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Who remembers the BASED anon who proved he had 3000 BTC and had nudes of paragon CEO jessica versteeg taken during a paid hookup?

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i do, he was truly based. also wasnt he like 19?

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disgusting roastie

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He was a very boring faggot i hope he killed himself after realizing how much he could have made

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He literally made 60 mil. If he did nothing he'd still have around 20 million dollars right now. Stop hating.

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I don't remember this
archive of the thread?

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Literally the best thread in /biz/ history.

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60 mil doing what?

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Holding BTC

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god bless you anon. what a thot aylmaooo. wonder what that anon is up to now.

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Can I get a rundown on whats going down here? I hope she didnt fuck the gross nigger.

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he was 25 i think

the 19 year old is the finfag

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also shame on you op. AYLMAOOO

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What a fucking moron. I can't believe these people who actually made some insane shit like $60 million and kept it in bitcoin. You are fuck off rich at that point. He said his expenses were $10k a month. That is like an upper middle class income in many cities, if you're in san francisco or some shit it could be your starting salary. Though it is important to note those are his expenses, so he is actually burning 10k a month, but even at that rate he could have put 60 million into fucking treasury bonds, he'd be getting like 1.2mil/yr. He doesn't even spend that much and it's the safest fucking investment you could make. Of course, you don't even have to be that safe. He could have put it in a portfolio of stocks and bonds that would surely get him higher returns, and it would be 1000x more safe than crypto shit. Instead he gambled a fortune for what, expenses totalling 120k a year? That just blows me away, it's not even like he has Johnny Depp's tastes. He spends as much as a 30 year old boomer with a good job having a mid-life crisis, and he thinks he needs to keep it in BITCOIN? Kill me bitch, jesus fucking christ.

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Was this while she was married lmao?

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This thread was posted when btc was like 4k. We don't know if he sold at the top or not/

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