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Or is this just a coincidence that this is spreading now and people won't shut up about it as if everyone just wants to get rid of link?
People are paying some weak ass lip service to link, but clearly their showing their hand here.
What's the move?
It it because people are too cheap to pay? Or what?
It's all so tiresome desu
I'm basically 99% sure all of this is a nothingburger and the status quo will remain. But even the idea of a 1% chance that market share can be eroded is fucking annoying.
I just want to go beyond crypto at this point and start real world integrations so the idea that some fucking twitter retards can make up random bullshit is a nonexistent one.
I'm staked anyway so nothing that happens matters in the slightest at all. Thinking of just ignoring crypto for 2-3 years completely and fucking off and chilling and playing games or something since it's the same result either way. I don't benefit from the constant bullshit so might as well just entertain myself until things leak out into the real world and get started on legit projects. Not defi garbage.

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