32 million USD ICO
>No product after > 6 months
>Philosophy major CEO
>Trying to solve an imaginary problem
>Already a lot of competition trying to solve the same imaginary problem

Link will fail so hard it will be hilarious as fuck.

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A lot of the seemingly autistic shilling is fud, intended to reduce the project's credibility for those who dont dyor

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i find that a poor excuse as to why nobody is talking about it. If link is as vital as people say that perception would overpower any 4chan stigma it has. It's like saying Ethereum is bad because people talk about it on here a lot to, so why its stigmatized. not the case.
Genuine discussion would crop up elsewhere a lot too, not just here. sure people would be directed here, but also plenty of other places is LINK was so important.

Now i wont discredit the possibility. definitely not. but its a little strange. its entirely possible that LINK was drowned into obscurity in a perfect storm of events, but extremely bizarre odds for that to happen.

maybe the fact that most "investors" in blockchain are brainlets, and the oracle issue is downplayed a lot anyway doesnt help. but i suppose even when you google "block chain oracles" chainlink doesn't appear anywhere. wtf. I cannot wrap my head around this without accepting >>10172478 as entirely true, and the odds of it feel relatively impossible.

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just bought 1 btc of link. i hope this is the gem that makes me a billionaire

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Ethereum was developed by the will of pure high IQ autism, success was written in stone from the get go. Link on the other hand LMAO

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What's the distribution of wallets like anyway? How many big stacks, institutional level, are there? How many of them have dumped? According to cmc, the volumes at about 110,000 link. And most of the volume months ago was bot trading. Why would any serious holder talk about this project now? Even ico holders waiting to dump would just wait till mainnet to hype this up. I mean mainnet is probably a max of one year away. What incentive is there for any holder to talk about this?

Also, no one talks about the Oracle problem at all. It's just brushed over with statements like "everyone will just build their own". Vitalik said it's not even worth 32m. But anyone into link knows how hard it is. How not doing it right almost forfeits any advantage of using blockchain in the first place. It's like this dirty secret, and acknowledging it is like acknowledging only private chains can be useful. But then why even use blockchain? Ignoring the Oracle problem is like admitting every thing but bitcoin is worthless. But when asked about about the Oracle problem Vitalik talks about Oraclize, augur and other shit projects. No influential figures talk about link. I feel like all linkies have to be either visionaries or retarded.

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exactly. who is the vitalik of LINK?

inb4 "Vitalik is just some BTC magazine college dropout" fud from back then.

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Because 4chan is the place where real research happens, like me for example.
I read about smart contracts for over a year now and have a good idea how it works, the average normie has no time for this, they rather go drink, chase holes or simply follow the herd.

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>(You) will be wrong so hard it will be hilarious as fuck.

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LINK is still in the "Trump won't make it past Iowa" stage

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you just summed up my exact thoughts on all of blockchain. BTC and XMR and maybe XRP being the only ones worth investing in unless the oracle bottle neck is solved.

it literally seems like a dirty little secret. maybe thats why link is so obscure? to acknowledge link is to say this dirty little secret nuls all their efforts. but then again, many shitcoins openly state their goal is to provide the platform not the dapps. in ETHERs mission statements it says this.

maybe, just maybe, thats why you have to actually have rather intimate understanding of blockchain to even realise link, and that is a minority of people even among the memers.

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but it could be so legit that the powers that be are keeping quiet about it. all this is very machiavellian, after all, anyone in the know gives away scraps, giving you the impression they are all knowing, hiding the source of gold, if that makes sense.

youre absolutely right. visionaries in the beautiful early stage (like how eth was shilled on biz) or absolute fucking deluded retards. Only time will tell.

personally speaking. Im all in. win big or be a whimpering wagie forever

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Maybe it is like assblaster said, and in 5 years this will be the most ridiculous thing to come out of 4chan ever. But, no talk from any one of substance? At all? I don't know what to believe. What's more likely, almlst perfect opsec from investors or we all invested in a shitcoin? I actually can't tell. If this is really that important, it's not hard to imagine a ton of NDAs, agreements and self interest at work. Either way I'm all in too. I'm willing to bet, for a chance at freedom. For me, it probably won't dump past my initial, so that's something at least.

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It's like a chain of events:
>4chan shill BTC very early, people accuse it of being funny money scam botnets. BTC shills hail as retards. nobody can really understand blockchain at all in 2011. Merkle trees? decentralized?
>BTC takes off. proof of concept. 4chan shills ethereum the next step in blockchain uses, the imagination of smart contracts. the endless possibility of digital contracts. Hail as retards. nobody sees the need of a smart contract or even understands it. "we already have BTC".
>Eth moons. the next logical progression, the gargantuan bottle neck to BTCs proof of concept, and Ethereums imagination. ChainLink.

By now people have only just caught up with smart contracts, like before with BTC. they barely understand them still, while only just getting to grasp with blockchain itself in basic iteration like BTC. the oracle iss is so far ahead of their understanding, just like smart contracts when eth was shilled.

it makes a lot of sense now.... holy shit.

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Of course. Do you expect them to say their project's futures is entirely based on an oracle network that doesn't exist yet? Why would you invest in their shitcoin when its future is dependent on the success of a project no one acknowledges?

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Maybe because it is a project in development in a comparatively obscure market. You think a lot of people knew to throw money at something like Intel when computers were coming out? You can’t compare LINK to Ethereum because when ETH was being developed, anyone interested in crypto was a genuine enthusiast and the space was very different from today.

Many true blockchain enthusiasts and OG investors are fucking rock solid erect about Link. Most people on 4chan got into crypto within the last year and aren’t very smart.

Go to any conference and talk to people and see what they think about ChainLink.

A lot of people don’t understand Bitcoin. Most people don’t understand Ethereum...why the fuck would you expect ChainLink to be discussed en masse?

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This is literally what i believe happened.

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Because they're all retarded basedboy kikes and "discussion" there involves upboating community selected comments, stifling debate and hampering innovation? You literally cannot convince reddit something this groundbreaking is good, they're too fucking stupid to understand.

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Everything you did in this thread was so forced and disingenuous, that only the simplest of people would believe it.

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>A person needs near-expert-tier understanding of financial services and blockchain in order to understand what the ChainLink product is trying to do
Literally lolled.

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no senpai. i am on my own journey. I've been here a while but i only realised about oracles two weeks ago. im super intrigued by link now, naturally. i've maintained skepticism still now, but im coming to realise its *potential*.

I also know how stupid the average investor is in terms of understanding the technology. it all feeds into itself.

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Because we autistically discuss things in a debate style thats more like gladiatorial combat than civil discussion.
Say something dumb? Get called a nigger
Poorly reasoned argument? Get called a shill
Fail to back up claims with sources? Get called a faggot.

The nature of this place is such that ideas thrive on their merits, not the mouthpieces that project them. LINK is a great idea, and thus is stands the test.

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>4chan shill BTC
you have know fucking clue how pissed i am. I couldn't fucking figure out how to synch my fucking wallet.i later realized i had a shit computer. Im talking these fucking things were pennies.

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Plebbit etc didn't really talk about ETH also. They started after if proved itself.

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it reached a point where /g/ banned BTC threads because all the retards.

>> No.10173640

agreed. it very much feels like history repeating, but it begs the question are more people clued in (making it overhyped) or is human behaviour still the same and ignorant (keeping the gem hidden in plain sight)

human psychology and how much of a risk you willing to take are the 2 important factors here

btc / eth early investors right now are living EZ , that could be us...

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i remember when this shit was being shilled on/b/. Im even more pissed that i forgot about it and missed out on eth. Lighting rarely strikes the same place twice or even three times. Im all in on link just so i can have a piece of mind. So i don't hang myself just in case i missed the boat a third and final time

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Top kek. What's worse? Implying college degrees mean anything or contradicting yourself by saying it's an imaginary problem then following it up with saying there's a lot of competition for said problem. You sound like a buttcoiner calling bitcoin "imaginary" simply because it exists digitally. This is what peak retardation looks like.

>> No.10173670

>A lot of people don’t understand Bitcoin

i can confidently say normies don't understand bitcoin AT ALL. Their analysis is quite literally "online money".

i work at a research company for banks, and when UK banks banned bitcoin, 80% of normies were happy and supported the ban, but reading between the lines it came from a place of fear and ignorance, they truly feared this strange technology they could not comprehend.

>> No.10173679

You do realize the couple of main chans have a insanely high IQ average. Lots of Anon's have been confirmed to be part of gifted programs when they children. It has been confirmed that the US, European and other military intelligence agencies actively monitor these places. MIT and other top tier research facilities also keep an eye on us.

/pol/ once made false information so believable that the US FUCKING GOVERNMENT used it as proof in a dossier about Russia.

4chan and ha te chan are literally unpaid think tanks comparable to the largest highest paid think tanks in the world. You don't understand it because you are just a remora fish accidentally swimming with the big boys.

No shut your mouth and lurk more you unbelievable faggot.

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Based Niggershillfaggot

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spotted an old fag. It seems we all end up in the same place sooner or later

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no stobbid fren!!

STINKY mmmmmm yessssss LINKY mmmmmmm WERE GONNA BE SO FUCKING RICH mmmmmmmm SEIG HEIL MUDDAFUCKKA mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It's important to keep the board culture toxic so normal people refrain from posting or even browsing.

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oh, i never have. This place has taken the best years from me. Hopefully, it will pay off

>> No.10173827

it's an inherently masculine environment too, which keeps out the effeminate. if being called bad words online offends and riles you up , you dont deserve to be here and attendant to discussions that are pertinent to wealth generation

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Why would you start shilling now and raise the price tho?

>> No.10173944

The problem is if you go to hacker news, all of them liberal onions boy fags are shitting on blockchain, you'd think engineers with 30 years of experience in tech would understand...

>> No.10173993

soiboys have a slave mindset , they follow the opinion of their paymaster

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I get you senpai. good post. in other words your stinky.

Link is solid, it's a better bet than most coins in its fundamental arguments. it's well vetted.

It's just a matter of time now. It seems nobody is arguing WHEN LINK will moon, just that it has the recipe.

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Most people barely know what SWIFT is, even though SWIFT is so instrumental to what banks do.
Kind of the same deal.

Plus Chainlink's development is being kept extremely low-key.
And the crypto space doesn't care about any token or coin that doesn't have a Chink scammer doing the marketing.
They will though.

>> No.10174144

"Members of high IQ societies, especially those that require D15IQs above 145, often comment that around this IQ, qualitatively different thinking emerges. By this they mean that the 145+ D15IQ person doesn't just do the same things, intellectually, as a lower IQ person, just faster and more accurately, but actually engages in fundamentally different intellectual processes. David Wechsler, D. K. Simonton, et alia, have observed the same thing."


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If you're done accumulating you'd have an incentive to begin shilling.

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But anon, you're never done accumulating

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Youre a bitch boy gaped asshole

>> No.10174449

>4chan were never meant to get this coin
what's it doing on binance then? utter bullshit

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>He doesn't know Binance listed Link without the devs permission.
>Pic related


>> No.10174523

>cognitive dissonance
this. there were no virgina coat miners on /pol.
neither do people who celebrate hitler have any commonality with people to voted for trump. te small obnoxious tumor in poo swelled because the humourless low iq horde from stormfront landed after it was shut down they had been around purely because free speech is available for airing their garbage. They has no important hand in trumps election and if anything were a risk to him. See hal turner.

t,rigged online debate polls

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>Qanon predicted this.
o fuck off we're not all retarded

>> No.10174543

>A person needs near-expert-tier understanding of financial services and blockchain in order to understand what the ChainLink product is trying to do

No you nee a fairly primitive understanding of either

>> No.10174578

There's at least 5 Virginia Coal Miners what post on /pol/ daily, Rebecca.

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Fren that stuff you just mentioned was confirmed LARP. ffs


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free 1400$ AirDrop for my fellow linkmarines https://initiativeq com/invite/rxEhVAhGX 5 left

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Raj, please

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कृपया खुद को मार डालो

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How does it feel inside?

>> No.10175640

God damn I fucking love CZ

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>The oracle problem can't be solved, I would say it's more of a matter of 2+2 ever equaling 5, it's just not going to happen - jimmy song

that was from the podcast in pic related. Tell me, we all know jimmy isn't retarded and been in the space a long time. He knows the oracle problem Exists but claims there's absolutely no solution. Why?

I'm starting to think smart contracts are a meme. Like jimmy said if you tokenize a title for a house how are you going to keep the token and the house tied together. Someone can still steal the private seed and now what? Is this why we all will be getting microchips implanted into our wrists because that's the only way I see all this working.

why is jimmy so smart but so fucking retarded? if he knows the oracle problem exists why would he not do some fucking research and see if this problem is being worked on? why wouldnt he come across Ari Js work on secure hardware like TC and SGX. what the fuck is going on here and why is he acting like smart contracts will never be able to mimic real world financial agreements. we all know he is not a complete retard sub room temp iq so what the fuck is happening does he have some hidden ulterior motive?

ChainLink is wierd af you have people who have been in the space a very long time acting like they have no clue a project is working on this solution and then you have prominent people like Charles Schwab who includes smartcontract.com in his book the 4th industrial revolution and aantonop who included ChainLink in his book mastering Ethereum yet people still don't see to take notice. I don't get it.

>> No.10175709

>no public marketing
>obvious NDA'S in place
>big brains know that trouble starts when small brains are granted the priviledge to invest without going through trials

>> No.10175742

I've been going through his twitter. the guy is a brainlet. That's why he doesn't know about it.

>> No.10175773

Unironically seems like the best explanation.
No one can be stupid enough to do thier research and FUD link.
Along with this came the memers and shitheads who FUD for fun.
wouldnt be suprised if it was all memers and shitheads.
I just can't imagine someone being stupid enough to FUD link unironically,

>> No.10175775

>Charles Schwab

fucking kek

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>> No.10175830

gonna laugh at all these naysayers that kill themselves when Link finally moons

>> No.10175847

>he thinks my chainlink fud is some kind of CIA operation and not just me fudding link because I personally believe it is a worthless shitcoin
>This level of paranoid delusion over cryptocurrency

link .06 eoy
btw my cousin works at McDs in Cali and he said Sergey comes in and orders like 5 Big Macs at a time.

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people fail to realise that these issues like tokenizing a house do not ahve to be solved right now

so what? the oracle solution with Chainlink can still allow for lots of financial functions, even if tokenizing physical items and complex physical items like a house is hard.
It's like when they created the first mobile phone with a camera. everyone said "why?" nobody saw the use for combining these two.

years later, we now benefit. If my wife left her passport at an airport, and i go to retrieve it, but then security tells me "no, its sensitive item, she needs to be here" i can just do a facetime video call and they can verify. simple as fuck. nobody could see this in the past because internet on phones was not even in their consciousness at the time.

>> No.10175868

I agree with the psyop idea. We weren't supposed to know. Our iron hands will turn to gold brothers.

>> No.10175875


i agree. link will be 0.05cents. then i will buy it. new paragdim. cant fucking wait

>> No.10175889

and then it will be .00 eony

>> No.10175948


too many big names are attached to this coin, we weren't supposed to know

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You guys are gonna tell your family and friends you sold early right so they won't get too envious?

>> No.10176053

Um, so is it worth buying now, or should I wait for lower price? Would hate to miss out.... hope you guys arent trolling....

>> No.10176063


if Link delivers, it wont matter if you buy now or at 5 dollars.

>> No.10176108

Link to assblasters comments

>> No.10176128

I regret making this picture. Ever since he was wrong about the volume in May FUDers use it to attack linkies.

>> No.10176130

why wouldn't it matter? are you saying it would skyrocket to like $1000 or something?

>> No.10176142

They are feeding off of your FOMO

think about it critically for a second: link is one of if not THE most shilled coins on biz, and it's not doing that great
someone is trying to manipulate you into buying their bags so they can get out while they can, or they're buying at dips and reselling at an increase, all again by manipulating your FOMO
Link is probably never going anywhere, and even if it is that is YEARS away because Sergey really likes his Big Macs.

>> No.10176180


this comment shows someone who understands the market, is healthy in skepticism, and not a brainlet. but fails to understand what LINK is.

therefore, nobody cares. buying link now or at 5 bucks matters little if it succeeds.

>> No.10176187

>a few anons buying Link will pump up the billion dollar market cap

>> No.10176198

Thanks. I've made that mistake before.

>> No.10176217

Let's not pretend like it doesn't fluctuate the price allowing you to manipulate it pretty easily and make continuous small gains
I am almost feel dirty FUDDING Link, only because it enables fagwads like you to divest prospective investors of their hard earned cash

>> No.10176233
File: 99 KB, 326x326, neet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

getting nervous, no linker?

we're about to moon

>> No.10176245

trump had a huge reddit following and was also popular on other alt right sides. Only in msm he was not popular.

This is not the case with link so since crypto is decided by community sites.

>> No.10176246

Nice deflection and projection, all wrapped up in one neat little post with a frog
The memes practically write themselves

>> No.10176269

All I do is buy and hold, eat some motherfucking shit nigger. Link is the new paradigm and you can SUCK IT

>> No.10176283

Spoken like a true brainwashed cultist.

>> No.10176294

Not at the beginning. It was only pol and even then not everyone was sold on him.

>> No.10176305

and I will buy infinitely many of them if they are at .00
checkmate nolinkers

>> No.10176324

You typing styles all fucked up, now, that tells me you're a prick to start with

>> No.10176329

Does it specifically need to be of the motherfucking variety or will any old shit do in a pinch?

>> No.10176330

so where is link gaining popularity on other side like Don did?
It is not happening and it wont happen.

>> No.10176345

>You typing styles all fucked up, now, that tells me you're a prick to start with
At least you used the correct contraction of "you are."
1/10 made me reply

>> No.10176379
File: 103 KB, 403x347, 11c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you have to have a high IQ to get LINK

>> No.10176403

My 60 year old mom just told me she read about link in this financial newsletter she receives and she knows piss all about crypto

It's happening bros. The hype is real

>> No.10176412

It will, after mainnet. Probably will take a few months after that to get the ball rolling. Rory said the smaller partners would likely announce first after a few months, and larger ones would likely be next.

Link isn't some fucking eos/tron/0xBtc shitcoin that needs immediate hype. Eth took 18 months to hit $10 in much better market conditions. I'm not looking at eoy prices, Im looking at 3-5 years from now for my targets

>> No.10176460

Saw this in another thread,

You are incorrect.

>> No.10176461

I can't understand ya. You got shit in your mouth? You eat shit for breakfast?

>> No.10176559

> Let's not pretend like it doesn't fluctuate the price allowing you to manipulate it pretty easily and make continuous small gains
Dude come on, it really does nothing, absolutely not worth the effort, you would be much better served cycling through shit to shill but it's obvious the shilling on this is staying when other shit doesn't while the token keeps underperforming. It could be as simple as group delusion but at worst you can have people baiting others into it for luls and if you want to reach further reach for CIA.

>> No.10176599

>Stupid AND gullible
you deserve to lose your money, brainlet

>> No.10176608
File: 57 KB, 400x500, 1519010874010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

23K Linklet here. This shit is addictive. Was a nocoiner back in january and my initial goal was hoping to get to 5K link before the singularity hit.
Literally can't stop putting my wagie shekels into this.

>> No.10176716

You have absolutely no evidence that the devs didn’t want this on Binance. Why do you spread rumors as fact? That is a huge issue with Linkies I’ve noticed...

>> No.10176728

lol literally me too. the post singularity meet up is gonna be insane.

>> No.10176730
File: 79 KB, 1024x958, 1530118809236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw not in the top 1000 LINK holders

im never ganna make it with my 2k link

>> No.10176787

I'm literally going to have well over 100k by the time it's all said and done

>> No.10176855

I hope you like being a wagie because your throwing all your money down the trash.

>> No.10176906

this really sums it up perfectly. +1 upvote

>> No.10176994

I have 101k at 22. Will I make it boys?

>> No.10177002

sup TheBigCryptowski... i know youre in this thread

>> No.10177005

Hey fuck you, he has the attitude to make it. Even if Link were to fail (which it won't) the motherfucker has the balls to take high stake risks necessary to get rich.

>> No.10177018

See, you're still havin trouble with that speech. Go get the shit out your mouth!

>> No.10177077

That dude needs to get a life. Take a break from link for awhile

>> No.10177189
File: 110 KB, 2540x3176, 1520224006797.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fudding doesn't affect me. I will still keep throwing every penny into stinkies. Don't even care if it goes to 0.

>> No.10177196

Attention: Keep on comenting stupid shit on redd.it and you will get banned I am now a moderator this is a warning

>> No.10177216

He's a fucking brainlet. Even the simplest FUD posted here he would parrot to the Discord and beg for it to he refuted. Every single day. Which is why he was banned and deserved it

>> No.10177281

Oh he's banned now? That's why I don't even check the discord cause of people like him and others were absolutely fucking retarded.

>> No.10177621

Why didn't LINK moon during the altcoin bullrun though? Seeing at how it is a project with a very strong use case, this is strange.

>> No.10177735

>Many true blockchain enthusiasts and OG investors are fucking rock solid erect about Link
How do you know?

>> No.10177746


Um you stupid assholes said the exact same thing about bitcoin and eth

>> No.10177772


Average people have a hard time figuring out what a good crypto investment is

Case in point ripple mooning to 80b market cap

>> No.10177797
File: 91 KB, 450x300, 1511640649887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Typical delusional Linkie. I bet you believe that Sergey is Satoshi

>> No.10177826
File: 10 KB, 200x200, 10653692_899815970047175_5273479591260093593_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

moderate my gooch

>> No.10177886

How can you tell someone is an oldfag

>> No.10177920

I haven't bought a home yet I'm still studying but could you potentially begin building homes with a digital chip "embedded into the framework of the home" per say; to act as the title that could connect to the blockchain? This would be benificial because someone couldn't just knock on your door and steal your cryptosteel and now own your title. I have heard that title fraud is really serious stuff and people have lost everything, it happens a lot today which is why everyone buys title insurance. I lack the knowledge of understanding how a title is passed along but having something that's stationary "embedded into the framework of the home" seems like it could work.

I could see down the road there being new laws and regulations saying all homes must be built with "said device embedded" so it'll have the capability to connect to the correct chain. Idk.

>> No.10177979


same as today senpai. deed to the house obligated by the banks or whatever. this is where governments and banks still will have relevance. maybe the chip is stored with them, then uploaded to an api for everyone to see.

>> No.10178053


4chan unironically is where the true world elite hang out. Brainlets dont survive the chans, they return to reddit and twitter.

>> No.10178086

You have to be packing a ginormous glistening donkey schlong to fully comprehend the significance of Chainlink in the burgeoning crypto space.

>> No.10178087

its not obscure its just only listed on one exchange because sergei meant to personally sell to corporations as they want in. thats why most of the LINK in the world is sitting in wallets

>> No.10178135

Its listed on 9 exchanges

>> No.10178151

wh.... what? Its on three of the biggest exchanges in the world

>> No.10178161

Reddit won't touch it because of biz, it's a good thing, they will buy at $10

>> No.10178175

who else bought the bottom?

>> No.10178256

this is actually pretty smart

have chips embedded in a bunch of different spots (foundation, roof, walls, doors, driveway, the lawn), then nobody can just dig up and swap the chip out and claim ownership. tokenization of houses will never happen, its too easy to lose your key, but having that key physically in the house will help.

>> No.10178270

Reddit is starting to shill LINK now though.
Better start accumulating more before they start getting in.

>> No.10178344

Name one project that hasn't blogged/commented on how they just listed on an exchange, except ChainLink. Hmm? They didn't say, "hey we just listed on Binance", because they didn't.

>> No.10178422

He's pretty thin for that kind of eating desu. Our guy's a thinker.

>> No.10178546

hes getting bigger (stronger)

>> No.10178674

They are not. Just some anons trying to shill it there.

>> No.10178697


>> No.10178737

There were projects that did 50x within weeks, LINK in comparison was very tame.

>> No.10178752
File: 50 KB, 1775x270, 1530206934789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10178780

Is this true? Were LINK threads in the past more akin to ETH threads in 2015 that discussed fundamentals and technical aspects?

>> No.10178797


then factor in calling each other stupid pajeets street shitters or niggers within those threads and any normie is completely turned off.

>> No.10178840
File: 191 KB, 1663x973, ether2016fud.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was around then and its hard to compare the two because you have to realize the markets back then were very very different. ETH investors had a level of smugness about them but even then we weren't too sure that an alt could have a serious climb, as the only crypto that had seen levels of success then was bitcoin.

I cant recall if there were memes like "1k EOY" for ethereum but I do remember "Ethereum is the future of smart money" or things of that nature being constantly repeated. The memes around Ethereum also heavily centered around Vitalik as well, "Money Skelly" and things of that nature.

Ethereum then was really the only project that was talked about and fudded with consistency. The only other crypto projects talked about were BTC, SYS, SIA, XMR, and small unknown shitcoins like Trumpcoin. This board actually moved much much slower back then. You would reply to a couple anons then come back the next day to see if they replied back.

>> No.10178860

ETH is its own block chain

Link is just a coin on the ETH chain

totally different

>> No.10178870


small minded thinking, you completely miss the forest for the trees like that

>> No.10178887

Not really

Link is trying to integrate with corporatism so corporations can get their hand on crypto

Sounds great in theory but will kill crypto in the long run - just another thing mega corps will rig in their favor. But if you don't care about that and just want to get rich on the pump, then yeah, it's going to moon

>> No.10178897

I was posting more in the context of usecases...obviously a platform and a utility token will be different.

>> No.10178909

>memes around Ethereum also heavily centered around Vitalik as well
There are many memes surrounding Sergey as well.

>> No.10178923
File: 118 KB, 1280x720, 1530401520270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10178938


People always forget to mention that LINK is a corporate project through and through. This is not a project that Sergey is attempting to make his own flourishing company with, This is a project that aims to be used as a tool for very large financial institutions. If you have any doubt just Google "SWIFT smart contracts" and you will find loads of articles talking about SWIFTs interest in the space of smart contracts, and all of them mentioning by name "Smartcontracts.com", "Sergey nazarov", and "Chainlink". Heres an article that originally got me interested into Chainlink: https://www.treasury-management.com/news/1024/poc-of-swift-smart-contract-trade-w-5-financial-firms.html

The only correct comparison in this market you could make towards LINK is Ripple. I wouldn't compare LINK to Oraclize, mobius etc.... I would only compare LINK to Ripple as it is the de facto corporate blockchain project. LINK is SWIFT's answer to XRP.

Does anyone else remember 3 years ago when Ripple was new and all the information we had to go off of was Wells Fargo Hiring a man to look into building its own blockchain projects? Anyone else from that time feel the similarity of it all now? There were no confirmed partners and a long line of breadcrumbs to try and figure it out for ourselves.

>> No.10178940

yeah i'm sooo sure you're potty trained though pakeet

>> No.10178951

...and 3 years later XRP ended up doing a 1000x.

>> No.10178978
File: 46 KB, 400x350, 1525543777017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just bought 100k because of frog memes and people saying "bought 100k"

>> No.10178991
File: 5 KB, 608x34, XRPbuyorder.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yup. I invested back then based of a loose suspicion that it would do well in bringing blockchains to the corporate world and it ended up paying off pretty well. I bought over 200,000 of them for 2.3 btc which in USD value back then was something like $1400-$1600?

Just trying to tell you guys, The feeling is eerily similar.

>> No.10179023

xrp is centralized trash though that was memed because it was "so cheap" with normies ignoring the huge market cap.

>> No.10179060

True, but investment wise it proved to be very lucrative.

>> No.10179064


no. anon... learn wat market making is. please. normies barely did fuck all to crypto. they only influenced top 20 shit at best.

XRP has insane whales controlling it. remember all that drama with the co-founder dumping it?

>> No.10179109

But its worth shit now so really its shit. When did you sell?

>> No.10179118

What I can’t understand is how Laura shin from unchained had a bitcoin maximalist on her podcast, they discussed how untenable smart contracts really are, cited the oracle problem as a key challenge, and neither one of them had hardly any knowledge of work being done on oracles. Neither one of them even knew much about Augur, let alone any serious development on decentralized oracles. It’s astonishing how professionals supposedly up to date on the latest developments can acknowledge how important the problem is, and still not put much effort into seeking a solution

>> No.10179119

it was, but its totally saturated now

>> No.10179146

you are a broken record. shut the fuck up.

>> No.10179187

I didn't buy any :(

>> No.10179218

well, what was the highest it got ? i never followed that piece of shit. It seems though that people dump their prized coins, only saying 1k EOY just to get people to hold

>> No.10179310
File: 3.88 MB, 344x203, 1475543633742.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The smartest people on 4chan are the geniuses that act like retards acting like geniuses acting like retards. No really, think about it.

Remind me again, is /pol satire?

>> No.10179372

Unironically I just sold 100k and bought a yearly pass to MacDonalds

>> No.10179378

Everything is satire. Unless you use the gold add-on everything looks like shilling, racial slurs, and sniff posting. I pity the newcomers that think the base of the forum is all there truly is. Sometimes I take the gold extension off just to see what utter nonsense gets posted here. Its a real treat.

>> No.10179412

What do you anons think of RLC and ENG? Both have excellent usecases in regards to smart contracts like LINK.

>> No.10179491
File: 325 KB, 1024x1024, delphi memeball.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10179561

let's assume that chainlink is all that we want it to be. how the fuck did someone like sergey make it happen? where did he get the ari juels, etc connections? he was so ahead of the game with the smart contract + cryptlets domains but he comes off as an average guy. if link is a {{{secret}}} project that {{{they}}} want to keep hidden from normies, then a figurehead like sergey seems like a vulnerability. for maximum effect, it should have been some 50yo boomer that looks like bill gates, but instead it's some young guy with a philosophy degree and an appetite for cheese. even if there were NDAs to prevent sergey from leaking info it would be much easier to buy him out and replace him with someone who is more qualified to make sure that the project is executed perfectly. idk seems like something is missing

>> No.10179577


If you wanna go down that road... ((they)) wanting to hide it.... a philosophy degree meme man may just be the best way to hide it.

Whos to say he doesnt have support ?

>> No.10179587

>what’s your secret?
>big macs

>> No.10179607

>Whos to say he doesnt have support ?

he has support for sure, but how did he get it? it would be a huge fucking coincidence for a philosophy grad to stumble upon smart contracts, let alone cryptlets, have the foresight to recognize the oracle problem and begin developing a solution, and then have that solution be so sound that he gets {{{support}}} from someone.

>> No.10179619
File: 82 KB, 960x720, 0HcmzTk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

maybe the never smiling autist with the thousand yard stare that only ever wears one fucking flannel shirt, idk (seriously though, I don't think I've ever seen Sergey in anything other than that blue pendleton flannel)

>> No.10179646

I'm worried that they'll scrap Link for something that is more marketable and Link is just a stepping stone

>> No.10179670
File: 68 KB, 210x299, bale_20110412211106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every major successful person is not successful by coincidence, they are chosen, often to fulfill an already preconceived agenda.

For example - Christian Bale. You think he's just a really good actor, right? No, his mother-in-law is a Jew who got him connections to Spielberg as a child

What about Emma Watson? Both her parents are doctors iirc, or one is a lawyer. She was never going to have to worry about money.

Or perhaps Bill Gates - he was a smart guy right? His grandparents were the wealthiest bankers in Seattle area and he was set up with a million dollar trust fund (this is back in the 70s iirc, a lot more money back then). He was never going to fail.

>> No.10179732
File: 579 KB, 989x742, C9AF7FDD-503C-4667-A3D8-1DB839CC938A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been meaning to go all in on CL for a while now. Portfolio has been at 50 percent Link. About to put a market buy in for roughly 130k Link after reading all this discussion. Shout out to squirrelbro, rare Sergey anon, and comfy mountain cabin for snowboarding and art anon. God speed to us all

>> No.10179749

>Because there’s no censorship on 4chan there’s more room for genuine discussion.

OP, this is really important. 4chan is the wilderness of ideas, there is no regulation or nannying or popularity contests or anything else to distort things. Every idea here exists on its own in a melee of conflicting ideas, and they all have a finite lifespan, because threads are constantly bumped off the listing. The ideas that truly thrive in the 4chan environment need to be compelling enough to a wide enough range of human beings from a wide enough variety of angles and interpretations such that those human beings will take that idea and make another thread about it, thus perpetuating it. It's actually ironically a sort of return to the roots of human information transmission: oral history.

The reason 4chan gets it right so often is precisely because of this environment. It's survival of the fittest. Every other place on the internet has celebrities or karma systems or permanent media in such a way that the value of the idea itself inevitably becomes distorted and difficult to judge. On 4chan, all is laid bare and must compete and survive on its own merits.

ChainLink won't fucking die because it keeps passing the test. If it was a shit idea, it'd die as soon as the post expired. Nobody would repost it and that would be it. The fact people won't shut up about it, disparate people with disparate motives who are not part of a coordinated campaign or anything like that, should be cause enough to FOMO in immediately.

>> No.10179769


sergey is satoshi. it's the only explanation.

>> No.10179796

it's true, if you're heavily emotionally invested in your shitcoins already, then accepting LINK's premise is essentially admitting that your entire portfolio (except BTC and XMR maybe) is all predicated on a lie. Most people would rather stay emotionally invested in the shit they already have and hope for the best rather than admit they bought into vaporware.

>> No.10179923

that can go both ways

>> No.10179969

lmao at all the people in this thread saying "You pretty much need to be a blockchain genius to understand link."
You need a rudimentary understanding of blockchains. Super basic. The fact that most of the market doesn't even have that is indicative of how low the bar has been set, but don't delude yourself that you're a fucking genius just because you can get your head around the fact that decentralised oracles are a big deal.

>> No.10179971

This peice of shit has been shilled here for like 2 years and its done nothing. The enthusiasm for it also seems to have remained, god knows why. None of you even understand technology, don't even fucking pretend to. Thinking some vuage brainstorm of an idea and 2 devs, zero outside talk about it and no volume is doing something.

This is the longest extruded pump and dump I've ever seen. Nigger this isn't even a product, this thing DOESN'T EVEN EXIST. You just think you bought some tokens off an exchange. I can't believe how retarded you all are. To think, when I was telling this board about Ethereum in 2015 a bunch of you mouth breathers were like "NU-UH ITSS ALL BOUT DAT DERE LINK".

You all deserve to be poor because you fell for a chubby Vladimir scam.

>> No.10179985

As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti, I can Smell Your Cunt.

>> No.10179998
File: 11 KB, 256x256, Buy Great.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bazinga paradigm new moon

>> No.10180027


imagine taking the time to type that all out and expecting it to shake anyone's confidence. you should have just gone with "enjoy bleeding out".

>> No.10180040


More like delusion. Usually, if something is even real and decent in the cryptospace, it actually becomes mainstream in under TWO YEARS. Holy fucking shit. You know nothing about technology and you know this. TWO YEARS of being shilled here and nothing has happened. Look what happened to ETH in 2 years. I hope you enjoy making this vodkanigger even fatter.

>> No.10180052

>it keeps passing the test
what test?

>> No.10180060

the test that determines if an idea is strong enough to survive on its own. l2r

>> No.10180067

LINK hasn't even been around for a year.

>> No.10180068

>2 years of shilling
>ICO was in September of 2017
kys you FUDing faggit

>> No.10180074
File: 26 KB, 636x397, wtf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon what are you doing delet this now wtf

>> No.10180075

why would it be mainstream? they havent even finished the product.

you seem brainlet. did you read the whitepaper?

>> No.10180079

This could be a running joke though.

>> No.10180093

>Link has been shilled for 2 years
kek. try again FUDrucker

>> No.10180109

Honest question though, does LINK have the potential to reach 1000? Most likely not EOY but in 2-5 years? It has a billion supply.

>> No.10180111


bitbean is a running joke. their threads pop up once in a blue moon and all they do is spout memes. there aren't enough anons to be so dedicated to trolling newfags

>> No.10180142

Most LINK threads consist of EOY1000 memes though, not intelligent discussion, the constant spamming in itself could be a meme.

>> No.10180156


flush yourself down the toilet

>> No.10180165

Most will be locked up in nodes, creating scarcity. If we have a 10-20 trillion total market cap and link is top 5 then 1000 will be easy. If there is a lot of traffic on the network and a relatively small number of nodes to handle it, the returns for those nodes will be massive. People will see this and fomo in bring the rate of returns to a reasonable level while driving up the token price. The market will find an equilibrium at a certain percentage of returns. Basically the more the network is used the higher value of Link. Combine that with speculative fomo too and we could see insane prices

>> No.10180170

did you not read this thread my guy? seems like you're behind

>> No.10180173

Link 69 eoy

>> No.10180182

This thread had good discussion, but for every good LINK thread there are countless others with Sergey's picture stating "we mooning tonight boys!"

>> No.10180188

The thing is that normalfags almost always believe they are smarter than they really are. If you are saying you actually don't feel smart at all and you have a very basic understanding of blockchain tech you are already wiser than 99.9% of the global population.
And I don't mean to circlejerk, it's actually sad watching the level of digital illiteracy of the general population. The only redeeming value is that that will give us an edge in the chance of becoming financially independent compared to the rest of the society.. We need normalfags to get in the blockchain, not to dump our bags but to move forward. Smart contracts and decentralized global networks are just the prerequisite for AI evolution.

>> No.10180204

>give us an edge in the chance of becoming financially independent compared to the rest of the society
How? By investing into projects like LINK before the rocket launch?

>> No.10180213

>decentralized global networks
What project.

>> No.10180218

and the discussion in this thread should shed some light on why there are so many meme threads. no one is going to spoon feed you here

>> No.10180222

Look at the FOMO of these dividend exchanges the past few weeks. Moonbois see 2-3% divs a day and jump the fuck in with their whole stack. LINK FOMO will make that shit look like child's play, and with a network built to last that won't croak as soon as the transaction miners stop pointing their ray guns at it.

>> No.10180224

Kek. I like how Newfags will believe this is FUD when in reality Chainlink isn't a year old yet. You can check the date on the genesis block

>> No.10180236

What if it's just a couple posters making all the meme threads over and over again.

>> No.10180249

I think he was being sarcastic

>> No.10180250

what if it's a two man team?

>> No.10180257

This is another thing, how can two people possibly create something astronomical like LINK, the best idea is useless without technical expertise and manpower.

>> No.10180266

If it was this easy to potentially become mega rich, why aren't people investing in link?

>> No.10180267

Doesn't exist yet . Something like Sky coin but for real. Turing complete decentralized networks. World computers that everyone can use and nobody can shut down.

>> No.10180274
File: 6 KB, 231x219, download_4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not getting that I was being sarcastic too

>> No.10180297

it's a new kind of cryptosystem. not easily understood

>> No.10180302

20min crest whitening strips to diy bleach your asshole from the comfort of your own garage? i dunno it sounds pretty convenient but what are the side effects?

>> No.10180305

if you've been on this board for longer than 6 months and are still holding LINK you've already made it anons. although i'll admit the FUD recently is weak as fuck, if you survived the psyops of the past 10 months then nothing will stop you from making it

>> No.10180309

You could say the same for every major investment, crypto or otherwise. Crypto is a young field and especially here, the market is not efficient at all. Not many people are good at prediction. As evidenced by the load of projects that mooned without warning.

>> No.10180326

the question is how many is enough to make it? if link is unironically going to $1000 than the only play in crypto right now is to buy as much link as possible

>> No.10180336

By this logic LINK can go to zero.

>> No.10180356

no shit. every investment can go to 0. that's part of the risk of investing. do you unironically think that LINK is a 100% guarantee when nothing in the history of investing has ever been?

>> No.10180369

How come BTC and ETH mooned then

>> No.10180378

Right now in the US, there are land record deeds and grantor/grantee indexes. When you buy a property you go down to city hall to see if there are any other owners that have title. Government will have to work with crypto to get us rolling. 3rd world counties adopting a blockchain land title is more likely

>> No.10180381

depends on many factors. your definition of making it is the largest. if you have a large enough stack you can just sell the top of the next bull run and have millions. smaller stack needs more patience

>> No.10180385

how old are you? I don't want to call you a brainlet but this is reddit tier retardation you're posting here

>> No.10180397

I'm just messing with you anon

>> No.10180398

1/10 bait on your posts. got me to respond at least

>> No.10180410

subtle 4/5

>> No.10180533

1000 eoy

>> No.10180570

checked. linkies stay stinky

>> No.10180576


Okay so there's a few reasons.

The first and foremost is that ChainLink is not marketed at retail investors. Really stop and think about that. The developers don't tweet. They don't spam Reddit. They don't buy ads on crypto sites. They don't do any of that bullshit true scam coins do. That's why it's not talked about. The developers don't give a dipshit about marketing it, and the only real new information we get is from research done on 4chan. Why would an average Joe even know ChainLink exists?

This leads into the second reason. People do not fucking trust 4chan. They just don't. The average person thinks this site is full of shitty incels, so why the hell would they ever trust them for investments?

In the beginning I didn't trust ChainLink shillers at all. It was this fucking weird as box logo. Then I finally decided they post so must I'll do some research, and it was hella fucking complicated at first, but after a while I finally understood what LINK was. It may be a simple idea to me and you now, but assuming the average joe will understand the benefits of decentralized oracle's is alot to ask.

>> No.10180643

>average person thinks this site is full of shitty incels
It is

>> No.10180652

Also don't we need normies to fomo in in order for LINK to moon?

>> No.10180676


this. the white paper is virtually incomprehensible to brainlets and midwits, so the dyor meme isn't useful unless you're smart. probably the best learning source for fully integrating what chainlink is and does into your mind are sergey's presentations. the big picture "a-ha" moment for chainlink is very elusive and we shouldn't be surprised that more people haven't caught on. we've understood chainlink for so long now that we take it for granted that it's easy to grasp, but like trigonometry, it's actually quite a bit harder to understand first time around than we give it credit.

>> No.10180686
File: 492 KB, 460x3740, wojak link.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pretty much this. to be honest my shit posting on /b/ and /pol/ showed me how to pick the real information on this board. If you know how to call people faggots then you are already way ahead of the people coming to biz to get more info on which shit coin to go next. Meme magic is real faggots and link has that shit all over it.

>> No.10180693

No. We need corporation normies to fomo in

>> No.10180703


no, link will moon due to the token economics that play out upon enterprise adoption. normie fomo is irrelevant- this is actually another big reason things are so quiet. anons don't want normies to buy now in part because they want to accumulate cheap but also to spite them because we know link will moon with or without normie money.

>> No.10180704
File: 105 KB, 960x548, 1524885127231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember being in this thread, and after reading the last line of "Strap in, boys" I got chills. Chainlink will kickstart the 4th industrial revolution, and will connect the rest of the world to blockchain. Its beautiful being in on the ground level, see you on the other side marines

>> No.10180810

>token economics that play out upon enterprise adoption
ETH mooned only based on speculation with no adoption, this means the chances of LINK mooning are lower since actual adoption must take place and not just speculation.

>> No.10181053

The chances of iot mooning are about the same, it can moon because of adoption or news or some side project or whatever. Then shit gets pumped and then you get normie FOMO with 1K folios because it's pumping (if it happens). The risk is greater, if something really fucked happened to ETH this is probably dead forever.

>> No.10181066

>iot mooning
*it mooning

>> No.10181606

>if something really fucked happened to ETH this is probably dead forever.
LINK is blockchain agnostic isn't it?

>> No.10181769


At first I was going to class.
Then one day I skipped class to watch the omisego/golem shitshow
Then another day I skipped to watch devcon
I dropped out when I eventually realized I was spending more time researching cryptocurrency than I was spending on school.

>> No.10181785
File: 47 KB, 600x656, 1515339058592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.10181802

Delete this now before you get into an "accident".

>> No.10181853

Im so sorry for your lack of patience

>> No.10181871

>If chainlink is so important to smart contracts, and is the solution to the huge bottle neck which everything depends on, why is it so obscure?

Maybe decentralized oracles are simply not needed

>> No.10181921

>Brad Garlinghouse of Ripple graduated Harvard Business School where he made strong connections with a lot of fintech related people
>Jeb McCaleb of Stellar is a well-known software engineer with decades of experience and is endorsed by Stripe and other big names in the online payment sector
Sergey Nazarov is a pretty much unknown outside of the cryptocurrency filed with no background in finance or software engineering.

>> No.10181987
File: 68 KB, 908x504, 4571346.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most of what I've seen them build so far runs on ETH, there's no LINK chain, everything has its limitations on contracts. Maybe some code would be salvageable but the project would almost need to restart IMO.

>> No.10182464


This means link isnt so important?

>> No.10182473

In the meantime...everyone else is getting rich and richer besides the Chainlink bagholders :^(

>> No.10182500


Like who? Most ppl are severely red. Nobody is catching these pump and dumps.

>> No.10182502

I got 10mm worth of link, maybe not old money wealthy but that's certainly good enough for me to call myself rich. Just gotta wait a few more months, cash out a cool million to buy a house, a few SX00k in vanilla ETFs, and maybe some flashy shit to win that girl I'm tryna' wife. Rest will go towards running a node. If you hold any link right now then you are definitely rich.not even 5 months left to the singularity.

>> No.10182507
File: 94 KB, 690x724, tron traders2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The people smart enough to understand it are smart enough not to shill it. This isn't TRON or some other worthless project that needs Jamal from the ghetto to buy it to be of any worth.

>> No.10182581

ASSUMING they can deliver what they want to deliver it is so important. But if that happens the law of attraction and positive thought and dank memeing won't be responsible, the guilty parties will be the people actually working on it. Also no idea about the when because the answer could seriously be never.

>> No.10183285


Newfag detected.

>> No.10183354

>Sergey Nazarov is a pretty much unknown outside of the cryptocurrency filed with no background in finance or software engineering.

Completely and utterly false. You just pulled this straight out of your ass and I'm tired of people talking confidently on issues that they are ignorant about.

Sergey Nazarov worked at QED. He has been working in the field of venture Capitalist straight from college. Not to mention his work at NXT.

AT LEAST do a quick google search before making such a statement. But honestly it really doesnt matter the FUD behind Sergey himself. I can remember quite clearly the FUD around Vitalik when Ethereum was reletively unknown:

>Russian scammer
>literal autist
>only accomplishment was an article in a financial magazine

Blah blah blah heard it all before. Come up with more legitimate FUD please.

>> No.10183404

Let me give you all a clue.
Chainlink is important.
Chainlink is not heavily profitable however, because its just data collecting. If you are lucky, a company using LINK will still only pay like 10 cents to collect off chain data.

>> No.10183413

He’s done it folks. This is the FUD that kills the linky.

>> No.10183430

>feel like all linkies have to be either visionaries or retarded.
This is my exact thoughts. It's confusing as fuck.

>> No.10183444

>a company using LINK will still only pay like 10 cents to collect off chain data
>one company
>10 cents
>10,000 companies
>100,000 cents
LINK $1000 EOY check em

>> No.10183447

Fuck. Witnessed

>> No.10183450

See? They try to FUD and they just trip themselves up like this. And checked.

>> No.10183452

Is 15k enough to make it or do I need more? Im pretty poor irl working minimum wage job...

>> No.10183472

Try and get to 100k link.

>> No.10183489

The transaction may only cost that, but the price of the token could be vastly more than that. LINK is divisible up to 18 places. LINK tokens could be $10,000 each and the cost of transactions would stay the same.

>> No.10183542
File: 27 KB, 645x730, 1528667166484.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not heavily profitable however, because its just data collecting
>a company using LINK will still only pay like 10 cents
and how many requests per day do you think there will be retard

>> No.10183627

15k is plenty if you hold at least to $100-200 and reinvest the money in norm is markets to live off the dividends

>> No.10183698
File: 76 KB, 900x900, pepe_baller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These checks are unbelievable.
Keep the faith, LINKstas. We are unstoppable.

>> No.10183701
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>> No.10183720

not to be a smiley cunt about it - but this is the best read I've ever had on this board

>> No.10183738

Kill the linkshill.
Buy REP.

>> No.10183749

Oh my!

>> No.10183750

While normies eating BBQ, drinking, and sunbathing .... i'm in my room reading a thread about chainlink.

Unironically going to double my stack.

>> No.10183764
File: 744 KB, 1020x1020, 988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I could double my stack, godspeed pinkie

>> No.10183804

Damu, do you work for BraveNewCoin?

>> No.10183820

How much to run a node ? I'm thinking of liquidating my old shitcoins (sc for example) into chainlink

>> No.10183824

Unless you spread that over multiple wallets...

>> No.10183847

That wouldn't give you $1000 for a single token you retard. And don't tell me you weren't serious because some of you linkers are actually this fucking stupid.

>> No.10183990


>> No.10184012
File: 110 KB, 657x539, 1515183596107.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you can stop posting now

>> No.10184098
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>> No.10184459
File: 27 KB, 1000x600, 1511586469152.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If I was all this Natzi propaganda will surely bolster business

>> No.10184470
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>> No.10184614

>feel like all linkies have to be either visionaries or retarded.
>This is my exact thoughts. It's confusing as fuck.

>He’s assuming that “visionary” and “retarded” mutually exclusive

New paradigm desu. Stay stinky.