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I'm 26 years old, been in crypto since 2016, have about 2.7 million in various assets.

Should I cash out soon and fuck off to Thailand? Feels like we're approaching another peak, I know what's coming next...what are you plans

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>millions of green retail investors across all sectors are rushing to get their horses in the race because they know that in this market, you can buy anything and very quickly will see healthy gains.

There’s only one way this ends...

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I’m casting pearls before swine, but I won’t say I didn’t try to help you.

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Hey guys, remember the last time tons of shiny new retail investors could throw their money at anything and see profits very quickly?

It’s Sunday, did the biggest crashes in history happen at the end of the week or the beginning of it?

>Why is everything leveling off or dumping after it’s been doing so well all year? What gives?

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