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>we're looking for a team player

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we're looking for a copypasta chef

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>we're looking for someone with social skills

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>when the job application asks for a minimum desired salary and you put "negotiable"

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>we are looking for a fucking brainlet who cant come up with anything new, so he turns to copying the same shit multiple days in a row because he is such a beta fucking cuck he cant do shit besides wank away and think about the next time he will copy paste the same fucking shit.

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Great job this quarter anon, you really went all the way for the customer! I'm gonna rate you as Exceeds Expectations and put a word for you in the HR. Can't do any more than that cause Mike just got his gf pregnant and they're moving to a new house lol. HR will send you an email with your raise brother ($600/year)

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>we're looking for someone with experience

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>diversity and inclusion

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Nice. They'll probably just counter with something like "we are willing to offer a very competitive wage". Although more likely they'll just be butthurt you used their own tricks against them.

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>Salary: Competitive

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>I'm sorry, I know it wasn't in the ad, but we were hoping for a female applicant. We have enough males as it is

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>we're sorry, we're aware you fill the criteria that's in the ad but... we're not... we're just not looking for someone like you

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>we're not... we're just not looking for someone like you
Why do they hate us?

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>we simply don't feel like you would be a good addition to our team
>it's the partners' opinion that someone like you would not fit in this job
>when asked 'what animal would you descrive yourself as' you answered 'a lion', we're sorry but this is not a lion's company

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Oh, that's fine, I completely understand. I hope you enjoy your massive lawsuit.

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>were looking for someone who's passionate about customer service

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i don't want this thread to die

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>what are your weaknesses?

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I'll post results on what happens, They followed up on it in an email.
>16. "What is your desired minimum to start per hour dollar amount?"
>This is negotiable.

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>sometimes I focus too much on one task, I'm a perfectionist.

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>group interview

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>________ encouraged to apply

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>looking for a _____ ROCKSTAR

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>What are you dreams? Your fears?

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>Looking for someone with 3+ years experience
>Entry level position

Every time

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>What made you apply for this position?

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This is the worst question yet it is the most common. It's for the money of course. But you can't say that.

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>what was a time you had a disagreement with a coworker, how did you solve it and what did you learn?

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The worst of all these.