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>tfw you'll never facefuck Melissa Lee
coin for this feel?

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fuck off 3d-loving normie I only have cyber sex with my virtual wife because I have transcended your shitty reality

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Why does /biz/ have a hardon for Melissa Lee all of a sudden? You faggots finally discover CNBC?

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Melissa Lee has nothing on Julia Chatterley

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melissa makes more money

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She also works 12hrs a day.

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She is so fucking fine. Ever notice the way her lips move.

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>next up, bitcoin is crashing again

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I want to crash into that sideways pussy

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will she let me unload my semen directly into her throat for 1 bitcoin?

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That is correct also Emma Chandra

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anyone remember Kelly Evans when she was in her prime on fox/wsj? she was hot as fuck

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aryan bloomberg waifu > your shitskin roastie

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>no matter how much BTC you own, you will never suck on Boring's tits

Why Bother?

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