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Linkmarines, the guys in this thread debunked the idea that Satoshi sold the smartcontract domain to Sergey.
Sergey bought it from a generic domain seller (Alpine Domains).
Please tell me this is not true. Is there any way alpine domains is a company that Satoshi created just to hide his identity???? Please debunk this FUD.
This feels like a bad dream.

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This is the thread

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Please marines, can we debunk this?

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This has long been debunked. I thought when people mentioned it now they were being ironic. Doesn't affect any of the project's fundamentals or anything. Of no importance.

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just shows again pajeets make stuff up to trick vunerable buyers
very upsetting imho but crypto is a doggy dog world

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Doesn’t change anything about ChainLink commanding a monopoly of the oracle market

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Satoshi will be OK even if he ain't as close to link as you thought. Don't let angery pajeets get to you.

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shut the fuck up. who cares if he bought the domain or not. do you think it actually matters? do you even understand the signifiicance behind the project and how industry changing smart contracts using real world data will be? stop thinking like an insect with a 5 min attention span.

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Is it true that without something like link, smartcontracts have no real usecase?

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>here goes the same old rehashed theatrics
>the 'uneducated' newfag sets up the scene with a predisposition
>a 'helpful and knowledgeable' fagfag will answer on how important link is on a galactic scale
>EOY $1000 EOY $1000 EOY $1000

why are pajeets so incompetent at this?

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or the fact that Sergey recognized sometime early enough that smartcontract.com was a good buy

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Smartcontracts.com (also owned by Sergey and redirects to smartcontract.com) was mentioned in Klaus Schwab’s “the fourth industrial revolution” while Sergey owned the domain. That’s literally all you should care about. Faggot.

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Doggy dog?
It's dog eat dog, you fucking Brazilian nigger fucker

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It wasnt so much that it was debunked as a transfer did happen, but it doesn't say from whom.The name was hidden when smartcontract.com was transferred out in 2008-10-25. It could be satoshi, nick szebo, jesus christ or ned flanders for all we know.

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>shitting up the streets
>shitting up the board
It comes naturally for you huh?

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You had time to accumulate poorfag. Maybe 0xBTC is more your speed.

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>Klaus Schwab (founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum).

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this is written by someone who knows nothing of smart contracts, and is a copy/paste of a retarted WEF leaflet.

tldr; you are the mot rat-like of pajeets

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Kek seems to think so at least, and I agree with him.

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>Not getting the reference then acting like a self righteous nigger

You sure you ain't the Brazilian?

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Wtf? Why are ppl still using that stupid sergey is satoshi picture?
Smartcontracts are a term since the 80ies
If you look up the site back then its not blockchain related at all and not owned by sergey

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go back to pleddit you newkike summernigger

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Sergey IS Satoshi

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To make it all worse.
>Vitalik doesn't even think link is worth the mention topfuckingkek you all are deluded bagholders and about to get rekt bigly LMAO

Look at pic related. Is it over?

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>This feels like a bad dream.
>shut the fuck up
>Is it over?

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>>Vitalik doesn't even think link is worth the mention topfuckingkek you all are deluded bagholders and about to get rekt bigly LMAO

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>>Linkmarines,, the guy in another thread debunked the idea that Sergey was, in fact, Santa Claus and wanted to give us all Lambos for Christmas. Please debunk this FUD.

The absolute state of /biz.

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Aw sheit..next level shill and next level debunk

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man if you are sad about this wait until you find out about everything else
its literally a hobby project of two dudes

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LINK community is the shittiest tier of all.
Larpers, fake news, autistic memes.

It also show how depserate they are to break even and angry that they missed the December bull run buying LINK in October on Binance.

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