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while 10x was daily stuff back in october, now it's considered insane gains lol

Shits fucked, ONLY the best shitcoins with well connected fags behind it work decently. For that you need info though.

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This crab is unnatural, something is brewing.

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>I miss when these threads were comfy.
same fren, same

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I started feeding birds in my back yard and setup a solar powered water fountain for them to bathe. It’s the best thing I’ve done for my sanity in my entire life.

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Maybe this guy isn't so bad after all

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You guys never listened

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>hungry,out of job, borderline homeless families will buy BTC at the top to push BTC to 100 000$ per piece with their stimulus check





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BOG was the right choice after all.

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They actually have something wrong with their brains. The reciprocal nerve center connected to the feet in the brain is literally RIGHT next to our dopaminergic centers for sex. Because their breeding is bad, these "wires" got crossed up, and now they like feet. Biologically born degenerates. Sad. They should just be normal and sniff farts.

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Same with my dad. I told him to buy silver/gold since 2016, he didn't listen to me. He earns his life pretty well (4.5k€/month) but keep spending his money into stupid shit. Last week, he saw a newspaper article about silver rush, and ask me about it. He's not yet convinced, but maybe one day he will be (I don't have too much hope though)

Some people are ignorant anon, some are stupid , some aren't but they don't want to admit the sad reality. And here we are, trying to help our friends/relatives. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Keep tryin fren, keep tryin

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You buy when you are most afraid. This is how you make it.

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wen moon

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what do we do about taxes when we make it?
the question is just: is the extra money saved by moving to a tax haven worth not being able to live in your home country ever again?
although the UK is pozzed beyond belief and has shit weather, i still like my countrymen and women. i think permanent life in foreign countries could turn out to be a bit empty and i might end up craving home.
can any older anons share their perspective on this?

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such a comfy schizo bread today
wagmi frens

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Gnostic conjurerer and Tantric yogi here. We are entering a manifestation shift downward of chakric energies from this point. (NOT A BAD THING) Energy must move down to manifest (apana). Alot of spheres are going through this apanic stage lately, including the entire human business and finance sphere. The good news is that overall, we are in a pranic (upwards breath) subyuga (part of an epoch that solidifies energies to this planet). The completion of this subyuga finishes the complete four legged bull of the yugas. The four legged bull is the golden bull of the Vedas and 2021 is the Chinese year of the bull. overall the markets will grow this year, things will likely go parabolic. The stars tell me to hodl.

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what will happen was meant to happen..
.. and now we must rectify our conduct in the face of everything that is headed our way

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why are you guys laughing at people who are suffering?

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I posted this last week
I guess i'm not alone

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Dark knight rises

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Frens. Crypto-learned ones. Gambling degenerates. I come to you with a question today.
Tell me what spicy coin should I put my 200 dollerinos in ETH on Binance

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welcome to the cult fren

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based hotas anon, hope to fly alongside you when we make it fren

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