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Last I hear it's free of corona, a tax haven, and home to a ton of scams. A certain Plaid Hamburglar is rumored to be buying up multiple properties in tax havens, safe from lawsuits and angry investors. The jig is almost up, and the Jonestown punch is almost ready for a toast. The season finale of Chainlink is this summer

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Let's see where do I start? You want to sail in the Mediterrean? You want to visit some of the exclusive clubs in Monaco? Want to stay in a villa in France? Ski in the Swiss Alps? Then BUY LINK motherfuckers

Let's summarize
>Price is $2
>Any wagie can buy 1000 tokens for a couple grand
>End of the year those tokens are worth $1000
>You now have $2 million
>You're smarter than that, you bought 10000 LINK for $20k
>Now worth $20 million
>It's that easy

Order now and we'll throw in 5 extra LINK tokens, a $5000 value given to you free! But wait, there's more!


You guys, I'm not kidding, $10k per token. You cannot see the value in this because you're thinking small. I am a top 200 wallet because I am not your average stinker. I've been in this game for a long time. Buy now and you'll be able to quit your job within 6-8 months easy.

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>March 2020: $4
>April 2020: $2

What a shame, month by month the cult gets smaller and smaller. Is this winning, stinkies?

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I mean this is just too rich. I just caught up on the latest happening. Can you IMAGINE trust Sergey fucking Nazarov?

I still have a yacht cleaning gig if you retard fag linkies still need a way to make quick money. Who knows, maybe you'll rub shoulders with the right folks this time

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Remember when LINK was destined to send you all into the wealthy stratosphere? Me neither, suckers. How are those muh stacks coming? Imagine going all in at $0.70 and it's $2 a few years later. KEK

How many houses, cars, and retirements have you cucks funded yet? Sergey and Rory's?

>Normies can buy today for only $1 more than the average biztard
>If you had a 100k stack it's not even enough for a midwestern shack
>A 400k stack can't even buy a house in a neighborhood void of crime and third worlders

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>$1000 EOY 2017
>$1000 EOY 2018
>$1000 EOY 2019
>$1000 EOY 2020
>You are here
>$1000 EOY 2026
>$1000 EOY 2035
>$1000 EOY 2062
>Price in 2070: $0.02

kek, a new tradition on New Year's Eve on biz, laugh at the deluded cult of bagholders. Day by day I see integrations with shell companies and .com era startups that will go bankrupt by next winter. You are dumber than pot stock investors

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kek and checked

Oh so you're one of the useless munchkins like the kids in Succession? kek you didn't accomplish anything, congrats

He's asking for it. I'll check with my family office in the am, see if this info leads to anything.

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Unironically LINK

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Imagine STILL believing this bullshit. How many times do I have to teach you this lesson old man?

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Unironically this is your last chance to sell over $1. Take advantage. I've been informed by 3 different UHNW individuals (google for meaning) that it is unironically over. Sell all equities, bonds, and crypto. Buy metals and hoard cash. My family office is preparing for best and worst case scenarios. LINK is headed for $0.02 you stupid fucks, sell it all

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Based on >>17831257

You don't get it do you? Credit defaults, loss of liquidity, a debasing of currency, bankruptcies, job losses. No one cares about your wet dream 4th industrial revolution. You got scammed. Sergey has made the proper prep to ensure he exit scams to an offshore haven, away from any litigation or lawsuits. He will fuck off with all of your money, and will hide behind muh corona

>LINK is kill
>4th industrial revolution is cancelled
>A ERC token has little to no value in an economic boom, even worse in a recession
>Companies won't have time to worry about implementing your fantasies
>LINK has lost 33% of its sats in a week

You faggots couldn't listen to me. You won't listen until LINK is under $1 back where it belongs. I win, you lose, just like ALWAYS. The wealthy will always prevail over the plebs

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It's not time for ETH to shine, rebuy if it hits $50. Sell your worthless LINK, you know deep down it's over. Sergey probably has corona. Your funds are gone and exit scam is coming

You've been warned

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Now get off my board forever, you scum. Don't come back! Take your $1 shit token with you kek, imagine thinking this piece of shit was going to do anything but dump. I hope you faggots risk off these dumb tokens and buy 1-ply toilet paper with the leftover fiat

>$1000 EOY uncle just watch and see!

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> You had 3 years
> LINK $1000 EOY
> A bunch of anons...

Congrats on this, seriously

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Nothing else needs to be said. You should've sold at $4.90. Our group short has netted around $3 million so far, will probably close out in 30-45 mins. Just a heads up, this will keep happening until $0.25. LINK is a useless asset when the world is in turmoil, and a useless asset when the world is doing great. Evening, gentlemen

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>$1000 EOY
>Can't even break $5 with Ari constantly faking buzzwords
>He thinks he's getting rich off a whitepaper and buzzword diarrhea
>No usage or actual integration
>He thinks he and his fellow neets will join the 1% after the great bull run of 2017

Crypto is controlled and tamed so you rugrats can't possibly get rich or leave wage slaving


>Smart contract summit will be cancelled because of coronavirus

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Hey stinkers! I wanted to come here to congratulate you on your riches, I expected the price of one LINK token to be $10 by now, I know you guys mentioned $1000 but maybe let's start at $10. Whoa whoa, calm down stinkers I see it's still not $10! What happened?

Daily reminder if you didn't make it in 2017, you never will. My yacht crew makes more scrubbing the deck than you shitcoiners guzzling sergey's big mac sauce every night. You jack yourself to sleep thinking about Thomas and Kochis taking turns on assblaster. You're STILL not rich after all these years. If you want an opportunity, I may accept applications to clean my pool in LA.

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Top kek, welcome to the guillotine faggots. Muh $1000 EOY 3 years running. My family office is finished setup and while I was reading about the asset allocation, I couldn't help but troll one of my new advisors on if LINK is a sound investment. Somehow he's heard of it and we opened up coinmarketcap only to find it tanking even further than I expected. I didn't tell him I opened a 30x short last night but either way, eat shit stinkers. Imagine thinking you'd be one of us by filling hamburglar's pockets with ETH and BTC

>$3.48 overpriced

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How are ya holdin up stinkers?! I see we plummeted as I called, under $4. Not so cocky now are we, bullfags? $1000 EOY amirite?

>Muh ETHDenver partnership reveals
>Muh fireside chat with Ari the token pirate
>No SWIFT in sight
>Muh $100 by EOY 2018
>Under $4 in 2020
>He thinks he will ascend to the 1% by holding a shit token no one needs
>Dimitri was so unhappy he ran to thot heaven
>Steve will be next
>He thinks the team isn't living like royalty on his dime
>He thinks he'll be able to live like Sergey because he holds 30k shit tokens
>Stacy holds 50k shit tokens
>Stacy won't be a 1%er either

It's too easy with you cucks. You like loads in your mouths. You like suffering. You like serving your masters. You will never be one of us. Being poor is in your blood. Accept this and give up the dream, give up the hope. LINK is a tool to separate you from your BTC.

>Can't establish a single use case months after mainnet

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Look folks, if you're falling for the pajeet shilling on this Japanese shrimp farming board, you're a lost cause.

Just search smartcon 2020, none of this is real. That's the funny thing about LINK, the discord trannies make up what they think LINK should be, and the reality is 500 days of summer. You're never going to make it. Expectations vs. reality is a bitch.

>No Oracle
>No Google
>No Microsoft
>No Amazon
>No Docusign
>No Bloomberg
>No PayPal

All of it is fake. Take the black pill. The website is a phony, all of the logos are illegally used. Bernie Madoff is a saint compared to Sergey. He used your ico money for 3 years with nothing to show for it but lavish travel, office space, and material possessions. SIBOS, ETHDenver, Meetups, fireside chats, all done to continue the scam. Put your money in ETH and BTC before you lose all your sats, this is your final warning

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Still doubting me now faggots? I said this would happen word for word. Congrats to a new class of bagholders top kek. $3.80 is the next target. We've made $12M shorting from the top. You will never make it plebs.

I am looking forward to seeing the excuses after yet another "sell the news" event in which... no news is the new norm!

>No announcements at ETH Denver
>No announcements at Fireside Chat
>He thinks there are NDA's
>He doesn't realize SWIFT walked away which explains their removal from the website, and Sergey confirming to the sperg woman that they left after the PoC wrapped up

You have nothing stinkers. No SWIFT, no Microsoft, no DocuSign, no ISDA. Smart contracts are a meme

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Are you ready for a fresh helping of nothing burgers? Hot off the motherfuckin grill. Tomorrow's event will pave the way for nothing burgers, fresh toppings of pink wojaks, big mac sauce, and Adelyn's foot sweat.

I have been told to look for a target of $2.85-$3 by tomorrow night. You fell for, once again, a pump and dump. By a show of hands, how many in this place bought at $4+?

>The carrot dangles once again

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You're being manipulated. Again. Just like SIBOS, just like ETHDenver, just like Oracle, just like Coinbase. You pump and then you fall. You will wake up down $2-3 in the next few days. There are by my count at least 6 whale factions selling to each other. They will dump on you around Tuesday afternoon. You'll be at $3.50 and immediately start selling your pathetic stacks, the price dives even further, you get to $2.80-3 within 15 minutes and post pink wojaks asking why. Why again? Because you keep falling for it.

This pump and dump brigade is thanks to you and the other normies on twitter. You think LINK will keep pumping to $6 and then you're down 50% off the highs.

Every. single. time. Screenshot this, pleb geniuses

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