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I'm a Voat'er(before it went down)/Poal'er not some faggot Redditor. Trying to understand. I'm poor, thought there was a pump, not a dump. Losing a lot... How can I be in the know next time? Will this be back up tomorrow?

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Every time I get money for crypto investing I have to decide on KNC or Chainlink. I usually end up buying KNC because it's so much cheaper.

Is there a perfect ratio?

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Based and Providence pilled.

Praise God.

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OPs imagine always reminds me of Synthwave.


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>realized what 42 meant
What is the meaning of 42?

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>How would this apply to any aspect of life?

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Please drop the 216 pill on me.

I need to copy past it to another board

Starts with “once you take this pill you go down the rabbit hole and there is no turning back”

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For example, El, a Semitic word used by Jews for Yahweh, was also used by Canaanites as another name for Baal. It’s a clear case for the Israelite adoption of names found in preexisting religions. Baal was merely one of these Elohim, which also represented Saturn. The bull was also symbolic of El and his son Baal Hadad and both wore bull horns on their headdress. In other words, the horned god archetype is deeply connected to Saturn and the cosmocrators. El is also the Demiurge and the Freemasonic “Great Architect of the Universe” that is obviously a reference to Ialdabaoth (the “child of chaos”) of the Ophites and the Apocryphon of John. In a way, Ialdabaoth is a mixture of Baal, Kronos, and Yahweh. El is simply another name for Saturn.


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>lights in the sky will determine how my month will be
>light created millions, perhap billions of years ago
not only is the earth moving through space, but so is the sun, and so is the galaxy. and the entire universe is moving as well
>believing in astrology

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In Plato's Republic, when discussing how the Guardians should organize a breeding program for the citizens, Socrates says:

"Though the rulers you have trained for your city are wise, reason and perception will not always enable them to hit on the right and wrong times for breeding; some time they will miss them, and then children will be begotten amiss."

Fortunately, says Socrates, it can all be worked out by mathematics:

"For the number of the human creature is the first in which root and square multiplications (comprising three dimensions and four limits) of basic numbers which make like and unlike, and which increase and decrease, produce a final result in completely commensurate terms."
This seemingly indecipherable text can be better understood when it is realized that in Plato's day there was no word for "cubed", and that 216 is the first (smallest) cube which is the sum of three cubes. Most scholars agree that the number referred to is 216.

In the Bible, the number of a man is 666. Given that Plato's Republic was written 400 years before the Revelation of St. John, it has been hypothesized that 216 was the originally intended number of a man. Read the original article "The Number of the Beast" here. Indeed, some versions of the Bible have the number as 616, which is a hybrid between the two.

Revelation 666 : "For it is the number of a man..."
Plato 6*6*6 : "For the number of the human creature is…"
Number of The Beast 216 cartoon
Cartoon courtesy of New Scientist. 12 Aug 1989
That 216 is a "human number” can be appreciated when the following facts are considered:

216 days = 7 months (minimum human gestation period)
normal gestation period = 276 days = 33 + 43 + 53 + (3 x 4 x 5)

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They are one topic you fucking nigger.

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Jeremy Irons is an absolute mad lad in Margin Call. Love that movie.

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Take away all the buildings, the fancy suits, were just meat sacks on this strange ass rock floating in the middle of fucking literally no where.
Our whole reason for being on this site is to try and outsmart the predatory monkey designed system to keep other monket meat sacks working forever.
The fuck am I doing with my life man?

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