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This nigga is cookoo

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is he going to hire a hitman or something?

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Just 5k? Thought this guy was a millionaire from the pnd.

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Hes going to have a talk with him

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I guess someone will die soon.

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Did he say BTC or are you just assuming?
McAfee is based as fuck and prefers BCH

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that's josh brolin. pay me

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Not ur personal army mccuckee

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McAfee is a fucking mad man lmao

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Wouldn't he get banned for this?

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Lol is what he's doing illegal? Can you just say that? What the fuck.

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So a whole bitcoin? Wowsers

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holy shit i unironically know that guy
what does based mcafee want his info for

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I suspect that he suspects that this is the guy who poisoned him

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>overdose on niggerlogs
>blame some dude out for a bike ride

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lmao i'd rather help the hitman and he'd probably gladly pay me more than that for assistance

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go get your ez 5k!

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That's me. Where's my money

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please provide your full name, phone number and address

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this lol where's all the money

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How can anyone not love John?

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People forget Mcafee killed a dude for fucking with his dogs

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Found him. His name is Vergen Jungfrauberg.

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I would kill somebody for fucking with my dogs, too. Sounds like a bro.

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Not sure what kind of joke you're trying to pull here. A virgin mountain? what?

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I want to hire a hitman. I wonder where people get them.

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post on biz like everyone else you ficking newfag

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Fuck you. You're on my hit list.

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Sure you would, champ. You tell 'em!

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just sniffing

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claim your prize

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This guy IS the hitman, he's going to kill him with his own bare hands

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>who can provided

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your easiest trade ever

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This man is Domingo X. Rodriguez. One of my close associates, Mcafee. You know how to get in touch with me. I trust you will wire the BTC to my Swiss accounts.

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Holy SHIT thats Sam Hyde!

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Kek, someone PM him that.

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>$5000 reward for exposing a real life hitman

We are going to have to pump those numbers up. I am a coward and greedy.

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Hey I know that guy, it's Yan Xuang at the back playing with his smartphone!

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I'd rather pay that guy $5k to finish him off

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unironically the best post in this thread

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Top kek

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>paranoid drug addict blames random guy and threatens to kill him

kek, the state of cryptocurrency

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McAfee really is. its sad he doesnt realize how absolutely retarded he looks on social media.
i wish he would just die already

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People forget Mcafee pays women to shit in his mouth


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It's Kevin Bacon

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lucky for him there are lots of retards in the world.

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Lol John McAfee is going around taking pictures of anyone he pictures in his mind to look like his would be poisoner.
This is peak libertarianism.

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>Please locate this guy who sold me bad drugs please
Everyone knows this is what he is asking right?

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That doesn't even buy me a year of your shitty anti virus, McApeshit.

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Ask for $25k lmao

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If the intent is to identify to sue or file criminal charges, then sure

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Send McAffee a pic of the guy, demand the $5k in cash upfront, and demand Crypto of at least 10K for your trouble, or further/more to ensure his confidentiality

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Wtf haha

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I'm able to DM him. Any requests?

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Tell him that 2 adjectives in a row don't trigger a comma and it should read "I'm a simple free soldier" because soldier is a noun.

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Shouldn't it be "simple, free soldier"

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Not with 2 adjectives then you just drop the comma.

>> No.10019151

Nigga u tahded. Two adjectives in a row DO require a comma (but not the second comma).

“I’m a simple, free soldier”.

>> No.10019164

Send him navy seal pasta. Or the „only way to make money in crypto“ pasta.

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does anyone have the john mcaffee phone call pranks?

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Exactly what i said...

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Wait, I've seen this movie before.

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add an extra three zeroes on both of those numbers lol you clearly don't know how to negotiate a deal.


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fug why does based john want to kill my friend

>> No.10019294

depends on the adjectives and intended meaning.
if the two adjectives modify the noun independently, you need a comma. e.g. "mcafee sucks a big, fat cock"
if the second adjective and noun act as a unit, there's no comma: "mcafee is an angry white male"
and yeah the comma before soldier is wrong in any case

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you want 5 btc because that will equal 5k usd in a few weeks

>> No.10019374

oh shit that's me
I was just chilling and watching in disgust at an elderly interracial couple

>> No.10020122

no you idiots, he's calling you soldier, so the second comma makes sense, it's the first one that doesnt

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Team McAfee

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