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What is the best way to cash-out my gain please ? In order do avoid taxes and co...

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get a serbian citizenship and cash out there

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No troll please. Kid go away.

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A lot of people believe Craig Wright is truly Satoshi Nakamoto.
Therefore, Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. Everyone except Craig Wright has claimed that Satoshi is someone else.
Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.
They have searched the databases, and only Dorian Nakamoto came up.
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If you believe in Bitcoin, you will understand that. Only Satoshi Nakamoto can claim to be Craig Wright. Because we couldn't recognize real Satoshi, we would not believe it even if it is proven it's actually Craig Wright either. That's why Craig Wright must be the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Tax liability is in your original country for the time period your lived there. Wont work.

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where do you live Anon? if your not a mutt you have options. Are you willing to travel?

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It changes by country, don't know were you live...
In the UK if you are not living in the country you are a Non Dom. No tax due....You have to look into your particular situation everyone is different.

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EU. Yes. Explain me Sir.

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So, i just have to make a adress in UK ?

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k to start hong kong/Singapore has BTC OTC! i personally have not used this service, but all you need is a passport.

Your best bet is to open a bank account in a foreign location, Georgia, Vanuatu, best to avoid the EU countries. Now please know that you are supposed to register you foreign accounts with the tax man if you still want to reside in a country more than 6 months....

also poor mans option, get a revlout card, don't register it

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Quadruple the brapholes, quadruple the fun!

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Anon by that reply, you have a lot of work ahead of you! Check out the Nomad Capitalist Youtube channel.
Check out how to get a second passport, i have 3 passports now = P

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Obviously, that's not what i am talking about. It is impossible to change your tax liability in retroperspective. All they trading OP has done from past to NOW is in the tax liability of his current one. Changing to another one only matters for future trading, but not for cashing out NOW.

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where the fuck did you get that info from?
what shithole do you live in?

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Ty. I'm ready for it.

An what about making a firm in fiscal paradise and opening an account in Lichtenstein.

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Ok i read that too quickly, sry. you are basically corrrect!

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how much funds do you have?
pretty sure you are going to need a boat load for that country...its not like they are poor/in need of a few k!
Best of luck Anon, Most things are possible, you just have to figure out a route

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We are talking about 7 figures.

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