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We are proud to announce chainlink tokens as
liquidity solution for real time nostro vostro accounts to compete against ripple's
xrapid solution

chainlink tokens will now have more usecase 1 as decentralized oracle solution and 2 real time liquidity solution.

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who cares chainlink is going bankrupt before mainnet

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What a fucking meme. Oracles are a PROBLEM not a solution. Ethereum smart contracts can't get at external data.

Oracleless smart contracts are the answer not a huge number of new oracles!

Look up codius

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uh huh
but im sure you will shit your pants if swift
announces this one hahaha

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>but im sure you will shit your pants if swift announces this one hahaha

No one cares what a 1970s fax machine does

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boomer money does

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SWIFT has been hacked for hundreds of millions last few years it's over. Everyone will move to xCurrent then turn on xRapid when they realise they can save 80%

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well thx anon
its very comforting
its just sad that swift wont die with a big bang
like pump chainlink at least hahaa

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only swift would be dumb enough to use an erc-20 shitcoin for this

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>only swift would be dumb enough to use an erc-20 shitcoin for this

kek I bet their "smart oracle" gets hacked too

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Ty for buy signal

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>Ty for buy signal

Enjoy your ride to 0

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when is this C U N T of a market going to recovery for fucks sake? I'm betting my life on LINK (no career) and I CANNOT be fucked waiting any longer... I've got shit to do with my millions jesus christ and I'm not getting any younger here (25) anyone else in the same boat?

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Same here. I write this as a guy who does not socialize much. I want better circumstances. LINK is that portal to a new world for me.

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You'll really end up killing yourself when LINK is finally exposed as a sham. Anon, for your own good, do something, get a job, idk. LINK won't save you, you've been pajeet'd.

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yeah, need to start living my life. 36 yo klv boomer desperate for money.

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These anons think Link will save them and their life
They think Link is a sure shot of making it when it is merely a 1-2% chance
They think even if Link mooned they'd start being a chad and change their life

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it will save us. it has to, it just has to.

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Desperation leads to inspiration.

Do you think we'd spend so much time on Chainlink if we didn't have enough proof it's the next big thing?

Fuck off, Anon.

You sound like a fucking hater.

Don't interrupt our genius at work motherfucker. There are thousands of us.

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I have like 200 of these fuckers left
I'm betting else where anon
If you ever make it.... visit me in LA

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What do you have to offer of value to us that would gift you with more LINK?

Do you offer your soul?

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If you make it.... i'll offer the thots
Just supply the alcohol and drugs for the night, and it's over with. We will get laid 100%

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>There are thousands of us.
No, there aren't. It is a handful of people with severe mental conditions, suffocating under heaviest of bags.

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