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Nothing has changed, the fundamentals are still the same. This is still the top project and the one that will bring crypto to the real world. The fudders are full of shit, regurgitating the same stale one-liners over and over to demoralize you. They come out of the woodwork when the entire market shits itself and act like its only a problem with Chainlink. Don't let them get your stack

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Remember the singularity..It will go 20x in one day. Don't miss it.

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Based quad 7’s. All Linkers will make it. Sergey will punish NoLinkers soon.

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Nice cope, fag.

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c h e c k e d

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You know that link is ridiculously overvalued even if it worked as promised?
Companies are valued as discounted value of future flows. At P/E of 10 somebody would have to willing to pay $10M in fees yearly to oracles.

That's not realistic because Link model has no network effects. Network effects are when value of the network grows superlinearly because participants transact with each other. Link nodes don't transact with each other and the entire network requires only 100 at most. The real cost of downloading and sending data is infinitesimal and that's where the fees are going to be, if link ever launches that is.

For projects with these characteristics launch is a horrible event. It's like Request Network. Before it launched brainlets could delude themselves the model made sense, after it launched everyone saw that infinitesimal amounts of REQ are burned and people started bailing out. It's going to zero.

That's why platforms are valued so much higher than other projects - network effects. Network effects is also what prevents people from jumping to a better platform instantly after it arrives. Link is not a platform.
>oracles are needed therefore it's a good investment
Just because something is needed and in high demand doesn't mean it's profitable. Air has constant demand from everyone, doesn't make it a good investment.

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>Imagine reading all of this

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Don’t trouble yourself with reading, sir. Link very good investment. Easy moon for you sir. Just hodl and keep accumulating.

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Everyone was hopeful for the Req mainnet launch, but then it became obvious than there was no usage at all.
Same will happen to Link. Going down below Ico price after mainnet.
Buy Augur, Vitalik is promoting it.

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You know that link is ridiculously undervalued even if it worked as promised?

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>he thinks data transactions covering a quadrillion derivative market will cost less than 10m per year

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Swift is literally confirmed, try harder

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>gonna make it

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This is the thing, it's all about adoption. Sergey could never mention the token ever again and it could still hit $1000. Let's use that example of $10m going through 100 nodes. Evenly divided, that would be $100k per node. With those kind of returns, people will fomo in, bringing the returns rate down until it hits a reasonable level while driving the token price up. Those numbers are a severe underestimation though. It may take a few years to get full swing, but massive use of the network will mean an insanely high price of the token. The team is doing what they should be doing and selling the network to potential users. Not speculative holders that will pump and dump into oblivion like every other shitcoin out there.

More use of the network = higher token price

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stopped at superlinearly
i still cannot fathom typing that and thinking to myself “yep that’s awesome”

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If someone quotes me with dubs I'll post another comfy piece of info.

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Lets hear it

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Sergey talking about cheese?

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Lets have it

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What more news do we really need? Tom Gosner literally retweeted a LInk meme-- no other project has that kind of acknowledgement from a real CEO. MS, DELL, SWIFT, and 100 other are out there but the team will not confirm. Everything is out in the open for anyone to see. Either LINK is the biggest thing to ever happen or it's nothing.

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41 minutes in you'll get max comfiness.

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gib me info

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gib pls

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Thx fren

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Until it's actually said that cryptlets use the Link token then we don't know that they will use the token. Sharing Microsoft links != to ChainLink...

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Those connections tho

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There has been overwhelming evidence that Chainlink is working with Cryplets.

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I spent all my fiat months ago. I'm only adding $100 bucks per week. Just picked up over 550 linkies just like that.

Crazy to think that this will be worth half a mil later this year.

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Smartcontract.com is working with microsoft on cryptlets. That's a known fact. We don't know if they'll use ChainLink though.... But since they want to use a decentralized oracle solution, and chainlink is already being made, microsoft may as well use chainlink for the cryptlets layer. Microsoft has everything to benefit from using chainlink....

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checked btw

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Last one, don't get TOO erect because of this boys

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Lol. I'm about to blow your mind. Here:

"And then likewise, ughh, we're also working with microsoft in their bletchley offering, specifically in this piece of their bletchley offering".

Okay so the oracle layer of bletchley is called.... cryptlets


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What if Sirgay held an ICO for Link so that he could use the proceeds to work on cryplets for MSoft? What if everything you see on the github and pivotal tracker are actually related to cryplets and Link is never heard of again after mainnet? What if Cryplets tokens have already been distributed to the financial powers of the world to build nodes.

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"And then likewise, ughh, we're also working with microsoft in their bletchley offering, specifically in this piece of their bletchley offering, ugh, something called cryptlets" - Sergey Nazarov, CEO of Smartcontract.com, Founder of ChainLink

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I watched this yesterday, has me super comfy. Fudders literally have no power over me, I genuinely laugh at them now. We will make it brother, even If I'm a poor fag with only 13k links

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oh woops i thought you figured Cryptlets has nothing to do with chainlink. cheers. get money, get get money

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Nah, Ive known link has been working with them for a bit. So excited for the future

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lol yeah i can imagine some people feeling disbelief. sometimes you just get lucky. gotta act on it though... i love you and see you on the /otherside/

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To everyone else were just gonna be some fucks that got rich off of internet money like eth and btc millionaires, but I honestly believe we earned it. All of the stupid fud, memeing, and general shit talking around this project here makes one really have to DYOR on this project. Love you too brother, cant wait till we make it.

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>30+ boomer
>home from wagecuckslavelife.jpeg
>kids pic on the wall

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That's so true. "You got lucky" yeah i but i took the risk of investing in a 100m marketcap project with radio silence, was able to read through psy-ops, holding a token that is necessary for the security of a brand new crypto economic system that in turn is necessary for the true adoption of public blockchains. shit feels good, and if i lose my money, i wont even be in a bad place. it's like why wouldnt i swing and try to make millions....

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3k linklet here
Should i dump my 3k bat into link?

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>Link model has no network effects. Network effects are when value of the network grows superlinearly because participants transact with each other

Wrong. Network effects occur when many participants gravitate to a given platform because the platform offers value. Once anyone realizes they can integrate any existing system into their smart contracts, everyone will be rushing to write adapters for their product/service so they & others can use it. So while you're right that nodes in the network don't interact, the systems that people will build using it will absolutely interact with each other. That's the promise of ChainLink: API middleware for smart contracts. The nodes are just the gateway - it's what CL is hooked up to that will power the singularity.

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Some people are jealous and some are stupid. Fudders of this project are both. Iron hands will be rewarded. I genuinely think there is a psy-op with link in an effort to get holders to sell before link blows up. All I come across when someone presents valid information regarding the project is how many big macs Sergey has eaten today, and honestly it makes my hands stronger. FUCK fudders, no linkers will forever be poor.

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>>10068108 Kek holds chain link

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I can't buy chainlink with bitcoins from my exodus wallet, what gives?

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If linkies turn out right I swear I will remake The Big Short but it's all about how a few lucky early guys were right about a shitcoin that could change everything. You can hold me to that.

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Linkies will play up the singularity and our stories in film the same way the jews play up the holocaust

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I'm gonna throw a party in Toronto (where SIBOS 2017 occurred). You can only RSVP if you can prove you held chainlink before the singularity and didn't sell earlier. This will be a smartcontract. Then to get into the party you need to digitally sign.

i would also like to hand out Sergey Flannells but I'm not sure if I can bulk order them. Supply might be dry post-singularity.

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Only people who held through the crypto bubble popping and never made a transaction with LINK untill after the singularity.

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Why can't Ethereum nodes also be their own oracles as well? They'll be staking ether for collateral when it goes PoS anyways? I just started looking into LINK not trying to FUD.

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pretty easy with etherscan API. im considering not doing a smartcontract. we should do a group photo and embed it in the ethereum blockchain forever tho.

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I’m banned from Canada for like 5 years damn

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rekt what did you do

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8k linklet here
Wait until tomorrow after the coinbase pro announcement

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Go back to /pol/ kek

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Why wouldn’t Microsoft just build their own? Time to market factor?

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REQ has literally no use case until LINK comes out
if you weren't a brainlet you knew this before REQ's mainnet

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I've been very anxious lately because LINK is so fucking cheap and I don't have any fiat to put into it, I'm so afraid I will miss this opportunity to make it. I don't want to be poor anymore

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You gave 3-5 years to buy.

>> No.10069168

can I still get in since I bought all below 50 cents? I traded only to increase my stack (successfully)

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But LINK won't be 17 cents forever, even before the price singularity

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Close your eyes, try to clear any thoughts you are having
Take long, slow, deep breathes and put all your focus and attention onto your breathing
iiiiiiiinnnn.................... ooooooooooooouuuut

good. Do this for a few minutes, then -
VISUALIZE yourself becoming rich through your LINK investment
ANTICIPATE the things you will buy with your new found abundance of wealth
IMAGINE as though it is all happening now in the present moment, for the present moment is all that truly exists
FEEL the way you will FEEL when that moment comes and you make it!

Now open your eyes, look in a mirror, and recite these affirmations (use/add your own that is relevant to the reality you want to create once you make it)
It's important to do this when you wake up and before you go to bed, but do it as often as possible. Also hold the image and idea of us making it and LINK being worth $1,000 or more in your mind as you fall to sleep.

I love you all

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Then go get a part-time job. Go and start applying Right now. That’s what I did and bought a fatty stack at 50c.

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Picked up some more LINK at these prices.

Holding since Oct 17. Big bags.

Not bothered about price movement because have other investments which are performing well (funds, precious metals etc.)

10 months holding so far, 10 more to mainnet is nothing. If you think you made a good decision then just keep it as part of your overall investment portfolio and hedge with other things in the meantime.

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>10 more to mainnet
Its less than 2 months now, probably gonna launch in August

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Ive been ambivalently reading Link threads for months and I will be fucking amazed if this coin ever actually does anything

>> No.10069339

Eth bounced around and took 18 months to hit $10, then started skyrocketing. Our time will come

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Stopped at the first paragraph, this is just the same coffee fud worded differently. We've told you countless times that the LINK token can be split up to 18 decimal places, this shit has been debunked already, fucknut.

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Spill it.

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>I've been very anxious lately because LINK is so fucking cheap and I don't have any fiat to put into it, I'm so afraid I will miss this opportunity to make it. I don't want to be poor anymore

Are you me?
IKTF, anon.

We do what we can in this world. Save what you can, put in what you can. Focus on bettering yourself and bettering your stack. When you start falling in to comparing yourself to others, try to remember that there will ALWAYS be someone out there with more than you have, and also try to remember to be grateful for what you do have.

I truly believe that we are soon entering the second wave of blockchain -- the smart contracts. Up to know with blockchain we've mostly seen speculative frenzy -- "where are the real world use cases?!?" people keep asking, and rightly so. But smart contracts are going to transform the global economy. And you are lucky enough to have stumbled on one of the first huge players, and you have been smart enough to invest.

We're all going to make it.

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Fuck all of yous guise. Fucking linklets.

>> No.10070403

But why would Cryptlets necessarily use ChainLINK tokens? Couldn't they just be another privately owned oracle system, pushing data to permissioned blockchains, and why would companies who use Cryptlets, and already trust Microsoft, want to assign other nodes in ChainLINK's oracle network to their smart contract?

>> No.10070691

Chain, hyperledger, and corda are gaining a large market share of big time companies such as Microsoft. If you have a permissioned blockchain then you technically wouldn't need a decentralized oracle as your dlt solution isn't fully trustless to begin with. Unfortunately this is the cold hard truth and unless a company chooses a fully trustless public ledger like Ethereum, ChainLink isn't going to gain massive adoption like people hope.

>> No.10070721

Why is no one checking this?

>> No.10071259

A permissioned blockchain will likely be run by multiple entities — think, for example of a bunch of different large companies all participating in a distributed ledger tracking supply chain.

When they are getting data off chain (e.g. a weather report, or the official price of a commodity on a given day) they may not entirely trust each other and they will need an oracle they can trust. My hypothesis (although of course no one knows for sure) is that they will go use an established oracle, and that access to this oracle will be handled through chainlink.

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absolutely checked holy fuck


>> No.10071526

Check the pivotal boys
remember yesterdays thread highlighting July 9-15
they took down the july 9-15 section...
were OP on to something?

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good post, please understand readers that the majority of posts in this thread are froma Persian bot trading conman and a discord he runs. They will shoot down anyone or anything that approaches truth by instinct and even when shilling will compulsively die. These are the people at the heart of the linkies and what link is or is not is irrelevant to them. Its just a random token and has a sociopathic hunch of halfwits glued to it who are compulsive liars (see dod involved, Microsoft involved, link 1000$ eoy, boy washtrading, bots to get digits, larps etc). They are quite different to the original rather fun link memers and since their arrival link should be ignored. Link was *always* washtraded for volume but the remement of that group, or skidmark if you like is the element creating these threads recently and replying an image bumping them. They are rather poor, by my calculations less than 20 thousand dollars between them and indeed probably come from impoverished and low education backgrounds outside the USA or Europe. I'm not certain they are prajeets though, more likely, Moroccan, Persian or non white American recent immigrants.

They have sucked the japes out of link and turned even link threads into utter shit. Its dying. Let it go. After a year there are no announced partnerships, clients or deals. It may survive and get somewhere over 4 or five years but it will NEVER moon. Link not 1000$ eoy this year or any year.

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see this kind of utter bullshit shitpost?


No more funny memes, just shitposting from poorfag scam artists and a dying token. Its over

>> No.10071684

This is a good post.

>> No.10071689

The weird thing about the 'newlinkies' is they have absolutely no humour or mememagic . just compulsive lying and shit bots.

>> No.10071709


dude this kind of fud is such garbage, just stop. you suck ass at creative writing

>> No.10071722

Ah its the Persian sociopath.

>> No.10071743

What time do they close the doors down at the nuthouse?

>> No.10071757

we are actually Russian you idiot. get it right

>> No.10071761

That does not matter. What matters is newlinkies can't meme for shit and that link is dying. Ouch. Bizarre partnership fabrications have no traction or merit. You are riding those bags down to under 10 cents. Do you feel clever now? You've probably done more to kill link than any other individual. And you are holding the bags

>> No.10071777

Nah. Persian/Moroccan.

>> No.10071788

This is literally what a cult sounds like. The only way stinkly link is going to be crypto to the masses is because all linkies are going to jonestown themselves once they realize that sergey exit scammed and singularity never comes.

>> No.10071826


lmao every time you post it's a self own, bean boi. keep it up

>> No.10071831

>Nah. Persian/Moroccan.
could be an Iraqi in there too. I see you. I'm in your club. I can't believe how talentless you all are compared to the eth/link people. You'lre literally poorfag and prajeet simulators

>> No.10071849

Butthurt. Humorless butthurt and lying. You're the bag. A living bag filled with shit

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>8 posts by this ID

>> No.10071922

why bother changing your ip? really why bother?

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>all this projection

every time you post it is a self own

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ID: Stick in D

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>why bother changing your ip? really why bother?

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Green id all the 7s. Kek is with us

>> No.10073139

I went all in like 3 months ago and haven't been watching since.

Why is the price so low right now?
Lack of updates?
Are we still waiting for testnet?

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You're unironically losing your entire investment. Congrats.

>> No.10073208

Whatever, I was prepared to lose all of that money and plan on riding it out to the end.
Mostly just wondering if I should buy more.

Adamantium hands nigga.

>> No.10073384

You will make it.

>> No.10073407

Why don't we contribute to https://chainlink.news/ instead of crying over here?

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I needed this, fren. It's a confusing and emotional time right now...but at least im alive to experience anyting at all...and i got my linkies.

>> No.10074018

Pajeet pajeet....you shit on the street
Pajeet pajeet...you come shill Us ChainLink

>Very good coin sirs

Pajeet pajeet....but why do you stink?
Me? No stink.... just buy ChainLink *wink*

Pajeet Pajeet ... I saw that wink
It makes me think.....are we gonna Pink!? (implying Wojaks)

Pajeet pajeet.... You cannot defeat
For he is the one...that shilled you ChainLink

Now you will Sink....and start to think .....how could I fall....for that stinky chainLink-

>> No.10074062

Hey look, the fuckin clown is back

>> No.10074125

This is the winner mentality

>> No.10074356

overvalued you mean

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checked btw

>> No.10075073

oh look, another chainlink cope thread
ive seen of those since more than 40 cents

>> No.10075164

we get it. you can stop posting these.

>> No.10075195

anyone got that cap of the person describing what it will be like for everyone else thinking you got "lucky" but for you it was obvious

>> No.10075209

>ive seen of those since more than 40 cents
good i see the Rosetta stone is working you are getting better

>> No.10075408


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>> No.10075471

Kek, Im gonna frame this when link is 1k

>> No.10075596

I'm almost tempted to put 200 bucks into this just so I can say I have some linkies lmfao

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I just don't see a future with smart contracts. Chainlink is going to be useless in 2020. Screencap this.

The truth is, with smart contracts, it is ALWAYS going to be vulnerable to a single point of failure.

How can you be 100% sure the data that is being sent to the contract is real?

Doesn't matter if the oracle problem is solved. With potentially billions of dollars at stake, bad actors can collaborate with each other at these points of failure and run off like bandits and there is ABSOLUTE NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.

>> No.10075696

>What is aggregated data from multiple sources across the world
>what is being able to define your parameters like reputation and data sources when using oracles to verify data
>The fact that private blockchain solutions will also be compatible with chainlink, so should a multi billion dollar deal go down and they want it on a secure chain, they can still use the decentralized oracle network to verify data.

Chainlink will succeed.

>> No.10075762

Same pasta from the other faggot. Try harder

>> No.10075775

Shut the fuck up

>> No.10075790

same except i only put in $5 lol

am i a stinky linky yet guise?

>> No.10075854

100 links is the cut off to be considered stinky

>> No.10075905

>double dubs
Thanks for doing this.

>> No.10075964

And /biz/ will finally break even on this shitcoin

>> No.10075972

Quads of truth

>> No.10075982

LINK is /ourcoin/

We shall soon be worth more than LTC!!!

>> No.10076413

replying to every single post in a thread should be a ban able offense.

>> No.10076572

Same. kek

>> No.10076893


>> No.10076904

this could happen with or without chainlink

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hold steady boys
Sergey will deliver

>> No.10076945

is this the suicide general?

>> No.10077009

imagine being in papua new guinea right now discovering chainlink.

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can it really be so simple? have we really made it?
It just doesn't feel real and it's so hard to wrap my mind around this idea

>> No.10077169


Most obnoxious cult on /biz/

>muh dough-faced russian

>> No.10077191

Didn't he exit scam already? They haven't been working on the project for months have they? You haven't noticed this?

>> No.10077288

bro how did you make your text so bold

>> No.10077546

One of the most active teams in crypto actually, and it's not just deleting/repasting the same lines like the others

>> No.10077595

power positive thought my friend. it doesn't feel real because you have been trained by society to think negatively

>> No.10078091

I want to be an anon in the movie

>> No.10078253

With 1 billion supply, $10 eth is equivalent to $1 link, which already came and went

This kills the linky

>> No.10078527


Link is such a good investment, it is easy to explain the value.

Smart contracts on blockchains allow business processes to be automated in a secure, low cost way in an always online environment.
For example, paying a phone bill can be handled entirely by a smart contract. Your company creates a smart contract requesting you to pay money, you pay the money to the smart contract and both you and your phone company can verify it is paid. No one can later manipulate or remove that data. It is forever locked into the chain as a permanent record.

Chainlink enables this business functionality, it provides the method of putting real world data (ie. your payment of your phonebill) directly onto the blockchain in a secure way. Without a tool like chainlink this isn't possible. You can never link real world data to smart contracts.

The advantage of chainlink is it enables direct data recording, or access to a wide marketplace of data. As there is an entire marketplace it is always available. You can always get data about the weather or the sports scores.
It also enables this data to be placed onto the blockchain in a highly secure way.

A good corporate example is for ride sharing or public transport. The cars, busses and trains can share their location. When you swipe a card to jump on and off a bus, it will record your start and end location onto the blockchain in a secure way. This will be done by utilising tools like link or other oracles. The smart contract will calculate your fare based off location data and charge your card or account directly all using smart contracts.

Companies will save upon legacy business systems which cost millions of dollars a year in support and are susceptible to outages. Instead they will create low cost automated smart contracts to handle these interactions. When you multiply millions of dollars of cost savings across millions of companies the numbers very quickly add up.

>> No.10078539

>Nothing has changed, the fundamentals are still the same
Yeah exactly. The fundamentals are dog shit. Two man team. Zero communication. 2/3rds of the total supply in their hands along with 100,000 ethereum.

>> No.10079091
File: 304 KB, 770x775, 1529957771225.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seeing link crash and burn is my favorite thing in this bear trend. Get rekt, retards.

>> No.10079227

>Link model has no network effects.
>Network effects are when (...) participants transact with each other.
The Link model is no different from the Bitcoin node model in this sense, what are you even talking about?

>> No.10079374

Does SEPA payments go through on weekends as well? Hoping to buy some linkies whilst it's still low.

>> No.10079383

This. As long as Link niggers keep getting rekt, I'm happy.

>> No.10079406

4 minutes 20 seconds

>> No.10079410

Is it OK to be a linkie who sold his bags at a loss but may buy later in the year?

>> No.10079431

no you would be a degenerate linkieonly true marines never sell

>> No.10079445


>> No.10079456

Chainlink is a two man team with one member being Sergey Nazarov and the other member being his Philosophy Degree. The man cannot code. Check the github, they're barely doing anything. I had high hopes for this token, but after my own review it seems like the industry just doesn't want this tech. Decentralized oracles aren't the answer to a question that the smart contracts industry that doesn't exist never asked. Decentralized Oracles will probably not be the answer because oracles are a natural middleman-so centralization is likely necessary. But, even if that wasn't true, Mobius has a more robust and needful team. Pajeet and Rahjed are intellectual powerhouses with one being a Harvard Grad and the other a Google employee (respectively). They have been working diligently for months with a massive team.

1 Man and his philosophy degree can't do it.
0% chance of this man man pulling this off
0% chance of institutions using it if he does
0% chance that this team beats Mobius to the punch

Everyone knows that this token is crap
Only fools would invest in it
You or anyone reading it should research carefully

>> No.10079474

At this point you're basically just a shitcoin trader so yeah I don't mind.

>> No.10079495
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I am a Shadow, the True Self.

>> No.10079665

>How can you be 100% sure the data that is being sent to the contract is real?
The whole world today runs on this data.

The double standard when it comes to Chainlink is absolutely baffling.

>> No.10079719

No, the wagekeks are enjoying their two days of freedom instead of working. It usually arrives monday morning

>> No.10079760

Just wanted to take a moment to personally thank whoever just sold me 4000 Link at .167 per. Unreal, and have finally reached a descent sized stack. Reading less of this FUD on here moving forward, if you dont have something positive to say you are in scroll mode. I won't be a larper as I understand others need to accumulate, but I have to say this I am really comfy, looking forward to watching the next 12 months.

>> No.10079769

I think Link is dead. Even Astro has vanished. I miss him :(

>> No.10079784

literally stealing amirite

>> No.10079815

ctrl + B , but press 2 times to get extra bold

>> No.10079848

If you miss Astro you need new friends Anon. My guess is somebody may have actually found him and ended future generations of Astro's.

>> No.10079897

The tough times are getting to fucking much. I can barely be fucked waiting anymore and I am beginning to doubt the singularity.

>> No.10079943

Reassurance. Link is a pos failed meme full of larpers.

>> No.10079955
File: 22 KB, 376x349, 408CEAF3-DD52-437F-A762-CC7E9C3503BC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This begs the question of even using a decentralised platform for smart contracts or smart contracts in general. Why can't you just trust a company like Microsoft to keep hold of contracts and execute them. Just code up a contract, leave it with them and they can use a json parser to check for the fulfilment of the contract. No scaling problems, minimal fees, easy to use. You could even can sue them if they mess up. The central party would make money and businesses would save costs. If ethereum is worth billions why wouldn't this company idea be the same? Why do companies even have in house lawyers when they could outsource basic contracts and enforcement.

>> No.10080071

Fucking wagies.

>> No.10080157

>This begs the question of even using a decentralised platform for smart contracts or smart contracts in general. Why can't you just trust a company like Microsoft to keep hold of contracts and execute them.
Chainlink isn't about making the source data more trustworthy, brainlet.

>> No.10080212

chainlink will make me loose my job

think about it

>> No.10080222

Price before mainnet doesn't matter. Anyone not taking advantage of this price is a fool.

>> No.10080232

ELA, HPB or LINK? All sure fire things in my view. Which will moon first?

>> No.10080282

Son, it will go 50x in 24h
Check em

>> No.10080400

last three digits of this post is chainlinks price EOY

>> No.10080440


You meant the last 2, didn't you? That's ok, honest mistake.

>> No.10080520

400 sats? sounds right

>> No.10081129
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my bro

>> No.10081516

I wasted an entire day staring at bitmex charts, only to give up and shorted low.

yet the moment i use my remaining funds to buy link, everything felt like it's going to be fine - the stress, the anxiety, the suffering - all washed away as soon as my order was filled.

>> No.10081685

my anxiety isn't gone, im nervous im not able to accumulate enough before it moons

t:5k linklet