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You are a weasel. Noone has said that on any occasion. Time and time again we told you it was a distraction stick. It was only 6.6% shorted while GME was 226% (prior to this week)

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unless we gap right over it

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>you’re are not here in good faith.
As far as some shekel sniffer's interests are concerned, you are correct.

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based, however I do not give a fuck about your stock in my stock threads unless they become intrinsically linked. Until then its all speculation and it can fuck off.

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He’s literally being sarcastic. If you don’t realize what he’s doing you may be a victim of his psyop.

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>It's the Ryan Cohen's an assassin fud again
Keep it up and you'll be next, goy.

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what does the new dfv post means bros
i think hes actually from the future

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>my stock
My stock is GME

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Your question has already been answered by others in this very thread.

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Cuz I do what I want, bitch.

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where the fuck is the baker

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Like Jörmungandr the World Serpent, this Brunnmigi system of credit will eat itself. We are merely those given the means to feast and share the meat with our kin before it births itself anew. You are charged with sheltering others from Ragnarök. Will you meet this challenge with mighty deeds worthy of song or prove yourself just as loathsome as the Brunnmigi?

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What are some good Blue-Chip stocks to buy after MOASS?
GME is literally my first investment, BTW.

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>some good Blue-Chip stocks
land with water rights and fertile soil that is close to a decent school district and commercial center

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Don't care. Not buying Defunct Baggie Bond. BBBY holders who fell for the distraction and went all in and later had emotional breakthroughs resulting in shitting up threads that do not relate to them with their delusions fell for Social Darwinism.

The fact they simply don't start from square one and buy GME again is telling enough.

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This is why MOASS will never happen. The hodlers aren't good or righteous, they just want to see the world burn. Evil will not win

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DJT, GTII and FNGR for more short squeeze plays after GME

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>so you mean to tell me
>there are anons here
>arguing all night
>about a towel store that no longer exists
>and you expect me to just ignore that?

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Crazy how this stock is my only hope. Scary but yet so, so, so comfy knowing what I know about this stock. I don't know what'd I do without it desu.

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Wanting an evil corrupt system to break is not evil.

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They're all gonna squeeze with GME. Every shorts collateral is gonna fuckin die and force them to close

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t. corporate lawyerfag

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It's going to drop back to $10 and he'll go radio silent, his pump and dump complete

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He's been slacking off. He got used to when discussion slowed down and having to bake a thread every couple of days.

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But wanting the innocent people living inside of it to suffer is. The robots were the good guys in the matrix

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amc was shorted more than gme but you fags said it was a distraction anyway.

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I don’t want shit faggot. All I said was it’s not my problem.

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>*dilutes in your path*

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Would it be sacrilegious for someone other than the Baker to bake the new bread?

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You should be in the hedgies thread telling them this…… oh wait.

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every time amc was diluted in the past a squeeze proceeded it

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>The Robots were the good guys
Go fuck yourself, bud. Pro-human future, one GME at a time. Christ is King.

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After MOASS I'm going 100% back into game at whatever price we fall to.

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>every time amc was diluted in the past a squeeze proceeded it
one, weird way to say "followed it"
two, point where

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am I a coomer i I saw a megaman-x themed dildo

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Begone Grendel, 'fore you and your cursed mother suffer the wrath of the righteous!

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was looking through my old gme folder and found that Burry was talking about LEAPS years ago. Does this mean anything to anyone?

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it's not unusual, esl kun

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I’ll make sure to put in a good word for you during the revolution

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Shut up, bitch.

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This. The people who currently run the world economy have our best interests at heart at the end of the day. They have the weight of the world on their shoulders yet they make a comfortable life possible for the rest of us. The kings of yore did not ensure their subjects had access education and healthcare and opportunities to better your station in life. When you NEETs steal this money, what will you to do better the world? Nothing. You are greedy, lazy, unintelligent racists who don’t deserve a dime.

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DFV also referenced Teddy in his reply to Jim Cramer with a Teddy bear sitting on a chair with another Teddy bear on the side.

One of his tweets had the song bye bye baby (buy buy baby)

He referenced ppseeds intro music

His Radiohead tweet has a baby card in hand

Not to mention he referenced a movie that had Bed Bath and Beyond as a plot point.


Maybe another anon can link each line to the specific tweet but I dont have time for that shit

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Fuck off with this shit BBBY is canceled and not coming back. Buy buy baby was sold off to some private firm that has nothing to do with GME or RC.