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Turkey is about to get a democracy treatment from the frogs, where can i short the turkish lira

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Turkish army will fuck up us easily, I don't think the Legion Etrangère and Commando Hubert are numerous enough to stand up to turkish numbers
Our standard army is degenerate violent homos aristocrats as officers, and maghrebo-arabs as fodder. Morale won't hold and mutinies are to be expected.

What are we gonna do, nuke Turkey?

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Nukes dont work on cockroaches.

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I love how Italians want their own Lira back

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I'm sure if any kind of conflict breaks out Greece will jump in.

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I am a Turkish citizen and this place is like yarram (penis)

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would it be cringe to write my college essay on /biz/ and how it affects my worldview

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Write about crypto bringing you into contact with pajeets, and add some bullshit about poverty, blablabla, want to help the world, blablabla. That's what they're looking for.

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Nope. You could do a whole thesis, defend it, and be the most entertaining candidate your profs had to hear in years

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i unironically did my community essay over reddit/4chan and mostly spoke about the lingo and general consensus

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>Lition will hold joint AMA with Tomochain Oct.30th at 3PM UTC
>Lition Joins Blockchain Revolution Global 2020 as a Community Partner
>Lition giveaway winners announced.
>Lition AMA. Highlights here: >>23470981
>New use case announced with Docmosis:
>Richard featured in New Powercloud video:

>What is Lition?

>How To Buy:

>How To Stake:

>Staking Calculator:

>Lition Energy Mainnet Dashboard:

>Apply to be a Validator on the Lition Energy Mainnet:

>Official Site:




>Previous threads (newest to oldest):
* virgin /lg/s
>>23489983 X
>>23471116 X
>>23452491 X
>>23433271 X
>>23414996 *
>>23389397 *
>>23367206 *

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he means $0.5 mil worth

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Ooooh. Carry on.

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you had 2 years.

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I own a very rare item from a very popular game
It's so rare that is not tradable so I have to sell the whole account
How should I proceed?

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I own these. Is there a way of actually seeing how much they are worth?

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How do you value something like the golden wrench? Anyone got any ideas of how much it would be worth?

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Please scan it!

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scanned it with my sidescanning sonar, looks like a pc screen. now what?

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28 year old single white American male here. This is the one thing stopping me from becoming a NEET. How much does health insurance cost if you have to pay for it yourself and don’t get it through a job?

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Eastern Europe only, the West is garbage

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easy $3000 USD for 1 f**king ambulance ride.

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I lived in a affluent area there, wealth is a major factor the world over...but in Burgerland even more so.
Also American girls are fuckin gold diggers!

You might have a bigger #(b/c population) of HOT singles in your area but % wise...EU

Go to some EU festivals!

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Get insurance trough an employer, i pay no more than 200 a month.

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I don't know what the real costs are for middle class americans. You aren't fined if you don't make much money and are uninsured....in that situation, you don't pay that much for health insurance either. Now the problem consists in this pandemic and many people who don't have a good plan, they must pay for covid treatment. I have lifestance telehealth insurance from https://lifestance.com/insurance-coverage/ and I don't have this problem like others but I found that you can buy a coverage to your insurance which can be a good saver.

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escort left me a negative review because i didn't go down on her. now others are refusing my booking requests.

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when/if the lefties legalise it, they will

>> No.13285339

Change prostitutes service

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Adultwork in the UK basically does have kyc, it's just not a proper system

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>Escorts will only fuck you and take your money if you're at least a 7/10.

Holy fuck, permanent virgin forever. Can't even lose it to a prostitute.

>> No.13286126,1 [INTERNAL] 

I've never heard anything like this in my life. I mean I've never used escorts, but from what I heard it is supposed that you offer her money and she offers you her services as a client, and you should be the one who can give her a positive or negative review. That makes me wonder what country are you from and where did you have this kind of experience. On the other hand, I think you should be thankful for this negative review, because it might help you move on and start true relationship with women based on respect, love, affection. Until that happens, at https://dudethrill.com you can find everything from live cam websites to best porn websites and product reviews and guides.

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White men, and those who are friends of whites, it's time to secure your financial future

Over the next bull market this is going close to Eth Mcap. By the time of the next one it'll have blown past BTC.

The coming paradigm will run with AI. All AI
runs on data. Data is the new oil. Ocean data tokens have no competitor. Even rival data projects will use them. All data usage will drive value to the Ocean token.

Work out the Mcap for yourselves.

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It's dumping

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>"BigchainDB GmbH was the only company with OceanProtocol that could offer a technical solution, which was outside of the conception phase." - DEUTSCHE BUNDESBANK
This only demonstrates their lack of understanding of the blockchain space

>> No.23570525

Token still not needed. Imagine thinking a bank will use Ocean Market instead of forking their own version (which doesn’t require use of the Ocean token)

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Nice marketplace.

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any other comments are useless !

When the fuck are you going to learn ???

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So what will be the outcome when the real estate bubble pops? Does it mean that I can scoop up an apartment or two for low prices or does it not work like that?

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It does work like that. Having liquid capital on hand during a real estate crash can set you up for lide.

>> No.12764852

That’s good then. Maybe I can get a nice apartment costing 300k for 150k

>> No.12764852,2 [INTERNAL] 

I recently started to get more into real estate and indeed this seems to be a moneymaking area. It requires patience, but it's very remunerative.

>> No.12764852,3 [INTERNAL] 

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Check out PHOEX, new kind of jackpot in the crypto area. With BURN functions aswell, %6 burn every txn, %12 burn every game.

Dextool : https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x5436736ad96ed8870cbd57dce76da11df9b154cf


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$25 eod

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Hey my fellow /biz/raelis, can you rcommend any good trading platforms/apps for crypto and normal stocks?

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Call up your local stock broker and have a chat with him. These online stock traders are scams.

>> No.23263673

flame.exchange has no kyc

>> No.23263679

quantjeets working overtime

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>> No.23263730,1 [INTERNAL] 

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Previous thread: >>120799

Remember that the virus guy (an upgraded stableshill) is somewhat active at the moment.

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Bitcoin under 3500 soon
Eth 250 soon
Ark 2.50 soon

Get your bank transfers ready! This will be the best opportunity you can get!

Not saying that this is the bottom, just saying that all those waiting for the dip should be salivating right now.

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How much money does one need to garner by the end of their mid 20's to live a relatively financially secure life from then on out, barring black swan events / wreckless behavior, and assuming relatively sound, yet conservative, investment strategies from then on out.

feel free to org into tiers

My supposition is that by 25:

- Sub $50,000 (TIER 'Typical American') worked by the system
- $150,000 (TIER Above Its Above Average, I Swear) - You're certainly not set by any means, but you have enough capital young enough that you can leverage it in meaningful ways over the next decade, plus you have a slightly above average safety net.

$300,000 (TIER 'Beginning to Make It') Youve made enough by this age that you are on the cusp of a pretty nice life style assuming nothing financial goes too poorly. You can potential begin investing in small properties and secure a car/most needed items easily with a tad bit to spare. Despite this you certainly will be working a rather normal job

------------------ From this point on I dont really know... ---------------------------------

$500,000 (TIER "

If you guys could chime in on whether my assumptions are right and perhaps carry the list out to $1m I'll imagine blowing you?

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You can tell he's a weird boomer for talking like that, but he is talking about Murphy's Law. (Murphy's Law = everything that can go wrong will go wrong)

>> No.13612074

>Still unsure if the sacrifice was worht it. I'm 30 now and my 20s are gone. not sure what to do with my life and the bay area is expensive so 4m doesn't buy much.
man that's a hell of a lot better than spending your 20s waging and having shit all in your 30s like almost everyone else, I wish I had an opportunity like that.
consider leaving the bay area and living like a king in retirement pursuing your own hobbies/passions in most other areas of the country, you're a rich man with 160k/year passive income for life

>> No.13612183

how does one donate semen? Around here you have to have full medical background records at least to your grandparents on both sides, have a college degree, and be 6 foot.

>> No.13612247

The fact people here consciously give a fuck about their finances means they’re probably above the average

>> No.13612247,1 [INTERNAL] 

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It's time for some necessary honesty about what Bitcoin is and what it's useful for.

Bitcoin obviously isn't used as a digital cash. It can be, but it mostly isn't. Bitcoin is primarily used as one giant gambling game. The world gambling industry is worth about $500B. Why bother then constantly trying to justify that Bitcoin is something that it isn't? Gambling is pervasive globally, and Bitcoin introduces a new way to gamble.

So the next time somebody asks you what Bitcoin is, or you see it being discussed elsewhere online, don't come up with "LE DECENTRALISED CASH PERFECT MONEY SYSTEM", just say it's a gambling game, because that's what it is, and there's nothing wrong with that.

>> No.13105913,1 [INTERNAL] 

Time to make money baby!!

>> No.13105913,2 [INTERNAL] 

I totally agree with you. Some people try to refute this theory, but they are not. Bitcoin is one of the most massive gambling games in recent years. Some people develop special tactics in order to capitalize on this, and some simply rely on their luck. Of course, now we do not take into account miners, but this is also a kind of lottery, because it is not known when their farms will become ineffective. Bitcoin has one big drawback and that is its volatility. Of course, it is more stable than small cryptocurrencies, but I still have never tried to make money on it. It is much easier for me to use various services like https://77betsg.com in order to make money. It is more fun and much more profitable than crypto trading.

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Pamp Lottery Token Presale is live

This token has no usage or actual value, it's a game token.

Send your Eth to below address


Total supply = 60 tokens
Presale = 30 tokens
Presale Hardcap = 30 ETH

Token distribution will be manual

1 ETH = 1 tokens
0.5 ETH = 0.5 tokens
Individual Max Cap = 2 ETH
Individual Min Cap = 0.2 ETH

Lottery Rules:

7 ETH will be distributed via lottery:

Top holders will receive 5 ETH and 2 ETH respectively after 1 hour of trading.


>> No.23477037

Bullish asf. Ill buy it up and get the 5 ether

>> No.23477037,1 [INTERNAL] 

I don't really believe everything where the word lottery is. This is a direct synonym for the word deception)) It is much easier and more pleasant for me to play gambling here - https://casinoofthekings.com/grand-mondial-review/ I know all the rules there and I know that my winnings depend on certain things (like the game algorithm). I'll get my $ 500 faster here than in your offer.

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Are horses a stable investment?

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also they look very cosy

>> No.11761466

I just meant that this post is likely to be reposted on reddit.

>> No.11761478

who gives a shit

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When the singularity occurs, I guarantee it'll be one of the first things I do

>> No.11761728,1 [INTERNAL] 

It's a decent option for investment. Actually, I'm thinking of getting into horse business because it seems stable and promising even during the pandemic. Here https://www.ocalahorsefarms.realty/ocala-horse-farms-for-rent/ I read about opportunities for renting horse farms and they are quite good. At least, it's worth considering.

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Then you are a huge piece of shit, and I hope you suffer greatly before you die.

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Burger land and the whole tipping system is fucked, in aus you have a job you have a wage and you get paid for your job by your boss. That’s it no one expects it no one cares about it. It’s a lot easier

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I feel like tipping is fine if you consider it as more of an act of courtesy than an actual monetary payment in itself. Like, it's like a nice little extra thank you that you can give someone at the end of a job when you're happy with the service they rendered for you and/or they go above and beyond what you would have expected from them in their labor.

I think it's good that people choose to give tips, but they really shouldn't feel forced into it. It should be a fully voluntary thing. At the same time I feel like you shouldn't feel like you're owed a tip either, it should be something nice and not necessarily expected. If you need more money than what you're payed normally then ask your employer directly or the customer directly if you're your own employer.

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I think that tipping is like a thing related to the good manners of a person. Any educated and polite person would tip for a good made work. When I was moving to another apartment, I used the moving service from www.h2hmovers.com/ and gave extra 40$ to every worker, because they helped me very much and were very polite and respectful young men.

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In fact, it's terrible to come across such requests from a worker who might have worked for you. You know, man, not all people can afford to leave any tips, not because you're not doing a good job, but maybe because they just don't have any extra money. We pay for the service with interest that goes into your pocket. you know, I was recently faced with moving and of course I needed the help of a loader. I never imagined that people could be so angry with the whole world. Good thing I came across a great company https://getmanandvan.co.uk which helped me. The company will select an experienced loading team of workers and appropriate transport. All the workers were good guys and were polite. I hope you find your place in life and stop begging for a pathetic tip.

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I wish someone else could send me his opinion

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