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>you have 10 seconds to act like a wageslave

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>Hello sir, how can I help you?

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>i enjoy having a job because I WANT to contribute to society and not feel worthless

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brb just need to shop for the week, wash my clothes & prep lunch for tomorrow.

could go out later but I should rest, don't want to start the busy week tired : )

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>*sits and watches TV until its time to slave again*
Nothing like a bit of relaxation! *sips*

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>I told you a million times to wipe down the floorboards!
>Thats a 'red card'!

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oh boy can’t wait to retire in 37 years i will really enjoy my life after working every day for 8 hours while my wife bangs homeless niggers because i don’t have time for her !

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>litecoin is $300, it'll be the same price as bitcoin soon!

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>just another day in paradise

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Well that seems comfy

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>just 5 days until friday

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<I could never be an entrepreneur because my dad didn't give me a million dollars to "start" a business. Come back to reality and let's get back to work, we've gotta get this done before noon or we can't have lunch. Sorry boss.

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16 hours shift on a saturday? Yes please!

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>Yes! 5k more to spend or invest!

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“You’re not fucking coming in anymore, go get something to eat or drink so you can sober up.”
“Keep it moving, have a good night”

T. Me working as a bouncer wage slave

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this, wtf is this, wtf is this feel?

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>buy the dip

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selling BTC with %66 loss for pay loans

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>OMG being a Poker player is so antisocial! You dont contribute to society at all!

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>i hope latisha gets back from her break soon. I really have to use the bathroom.
>heh im sure we will be back any minute now, i can hold it
>ugh ugh my insides are starting to ache
>oh oh no. Please god no.

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>>i dont know if being rich really is something i want, i mean, it must be really bad for your character! just look at all the people who win the lottery, theyre all miserable!
>>even if i was paid universaI basic income i would still want to work, maybe i wouldnt be doing the job im doing now, or so many hourse, because i like being wiht my family, too, but i wouldt still definitely work!
>>yes i have heard about this bitcoin thing, and the new one, eterium, but i think that the people that got rich already got rich and now its too late, even for mining, so i wouldnt invest now
>>well im not really saving up for old age because by that point im sure we will have universal basic income anyway, i mean, the machines will do all the work for us, anyway

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I have to renew my Costco membership today! I totally forgot that I needed more shit to pack my freezer full of for all meals I eat. Some day I will eat fresh food. Alright guys, gotta go, that yard ain't gonna cut itself today!

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Yes sir, I'll get those refilled right now. Your food will be out in 5 minutes.

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>"following guest"
>"next in line"

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>(Paging) The milk truck is good.....the milk truck is good....(hang up)...

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Sir please I know I submit to use personal time off for the week of 4th of July last year, but I can come in please.
I'll work my regular hours and stay overtime.
No no I understand I'm on salary with no commission or overtime sir please I'll work the hours take half pay for the day and my paid leave please sir.
No its fine my wife's Somalian refugee boyfriend sold his prosthetic leg so I could get the gas to make it.
Oh thank you sir your a saint! Look its a win win they get some alone time I get to pay for little Tyruggel to record in his studio, yeah we think this 12th mixtape is going to be the one that lets him graduate into high school...
That's right 24 next year they grow up so fast it feels like just yesterday he was 21 and taking money out of my wallet.
God bles~ er allah ha ackubar to you too. Thank you so much Rahjam you'll never see a cleaner Wendys bathroom in your life I promise you that.

Boys I think I might just make it. Can someone tell me how to download a bitwallet?

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>shh... don't talk about this coin, i'm still accumulating

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Yes sir, Mr. Goldberg, sir I'll prepare your lawsuit for you, sir I'll research where to get the documents as well as call the court helpdesk to have them help me fill out the legal documents step by step because you're too fucking cheap to part with your Shekels and pay a professional paralegal to do it for you, sir because I got a can do attitude!

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>soda? next aisle over

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2% pay rise this year!

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>this is just temporary I won't be in this job when I'm 30 still

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I love taking a shit at work. There's nothing like drinking a bunch of free coffee and getting paid to spray diarrhea all over the company toilet bowl.

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>all those excuses just to not say "im too lazy to work"
the day of the rope is coming, parasites. shitpost while you can.

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>I am not well, may i please stay home today.

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>1 week vacation in 2 months
>feels good

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Gender: Wagie

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>I enjoy my job. It produces value.

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R8 my screencap

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>fuck this shit if they ask me to do one more thing i'm fuckin walking out
>does the thing, doesnt walk out

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Hurr Durr boy I'd give anything to have $3000 in my bank account. Hurr durrr

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>1 week vacation
>euro or gubment employee detected

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That sounds very personal...

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Gosh, after paying all my bills and squaring up my bar tab I don't have anything leftover to invest.

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Cue sad country song: “I’m on the back side of 30....”

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One of the worst things about wagecuckery is this. Even if you got everything done and we're just waiting for orders to come through so you could make them you always had to do something. Even if you worked super hard just so you could take the rest of the shift easy.

So you spend the shift not exhausting all the work you're doing so that you appear busy instead of getting things done and being productive.

This is one thing that makes self-employment wonderful.

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>This is one thing that makes self-employment wonderful.

Actually, I am employed and in no rush to get things done.
And no one is there to rush me.

I have the general impression, that everyone here is wageslaving in logistics or fast food restaurants. Those who work there: you have my sympathies. Did this during university, it was not nice.

But where are the normal academics, who pursue a normal, well-paid job in a company, where they are literally scared to rush you and pay you good money, because almost no one can take over the job?

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oh god im so poor what do i do lads

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you mean $200

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>society works just fine
>then pampered zoomers grow up
>"i-it's not like my work would even have value!"
>"times are harder now than before, it's unfair for me to work!"
>"schlomo can't get a cut of my wage if I dont work!"
>"i bet i'll find work by the time mom dies. they can't just throw me out, can they?"

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>*intercom crackles*
>"backup cashier to register 2"
>nobody comes
>line of impatient normies becomes a crowd
>crowd becomes a mob
>next week
>"anon, we're going to have to let you go because of poor performance noted by a bunch of customers on the surveys"
I want to die

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>"Its better for me to have a 9-5 job, because without it I would be so bored wtf"

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>would you like to make that large for just a dollar more

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>*wakes up at 6am on the dot to bloodshot eyes and ear churning alarm*
>"Oh shit, it's quarterly review day! I better get in super early to make sure I have lots of examples of the good work I've done. Who knows? I might even get a pay rise this time around!"

>"So anon, what has went well this quarter?"
>"Well I've implemented X, increased sales by X%, increased productivity of the team by X% - I've been working on a project over the weekends which is nearly finished which should mean massive costs savings by streamlining our processes further."
>"Great anon, however I think you still need to work on making yourself more visual to the team - go out there and make yourself seen to be the best and maybe next time you might even get a rise"
>"B-but I've s-saved the co-compan..."
>"It is all about the team work here anon. See you in a few weeks, just paid myself dividends from the profits of your labor and I'm going sailing around the Caribbean in my new yatch with the wife. Keep working hard!"
>*later that night anon cries while eating his TV dinner in his rented single room apartment*

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>he unironically thinks he made it

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This whole thread is making me wonder if civilization was a mistake and we are angering the gods by not shedding blood

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I left a big organisation and went to a startup because of memes here. I thought the big org was a total wageslave life but a small company is probably even worse.

At least in a big org you can hide away among the normie masses and not get noticed and live pretty comfortably.

In a small company the owners want every ounce of sweat out of you because they want to exit with a share sale or retire on your dime.

>raise an invoice to a customer for $1,500 for work that you get paid $80 for

The only way is to go solo e.g. consultancy work if you work in professional services. Going to quit soon.

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>read mail
>cig break
>read mail
>cig break
>read mail
>cig break

i feel so empty inside

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It's the little things in life, anon.

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bretty good

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Non working poor people are degenerate.

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yes master shit in my mouth again

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You're just a retarded normie so it's okay.

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Poor social life in isolation, no social-life, barely making end-meets. Tell me exactly, how are you better than wagecucks?

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I don't even have 10 seconds, I have to go to bed immediately so that I won't be late tomorrow morning.

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Restaurant owner here. We know when you're fucking around, we know when you start going slower and slacking to try and stretch the work out, we know when you're taking excessive bathroom breaks to text your friends, we know when you're calling in sick to go to that party you were publicly talking about on social media, we know that's a fake doctor's note. People are not as sneaky as they think they are. Speaking as a millennial, the worst thing about wagecuckery is all the entitled millennials who think they deserve to get paid to stand around and make more for unskilled labor.

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Get a load of this boomer

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I drink Monster, too. Not Ultra, though.

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The best thing President Trump, could do as part of his legacy for our fellow work-shy NEETS, would be completely cut their welfare support and seize all their assets (crypto included).

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>lmao it's a Saturday why didn't you go out partying at the bars?

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Cutting support doesn't work. Maybe other businesses will hire them, but I refuse to hire NEETs and socially awkward neckbeards with zero work ethic. Instead, they should receive job training so they're actually employable.

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