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freshly laid off and too lazy edition

Little to no Investment($100-$1k), very hands-on
>Direct Response Copywriting
>Social Media Marketing
>Digital Media or Marketing
>Affiliate Marketing
>Media Buying
>Web Development
>Freelance software development
>Making Online Courses
> Self-publishing Ebook (comprehensive guide: https://kindlepreneur.com/book-marketing-101/)
>Product Arbitrage

Some Investment Required($1k-10k)
>POS Systems
>Daytrading (kek)
>P2P Lending
>Authoring or Online publishing
>Vending Machines
>Automated News sites or any kind of automated blog
>Automated online Arbitrage with the help of a buy bot

Large Investment Required, but still very passive(10k+)
>Parking Garages or lots
>Batting Cages
>Rental Properties
>Buying Royalty rights on music, media, etc

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Guys, I have a serious issue with my work ethic. I am making good money but sometimes im so lazy about things and wont even do an ounce of work that day. I could be making alot more money, but i keep distracting myself with shit like 4chan. Honestly it feel like theres a constant battle in my head for being productive/unproductive. Its so shitty, i come into work and stay later and come in on the weekends sometimes to get my shit done when i could be getting everything done and more if i was focused. That would allow me to start working on business ideas in my freetime. How the fuck can i stop my self from fucking around when it feels like theres such a lazy part of me trying to sabotage me on every decision.

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Yes yes yes 100% this I relate so hard. I'm the affiliate marketing guy from >>12544668 and I find that ever since the Christmas holiday season I've been super lazy and just end up watching youtube and stupid shit instead of making new landing pages and launching campaigns. I too would like to know how to be better focused.

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eat the right foods, take some vitamin tablets...etc. lack of focus - google it.

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Is it not viable anymore? I would think it's just a matter of advertising + a novel product... Won't there always be normans that buy shit?

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nobody is saying that here tho
why can't jews argue without strawmen?

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Tim Cook is based as fuck

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Good. He’s realized large corporations making crypto is retarded as such corporations will be forced to do whatever the government even in the unlikely scenario they have good intentions. This defeating the point of crypto.

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Apple doesn’t need their own crypto. Doesn’t mean that they won’t integrate it at all.

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>Against Crypto

>Apple creates their own Crypto years later

>Skinny jean wearing, starbucks drinking soyboy cucks and basic white girls start investing and praising Apple for their "Innovation"

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Will the emptiness and anxiety leave me as I reach the bottom or will I forget the bliss and wake up feeling worse tomorrow?

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Wow you sound like a massive depressed faggot
Struggle is the father of all things
-adolf hitler

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Next time get yourself some wild turkey 101 like a real man

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That's a weird looking apple watch

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that's fucking disgusting

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I need money BEFORE school would start.

I know that the federal loans are the best, subsidized and then unsubsidized, but I don't think they give those to you until the quarter starts, so what private educational loans are the best? I'm looking at Sallie Mae right now. I don't need much, maybe $3,000. Do they deposit it to your bank account quickly

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prime breeding age

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Hey dude, where did you find more? Are you Russian? I'm interested in buying her as my wife

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Just dumped my bags, thanks for the 10x retards

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Thanks bro

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Good job no one ever went broke taking profits

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clown, you'll drink your own tears

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thanks for burning STA !!

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Did the balance pool just buy him up?

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>nobody on /biz/ is trading forex despite having a daily trading volume that completely mogs every other market combined

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good luck with that

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Thanks for sharing Nick!

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discord: BxfyyQ

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Discord invite not working

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Shhhhhh $BUIDL

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Overhyped. Shit dumpers around. Dump incoming

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XRP is more technologically advanced than Bitcoin.

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Nice wallet xrp has..

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Ripple is like the cryptocurrency noob trap. Anyone with a brain that's been involved with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency for any amount of time can see it's a fucking scam and a complete joke. But there's no end to the brainless suckers that come along and fall for the ripple bullshit right after learning about Bitcoin.

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Projects using Chainlink at the ETH San Francisco Hackathon

Taken from the ETH San Francisco Devpost site. Filtered by Chainlink and these are the projects that come up.



Smart Bets - Smart Bets is a dApp that allows you to bet on the outcome of future events.

Slick (Gas Option) - All-in-one service smoothes ETH gas price volatility via transaction queuing, and creates Ethereum's first gas option

Synful Futures - Invest in capital markets of any country. From anywhere in the world. Using ETH. Bye-bye capital controls.

ETHcentive - An Incentivized Issue Tracker. Reward developers in ETH for prioritized work.

b3po - Blockchain Balloting Bot (to) Post Office

50-50 Raffle - A traditional 50-50 style Raffle implements on Blockchain

Tokenize Student Loans - Student loans are $1.5T (trillion) and growing. Tokenizing loans can help bring transparency and help repay.

Microsubscription - Micro subscription solution for cloud service based on conditional micro payment and onchain oracle

Link Set - It makes it super easy to create a portfolio of crypto currencies that can be shared and re balanced automatically to . meet those requirments or a new set value.

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Imagine not having a asian girlfriend as a businessmen.

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Restricted in india sir.

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Check out Paul Allens girlfriend - very nice.

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I was fine few days ago when I sold my LINK, decided to get a long position on Bitmex. Now out of nowhere my position got liquidated, leaving me only with 10% of my portofolio.... I don’t know what to do, I can’t go back to my job. After I sold link I sent my boss that I quit, with a copy of my transaction... i only have 8210 tether left and some 400 dollar worth XRP.. i have my wedding coming up and im scared that i can’t pay for everything.. i made a mistake..

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>fud and bullshit starting

Time to add more COTI

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you dun goofed gud

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Previous thread: >>120799

Remember that the virus guy (an upgraded stableshill) is somewhat active at the moment.

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You dumb niggers, you think you're actually trading crypto on exchanges? Why do you think moving stuff inside exchanges is instantaneous? It's all IOUs, you don't actually have any real coins on Binance until you withdraw.
If Binance "rolls back", they simply reset their internal system and bring everything back to what it was however long ago they decide, and that's it, then they make up the difference with their own funds (even though they technically don't need to until users actually withdraw).

That's how it works with FIAT too, and that's why a bank run works.

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File: 158 KB, 112x112, 18635A9D-9167-4720-865C-2B8554C9D926.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. The brainlets are out in force in response to this. Still, not good for binance or crypto on the whole.

>> No.13558994

the 7k BTC is no longer inside Binance, it's outside already. They can move stuff inside as much as they want, there's still 7k BTC missing.

>> No.13559047

I think whoever stole the bitcorn was probably more happy than CZ was sad to lose it. So, whatever.

>> No.13559119

Which they make up for with their SAFU fund.

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Hi /biz/ I need your maximum autismo help here.

Long story short, I'm a dude who makes a living trading bitcoin. I'm talking to this really cryptic older dude I met a few years ago who *really* knows his shit about history, global finance, tech, geopolitics, etc. Think of him as a Taleb of sorts. He is legit.

We've been emailing back and forth lately regarding everything going on with the virus and the game theory involved... He has a really unique perspective on all this.

Here's where we're at: He is "testing" me before he gives me anymore knowledge, but he promises to explain some critical fundamentals about everything going on as it relates to the Bitcoin market. I'm sure you understand why I'm adamant about this. The test is as follows:

As some of you may know, Eurovision 2020 was canceled. The Russian group "Little Big" was going to submit the video of their song "Uno" to the competition. According to this guy, serious BTC market makers are behind the content of this video, and there is a significant clue hidden in the video. He wants me to spot it to prove I'm worthy or whatever.

I promise you guys, Anon to fellow Anons, if you help me identify the clue, I *will* share all the information he gives me in exchange.

Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_dWvTCdDQ4

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>crypto market markers communicate through an autistically expensive medium that requires coordination with multiple other organization potentially compromising the line
>instead of TLS

can't say I dislike the schizo posting though

>> No.18419747

That's plausible.
The length of the 3rd chorus is just a little bit shorter than the 2nd one. That's reassuring.

>> No.18419787

i prefer to watch the eurovision thong contest

>> No.18419787,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.18419787,2 [INTERNAL] 

yeah wtf

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Uploading Windows into human genome.

>> No.19414209,1 [INTERNAL] 

Based Bill gates will be the Techno Pope of the New World Order

>> No.19414320

I want to assimilate into the windows hivemind, plz Bill

>> No.19414326

A shitcoin shilling thread died for this

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I'm ready to neet up, guys… wish me luck.

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Yeah there is no way you play for a living.

>> No.903123

What if I want to make 50 dollars a week? (to make student loan payments) Seems gambling would be my best option.

>> No.903124

He never said he did faggot. Damn you're fucking dumb.

>> No.903124,1 [INTERNAL] 

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hey anons, do you find something today?


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>> No.11024537

BTT anon?

>> No.11024563


>> No.11024698

yeah that does sound kind of desperate.
So this cunts website OP mentioned - can we fuck him up / scrape it or other such enterprise?

What the fuck even is it (besides a scam?)

>> No.11024735

>/ scrape it
im a brainlet - just been there and seen what it is, well thats a whole bunch of bullshit...

>> No.11024735,1 [INTERNAL] 

Can someone save me lend me 1 Bitcoin, because my family is in great trouble, if you can help me please send me 1 Bitcoin to this wallet address. sincerely thank !


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> How is it free?
Robinhood earns revenue by collecting interest on cash/securities and fees from their Robinhood Gold service

> It's been X days, why isn't my account verified yet?
Not being approved in 3 days seems to be the new norm. Nevertheless, call/email their support if you've been waiting more than that.

> When is it coming to my country?
The only "plans" are on an Australian and Chinese beta. Neither of which has gained much traction.

Interactive Brokers
>$1 commission per 100 shares. $10k minimum to open, $3k if 25 or under. Lowest margin interest. Free API access

TD Ameritade
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Degiro (Cheap broker for Europeans)

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Premarket Movers:

Earnings Report Calendar:

Biopharma Catalyst Calendar:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

S&P 500 VIX Futures (For SVXY/UVXY, higher is better for UVXY, lower is better for SVXY)

Previous thread >>8072371 (Cross-thread)

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IT'S TIME, we'll shill RLC here until you brainlets understand it.
iExec is one of the best teams out there and RLC WILL MOON in 2020!

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It's over Gilles. Stop posting shill threads every 5 minutes

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It's over RLClet you're not going to make it.

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Maybe if you explained why it's good and why it's been behaving like an absolute shitcoin since it's inception biz would care a bit more

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Where is the best team?

Son of a bitch, we're a stupid team that doesn't spend money on going public.

Not a single improvement in recognition over the last three years.

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