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Well well well... Looks like the bulls have gone all quiet.

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If there is anyone out there that would even touch this ugly mutt consider killing yourself

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Being this gay.

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>liking fat fucks

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>having no standards

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I'm starting to think the markets not as bullish as I thought

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This video is hot as fuck. This chick is a total skank but she's good for an adderall shamewank

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unironically kys

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how do you feel realizing you can only fuck the leftovers

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Nigga i'm on meth.... the drug that makes you a horny kinky devil
And i wouldn't touch either of these stank pussy hoes with a 10 foot pole. Would rather go home and fap then a free fuck.


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Oh wow. finally! I've been trying to remember this girls name for ages now.

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I got this pic off /b Years ago
She doesn't look that hot but from behind i'd easily pump and dump

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Was obsessed with her as a kid when I only had dial-up...late 90's early 00's.

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