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I Start (again):

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please god let me turn back time, I won't be greedy, I will mine just 100btc, please god I beg you

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T WORKED HOLY SHIT THANK YOU GOD!!! I WILL PRAY EVERY DAY!!!!By this post Im closing the loop.
Sorry the alternate me.
You have to live your life while I (who is alternate you) am billionaire. Thanks faggot

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bitmain already has a miner that lets you mine bitcoins from the past, just like how people can post on 4chan from the future.

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Man, just reading this post you can tell Satoshi was superiorly intelligent. To develop that stuff on your own and release it with such a well-written opening. People who think this is an alphabet agency creation are deluded, you don't get to that clarity of vision through design by committee. This was a lone genius who could see a better future, and the exact series of actions required that had the best chance to bring it to life.

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Old bitcointalk posts are really interesting

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Satoshis dream

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I would be a little more greedy. I would mine 1000 and then go further back in time and help the Nazis win the war.

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Mein Neger!

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yep. some sriously high iq people were on the forum back in the day. deathntaxes is a pretty good profile to read through

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Go on anon...

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Sup fag, I’m you from an alternate universe. Just flew back in time into this universe to let you know I mined close to 1,500 BTC and am living lavishly. Good luck brother, I’m about to smash Scarlett Johannson’s big ol titties in her prime! See ya loser!

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>the root problem is conventional currency is all the trust that's required to make it work

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>trusting EOS

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>noob here
>just generated $600k in a few hours
>it is fun

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>hi guys i have $300,000,000,000 worth of coins
>gunna be selling them all for $3,000

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Anyone else around in the 'old days'? I want there to be like a meet up or something where old timers can discuss BTC back in the day. Most people today are newfags, just hearing about BTC in 2017.

It's not fair though how a lot of them are richer than me today. Fuck.

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>When I first looked at the code, I was sure I was going to be able to break it, Kaminsky said, noting that the programming style was dense and inscrutable. The way the whole thing was formatted was insane. Only the most paranoid, painstaking coder in the world could avoid making mistakes.…He quickly identified nine ways to compromise the system…when he found the right spot, there was a message waiting for him. Attack Removed, it said. The same thing happened over and over, infuriating Kaminsky. I came up with beautiful bugs, he said. But every time I went after the code there was a line that addressed the problem.…I’ve never seen anything like it, Kaminsky said, still in awe…Either there’s a team of people who worked on this, Kaminsky said, or this guy is a genius.

It’s pretty cool really, it wasn’t trivial to make the whole work even though all the pieces to make it were already there.

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Why don't you give some money to your present self then? Surely a few million wouldn't hurt to give YOURSELF since you are sitting on billions

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i'm not really oldfag, but late 2011 when normies were starting to get in, will never forget what it was like. a bunch of white male libertarians in a good way, who cared about nothing but technology and invention.

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all the OG bitcoiners now are insufferable corecucks, a meeting sounds absolutely horrible

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Fuck man, wish I saw that when he posted it.

t. boomer who heard about bitcoin around the time of the silk road bust and thought it died off before hearing about the GPU prices increasing because of crypto last year

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I saw the OG posts with Hal Finney and such in there at the time, there was a tap that used to give you .5 of a coin per day.

I was a broke college student at the time and didn't buy any when it was $3-7 bucks a coin.

Feels bad mane.

Could have been retired a few years.

I actually think I had thumb drive with a coin or two on it, but it might be over written by now.

Feels bad mane.

O well!

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>Could have been retired a few years ago**

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