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Give me your honest opinon on Dero!

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Your pic is very much related OP

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Rhymes with "zero"

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Always do the opposite of what biz says.

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It's an Australian slang term


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Best coin ever!
Great community and nice mods!
Open source soon.
After that, moon and lambo!

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>/biz/ drowning in Q invite threads
>none of the invites even work anymore
>"promising" a value for their currency, typical scam, yet nobody seems to care and keeps spamming invite links
>FOMO3D thread being spammed with females
>one thread on /biz/ about Dero, and it's getting endless FUD
>needing endless FUD for a coin with a marketcap less than $4M that's barely even off the ground

"Do the opposite of what /biz/ says" isn't a meme. It's reality.

I don't think I've ever seen as big of a bullish signal to invest in a crypto in my entire life.

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you mean dat google trojan horse written in GOLANG to spy it's users by SJW team from reddit?

I recommend it to everybody, very legit project for every very anonymous person!

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Fucking this!

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My opinion is: stop spamming us with your shitcoin. This clearly isn't working. You got scammed, now move on.


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/biz/ hates it more than even Link so It's enough for me to look into it at leasy.

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>wait a half an hour until there are no new replies
>whine that Dero is "spamming the board" when there's only one thread on /biz/
>meanwhile, there are currently 20 Q threads on /biz/ right now, no one is even questioning it

Literally the state of /biz/

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Never head of it, not interested in hearing about it either.

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But you sure were interested in typing up a reply for a crypto you've never heard of!

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Dero will make me rich, 50k here

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It is dead, look at the discord, dead silence, the mods killed all dissidents, which means everyone. The worst marketing team I have ever seen, as if they are actively trying to discredit the coin.