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>30 year old boomer goes into a bar
>Sips on light beer
>Plays the staring game with various young ladies
>Goes home before 10
>Brags to buddies about how good he is at picking up chicks

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>This place is a sausage fest

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>That 19 year old senior in high school who posts on 4chan
>unironically posts 30 year old boomer memes during his summer break
>Unironically browses 4chan all day on his days off from Ross Dress For Less

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Hi there mladies, want to get some champage at my now worth 1M house zoomers never will afford ?

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wasn't lucky to pick up any chicks tonight, tough crowd! at least I can come home and enjoy some intellectual video games before getting up early so I can be a productive member of society

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>whatever, bros before hoes amirite?

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I like how the wagecuck and boomer memes come out in full force when crypto goes to shit.
Everyone else is coping though.

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>and thats all she wrote

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thread. 99% of the boomer memers are all in on Link with $50

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>millennial boomer comes on biz to rant about randoes

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Why are /biz/ threads suck shit?
Do you guys even have mods?
There are like 10 boomer threads laughing at boomers even though I know damn /biz/ is filled with boomers who are pasted there midlife crisis desperately hoping to make his riches as he slowly approaches retirement with only $1000 too his name

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