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If you want a coin thats going to take off soon, its LINK. I promise you will not regret holding LINK. Huge announcements this month brother, a lot of things that have been happening behind the scenes are finally coming together this month.

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Its always too good to be true.

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It's being manipulated so I can buy more

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And that's honestly hilarious. Aren't these Jews suppose to know everything or something? I mean just look at the logo!!

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If, looks like you will be buying at double digits. Sorry fren, better luck next life.

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I'm mid 20s GED holder.
Mid 5 figure stack
All I had to do was live with my parents and bust my ass for a year. Also had to believe in LINK, so glad I did. This is changing my life. My mom and dad never had money.

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LINK honestly has a real shot at making it to $1000EOY is the crazy part, killing CZs bots right now, month of stable growth, Trufflecon drops the Azure news, AWS confirms, them we roll right into PSD2 in sept, SWIFT confirms banks/derivatives/Staking the lot. Hyperdrive.

You kids are retarded, but we already knew that didn’t we?

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